Day Clue

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Day Clue Indicator

live Market Information
Day Clue Indicator plots days information like "Initial Balance and Range", "Day Range", "Current Day Volume (for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY it takes the future volume)", "ATR", if the scrip is NIFTY or BANKNIFTY then it shows the difference between SPOT and Future price so that trader will come to know future is trading at premium or discount,it shows current day name at bottom right corner, and it plots the Ema-20 and Ema-200. These information will update during live market.

Information for Next Trading Session
Day Clue Indicator plots "Previous Day High", "Previous Day Low", "Central Pivot Range-CPR with S1 and R1","It indicate tomorrow is Trading Day or Trading Holiday(other than Weekend Holidays)" these are information used for next day that will be plot today itself once market closed

Limitations of Day Clue Indicator
  • Day Clue Indicator only work in Indian Market(NSE and BSE)
  • Day Clue Indicator only work in "1-mins, 5-mins, 15-mins" Timeframes, if you switch to other timeframe like 30-mins,1-Hour, Daily then information will hide

Thank You
Now in Day Clue Indicator users can Hide or Unhide and change color of the EMA, CPR, DATA LABEL, IBR, BAR CURSOR, PDH & PDL, DAY NAME and users can control how many number of days from the past user want to plot Day Clue Indicator(max number of days is 15, min is 0(if 0 is set then Day Clue Indicator will plot for current day only)
Minor Bug Fixed
Minor Bug Fixed
Day Name Feature Deprecated
fixed minor bugs


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