TL BP/IP Levels

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Script to ploy Bolded Pivot and Intermediate Pivots based on the TraderLion Daily Plan.

To use the automatic alerts, you need to open the add alert menu and select BP / IP as the Condition and then select the add any alert() function call. Otherwise, you can select and create your own alerts for crossing any of the BP or IP levels. Alerts work best when setting them in the 5 or 15-minute timeframe. If you set them in the daily timeframe then you will not get multiple alerts if they cross over then back under within the day.
Lastly, set your alerts to expire within the trading day. If you set the alerts to last longer than the trading day, then you will get alerts for the wrong levels days after it was set.

Please send me questions and feedback for enhancements.
Added an intraday timeframe line length multiplier to better show the BP/IP levels when looking lower than the daily time frame. This was hard to see what BP/IP levels were crossed when on the minute timeframe.


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