Can I earn money creating content on TradingView?

You bet! TradingView launched a pilot program that rewards the author of each publication that gets chosen by our seasoned team of editors, for our Editors' Picks sections for ideas and scripts

Starting April 2023, if your idea or script gets picked in one of these sections, we'll reward you with USD 100. You’ll receive this monetary reward around the end of the following month to your PayPal account. The best part? There’s no cap on how often you can earn this reward so if several of your publications are chosen, you’ll be paid for each selected publication.

So, read the Program terms and conditions below and keep a close eye on the Editors' Picks sections to see if your content got selected. If it did and you want to claim your reward, simply:

  • Have or create a PayPal account.
  • Hold tight for a direct message (DM) from TradingView's official account.
  • Reply with your PayPal account email and your first and last name.
  • Wait for the payment to be processed.
  • Enjoy the reward.

Program terms and conditions

  • Just a heads up, the rules and regs of this program could change or even be ended during the pilot phase without us giving you a heads up first.
  • Remember, this program is solely for the global, English-speaking side of TradingView, and broker publications aren't part of the deal.
  • If a publication makes it into the Editors' Picks but then we find out it's breaking the House Rules, it's out of the Picks, and no reward will be handed over.
  • What the Editorial Team says, goes. Their decision on what makes it into the Editors' Picks is the final word and we won't be having any back-and-forths about it.
  • We pay the USD 100 reward within 90 days of the month's end when a publication gets selected for the Editors’ Picks, and it goes straight to the author's PayPal account. There's no cap on how many publications one author can have chosen by the Editorial Team. Every single one will get a reward while the program's running.
  • Once we send you a direct message from the official TradingView account with the reward confirmation, you have 30 days to send your PayPal details in response to that message. Otherwise the reward will be added to your TradingView account in TradingView coins, with no ability to convert this reward to USD.

US tax forms

A quick reminder about US tax legislation. If your total rewards reach or exceed USD 600 in a year, you'll need to submit the appropriate US tax forms to get any further incentives. That would be the W-9 tax form if you're a US resident or the W-8 tax form if you're not. We'll contact you when we need a filled form from you.