Renko chart

This script displays the renko chart of the candlesticks chart

The color of the chart is green (red) if the trend is up (down).

The following settings are available:

Renko parameters:
  • Style = Box Size Assignment Method: 'ATR', 'Traditional'.
  • Parameter = ATR Length if `Style` is equal to 'ATR', or Box Size if `style` is equal to 'Traditional'.

Timeframe parameters:
  • Period = Resolution, e.g. 'm' - minutes, 'D' - daily, 'W' - weekly, 'M' - monthly, or same as chart
  • Multiplier = Multiplier of resolution, e.g. '60' - 60m if Period is 'm'

Alerts are also provided, to catch these conditions:
  • trend change = up to down or viceversa
  • bullish reversal = down to up
  • bearish reversal = up to down

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