Position Size Tool

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Updated - Version 2

This tool is used to calculate the size of a trade.

Settings - Type in total account size and % of capital that can be risked on each trade.

The table will display:
Column 1 - Stop placement based on low, mid or high value of the current candle.
Column 2 - Percent risk on the trade.
Column 3 - Amount of shares that can be traded (calculated from account size, risk and selected stop placement).

Green color is intended for long position, stop at the low of the candle.
Red color is intended for short position, stop at the high of the candle.
Middle value can shift between either color since its measured from open to close.
Table size option.
Added a movable stop line for specific stop placement, can for example be helpful on shorter timeframes or custom values. The line have its own size / risk input which can be accessed from the inputs tab. You can hide the function via the styles tab. Line have two colors, in case above current price will be Green (buy stop order) or below price Red (sell stop order).
Added checkbox for the option to remove the main table information or movable line based on preference. This can be used in case one does not use both functions and want to have more space / clearer information.

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