Aggressive Pullback Indicator

This indicator is designed to be used with the rules of Steven Hart's Aggressive Pullback Strategy. It is intended for use on the 4-hour timeframe of certain currency pairs, but will work on all timeframes and instruments. The rules are customizable, but the default settings are designed to reflect the rules of Steven's pullback strategy as closely as possible.

To enable alerts: Add the indicator to the chart and create a new alert with the settings Condition: API , Frequency: Once Per Bar (on Close).

Feel free to message me if you have any questions :)

- Matt.
發布通知: - Added fractal option for entries to improve signal "quality" (entry candle must be a 3-point fractal)
- Improved signal validity when price is hovering around EMA (according to the strategy rules)
- Implemented optional ATR stop loss algorithm for making stops and targets slightly tighter while still adjusting for volatility.

ATR Stop Loss Algorithm:

If ATR is under 30 then stop loss = 20 pips
If ATR is over 30 but under 50 then stop loss = 30 pips
If ATR is over 50 but under 100 then stop loss = 50 pips
If ATR is over 100 then stop loss = 100 pips
發布通知: - Added coloured EMA (optional).
發布通知: - Changed alert message for easier editing.
發布通知: Changed stops and targets to plot as lines.
發布通知: Minor text fixes
發布通知: Added 5-decimal precision setting to indicator for better target/SL accuracy.
發布通知: Minor improvements
發布通知: -

Cleaned up the code and simplified the settings interface.

I will be releasing a new-and-improved premium version of this indicator soon with more options and features (the one I use in my own personal trading).

Check my website for more information - http://www.zenandtheartoftrading.com/ind...
發布通知: Converted to Pine Script version 4 and optimized code
從常用腳本中移除 新增至常用腳本
If you want to master Pine Script coding, watch my free YouTube lessons or get the source code to my scripts then check out my Pine Script Mastery Course website: https://www.pinescriptmastery.com


Hey mate, great work. Quick question about rule3: How does close < open satisfies maximum engulfing rule? Just trying to understand what that line does.
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@dhman2012, Thanks man! To be honest with you I have no idea haha. I wrote this script so long ago and I was so new to pine script that I don't actually remember what I was thinking there. This script was one of the first scripts I ever wrote and I've learned a lot since then, I certainly wouldn't use that method now but I guess it worked at the time haha
hy bro i bought the whole course but its not working idk what mistake am making please help me out
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@Areeb126, Hey Areeb! Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately to be honest with you, there are so many reasons why the strategy might not be working for you that I don't even know where to start.

Have you backtested it thoroughly on all the pairs you're trading it on? If not, you really need to take the time to do that. I made a YouTube video where I explain how I go about backtesting strategies. You might find that helpful:


Otherwise I recommend emailing Steven himself for help because he's a far more experienced trading coach and mentor than I am. I've been trading this strategy profitably for a little over 2 years now, but Steven has been trading it for much, much longer - so he can probably be more helpful to you then I can be. Good luck man!
thank you
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The + symbol is that the stoploss mark?
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Yes, green for T1 and red for SL :) You can change the + symbol in the settings menu if you prefer something else.
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novicee ZenAndTheArtOfTrading
@ZenAndTheArtOfTrading, Thanks a lot!
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Areeb126 ZenAndTheArtOfTrading
@ZenAndTheArtOfTrading, hy bro i bought the whole course but its not working idk what mistake am making please help me out
hi @ZenAndTheArtOfTrading nice work.just one question is this repaint or not?during candle is open yes but when candle is close is this repaint?
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