Multi MA MTF SandBox Strategy

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A moving averages SandBox strategy where you can experiment using two different moving averages (like KAMA, ALMA, HMA, JMA, VAMA and more) on different time frames to generate BUY and SELL signals, when they cross.
Great sandbox for experimenting with different moving averages and different time frames.

== How to use ==
We select two types of moving averages on two different time frames (or the same time frame):

First is the FAST moving average that should be at the same time frame or higher.
Second is the SLOW moving average that should be on the same time frame or higher.

== Buy and Sell Signals ==
When FAST moving average cross over the SLOW moving average we have a BUY signal (for LONG)
When FAST moving average cross under the SLOW moving average we have a SELL signal (for SHORT)

WARNING: Using a lower time frame than your chart time frame will result in unrealistic results in your backtesting and bar replay.

== NOTES ==
You can select BOTH, LONG, SHORT or NONE in the strategy settings.
You can also enable Stop Loss and Take Profit.
More sandboxes to come, Follow to get notified.
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Can also act as indicator by setting 'What trades should be taken' to 'NONE':
Updated line colors.
Added time range support for strategy.
Added line color change support.
Some Cleanup.
Update to pinescript 5
Now you can enable stop loss and take profit separately.
Improved text and titles.
Code optimization.

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