Nightrangers Indicator

This indicator combines three EMA's, Ichimoku Cloud, RSI and MACD. By combining and modifying their use case this turns into an extremely powerful and accessible indicator for finding long and short position entries, below is a description of how to use this indicator, and what makes it different.

Primary Use case
The three EMA's would be the initial indicators you would be looking at, they are based on the 7d, 25d and 200d MA - Used on their own, they would be worthless, and this is where the Ichimoku Cloud comes into it, I have removed all other aspects of the Ichimoku Cloud and only kept the baseline, combine this with the three MA's and we have a very powerful indicator for finding Long entries, that is used uniquely in a way to which the Ichimoku Cloud is not originally meant to be used for.

An early indication of a LONG entry would be when the 7d MA crosses above the Ichimoku Baseline, through this early indicator, you are able to watch and monitor the chart, you would be waiting to see if the 25d MA then also crosses above the Ichimoku Baseline, This would be the second important indication of a long entry. The 200d MA helps here when making decisions on where to set your own personal take profits - If the Ichimoku baseline, and the MA's are below the 200d MA, you would be expecting a bounce point here, or heavy resistance so the long entry could be over a shorter period, than that if it was above the 200d MA, which is why it is included here, to help make a better informed choice.

The latter is reversed for finding short positions, and entries. This indicator is completely reliant on each other to find the best possible entry/exit by complementing each other, and by using the Ichimoku Baseline on it's own, and not as the Ichimoku Cloud is intended.

Just using these though, is not enough, which is why the RSI and MACD are also combined, once the conditions are met above, You may find that there can be false positives for entries, and this is where the RSI has multiple use cases within this script.

Firstly the backdrop colour will change based on whether the chart is in an uptrend or downtrend, This is a visual indicator provided to work simultaneaously on the chart itself to help identification of entries/exits easier to identify in conjunction with the above.

Secondly, It is used to display in the top right, The current Trend in a text format, as well as if the current chart is in one of three phases, these are Overbrought, Oversold and accumulation.

And finally it will display the current RSI Value on the last candle in a clear to see blue Label, This helps with the visual accessible side, to help you make a more informed choice depending on your own personal tolerance.

This ties into the above Indicators, by combining the information, you would not be looking to take a long, if for example, the RSI showed it was over-brought, and in a downtrend, even if the MA's had crossed above the Baseline, as this would most likely be a fakeout.

However if the Indicators above, showed a potential long, and the backdrop had flipped green, indicating an uptrend, and it was in an accumulation phase, you would consider this position. and this is where the MACD comes into play.

You would use the MACD to see whether or not the Signal line has crossed over the MACD line, and vice versa - However this script uses it to simplify and portray current market sentiment, and visually display by reducing clutter on screen, and making it more accessible.
It is designed to portray an easy to read and understand visual indicator by displaying in the top right simply as Bullish or Bearish, with markers above the candles ( "M" and "MX" ).
The M indicator is to show where the MACD Crosses above the Signal, and if aligned with all the other indicators within the script, shows a very strong confirmation for a buying opportunity, and vice versa for the "MX" indicator if aligned with the other indicators in reverse, provides a very strong confirmation for opening a short position or for selling.

Secondary Use case
By combining the indicators above, the secondary conditions you would be looking for, If you opened a LONG position, would be knowing when to sell, On top of what has been described above already regarding this, you would be looking to start taking profits, when the 7d MA crosses above or across the candles, and looking to close the position, when the 25d MA also crosses above the candles, and respectively, in reverse for closing short positions. This is shown across the charts to be extremely useful, however, combine this with the other indicators, portrayed in an easy to use and understand visual representation, you are now able to make more informed decisions, on whether to close a position or not.

How is it different and not just a mash up
I have combined these indicators to make the world of trading more accessible for everyone regardless of circumstances, by creating an easy to understand visual representation, keeping colours vibrant and easy to stand out, with clear and simple to read text indications. So whether you are a seasoned trader, or just starting out, you can make more informed choices, without the need of learning how to use multiple different indicators, and learning how to combine them all, or if you have difficulties learning, this indicator also simplifies a lot of the more technical intricacies, by still allowing you to make a more informed choice.

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