Safe Scalpy Stop Loss. Percentage from price visualizer.

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This is my first script I have published so bear with me.

I have thrown this together so you can easily see on the chart where -0.5%, -1% and -2% would be from the last candle close. I also replicated these to show positive values in case you are shorting.

I have also added a custom value setting so you can set the line at whatever percentage value you like and included an adjustable recent higher high and higher low finder to help create a recent range as it seems to work well in tandem for scalping range based price movement.

You can turn all these things on and off in the settings on the style checkboxes.

I felt the need to make this because I like to scalp trade with leverage like a total degen from time to time. Often the setups happen very quickly. It is difficult to calculate where to set a stop loss in a hurry so I keep a fixed account size/lev and just vary the position percentage size based on the percentage of the stop loss from the current price.

Sometimes when switching from a lower volatility chart to high volatility one it is easy to get caught out by quickly entering a scalp trade only to find you made your position way too big or you shouldn't have entered at all. You thought it was only moving 0.2% per candle instead of 3%. Whoops. Rekt.

This indicator is all about trying to help me avoid that with a visual clue to back up the bad maths I do quickly in my head.

I often hide it and only show it when I'm ready to enter a position to double check my SL and entry are set in a sensible area.

I thought I would publish it in case someone else finds such a simple tool handy.
Apologies if there is already something out there that does this job. I couldn't find it.

See you all on the moon.

Hi all, after using this a little, I've just added a second customizable value and set the lines to be stepped by default so it's easier to grab a level.


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