GMS: Candlestick Patterns with RSI Filter

I wanted to apply an RSI filter to some of the new Candlestick Patterns (in the indicators tab) since some of them looked to be quite effective for picking reversals. Turns out it's a pretty good pairing.

You can modify the RSI length in addition to the upper and lower thresholds. I also added in check boxes to combine different bullish and bearish patterns.

The candlestick patterns included are:

1. Long Upper Shadow
2. Long Lower Shadow
3. Doji
4. Bullish Harami
5. Bearish Harami
6. Bullish Engulfing
7. Bearish Engulfing

Hope it helps!

從常用腳本中移除 Add to favorite indicators


Can you also add pin bar candlestick pattern?
good job mate , ill give a go , be great if you could add hammers and inverse hammers thanks for the script ill let you know how i go with it
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