Trend Line

Basic Trend Line base on fractals (v0.1)

Can not draw a line on the future X axis, So just a line segment but not a ray.

I don't have a better idea to upgrade...

發布通知: Support change line segment to ray and modify ray extend style (Left, Right, Both, None)
發布通知: Support control line count by modify parameter "Bars Limit"
發布通知: 1, Target price label show on current bar (You can modify parameter to show or not)
2, Support alert condition help you create alert policy. (Alerts must be created manually from Create Alert dialog box on right toolbar.)
發布通知: optimize line and label count
發布通知: Prettify code,
發布通知: Optimize input
發布通知: New feature: Discover and mark channels
** Increase the qty of trend lines by parameter(Segment Range or Fractals Period), you will get more channels...
發布通知: Remove something to comply with the official House Rule :)

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