[Alerts] - Moving Average Cross and/or Bbands bot

This is the alert script for :
We've included the basic alert syntax for Autoview automation. You can learn more about the syntax here: and you can watch this video here:
These settings are set, by default, to the lowest contracts allowed by Bitmex (at the time of this posting) to avoid a spam account.

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Hey, dpnt work on my chart.
Just add it on favorits then open it in my chart
but false
Need to do something special to work ?
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HI, i´ve pasted the code in the pine editor but under the strategy tester tab there is nothing to show. It says to apply the strategy to the chart but it is already applied. I can access the settings, i chose altcoin and use moving average cross, but i can't access the backtesting in the strategy tester. Moreover the script plots a straight horizontal line at price zero, squeezing the candles in the upper part of the graph. What am I doing wrong? i would appreciate some help a lot, thanks.
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StefanoCrivellari StefanoCrivellari
@StefanoCrivellari, Never mind I figured it out!
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yolo12 StefanoCrivellari
@StefanoCrivellari, It would be good if you told everyone how you figured it out in case anyone has the same problem in future.
@yolo12, that is a great suggestion. The reason for this would be that this is solely the alert script which is only designed the plot a spike from 0 to 1 when there is a buy/sell signal. If you're looking for the strategy plots and backtesting, you need to add this script :
Keep in ming that all settings are default 0, so until you make some adjustments, nothing will appear.
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Hi ,
I am receiving continuous alerts in my scripts i.e two buy or two sell in a raw. I used pyramiding from this script but still it is happening. It would be really appreciated if anyone can fix my issue. I used this part:
// Count your long short conditions for more control with Pyramiding
sectionLongs = 0
sectionLongs := nz(sectionLongs)
sectionShorts = 0
sectionShorts := nz(sectionShorts)

if long
sectionLongs := sectionLongs + 1
sectionShorts := 0

if short
sectionLongs := 0
sectionShorts := sectionShorts + 1

// Pyramiding Inputs

pyrl = input(1, "Pyramiding less than") // If your count is less than this number
pyre = input(0, "Pyramiding equal to") // If your count is equal to this number
pyrg = input(1000000, "Pyramiding greater than") // If your count is greater than this number

// These check to see your signal and cross references it against the pyramiding settings above
longCondition = long and sectionLongs <= pyrl or long and sectionLongs >= pyrg or long and sectionLongs == pyre ? 1 : 0
shortCondition = short and sectionShorts <= pyrl or short and sectionShorts >= pyrg or short and sectionShorts == pyre ? 1 : 0

Hello, which part of this code is applicable to avoid consecutive buy and sell alerts? For example two or more continuous buy alerts in a row.
@CryptoRox Great scrips -once question, for the open Long/Short alertcondition you state "// For the opens, you will want to trigger these alerts on close." do you mean in the alert setting you select Open long/LongOpen as condition and set as Once per bar close?
Hey, thank you very much for this awesome script!! Works out pretty well.
I have two questions regarding the stop loss.
1) Is it possible to set an %-Value for the stop loss instead of the absolute value in the line "sl = input(10, "Stop Loss") / qty" ?
2) The stop loss is triggered very often because of the candlesticks. Is it possible to make it ignore the candlesticks and just work with the candle?
if i enter the same settings in the alert script as in the strategy, the alert script has not the same signals. they match not always, i can see closes in the alert indicator but they are not on the chart.
i played around with the pyramiding and some other settings, but was not able to get it to a full sync.

how can i fix this?