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Hi everyone I have found myself in the situation where I will not be able to publish idea's for the public at the same length of detail for a period of time. This however brings me to the educational topic of what I am labeling "Sentiment Charts".

They can unofficially be found all over Trading View. You know what kind of charts I am talking about, they are bare minimum and usually only have a target, a fib retracement, or a Gann box drawn on them, and nothing in the text except Long or Short. These are useless for every reason except one, it accurately displays the traders sentiment, it tells me that person is either bullish or bearish on that particular stock at that particular time.

Above I have drawn a target on the chart, I labeled it long as an Investment Strategy and I also included a MACD at the bottom. This is my personal sentiment towards this particular stock at this particular time. Please value this for what it is representing, I will also display a few more example's below of what types of charts I will be classifying as "Sentiment Charts".

I am noting, I never base trades from these types of charts, I re insure myself that there is supporting sentiment towards my trade or find myself more aware of the contrarian sentiment against my trade. I never spend long looking at them, the information gathered from these charts can be collected within a glance.

I find it helpful to run into a few different sentiment charts, and sometimes find it to be more straight forward and honest them someone's glamorized chart created to market their opinion and end up hypnotizing the speculator. These types of charts are on Trading View as well, and can be a little more time consuming to use than a plain and simple honest approach that doesn't waste any time getting to the point.

Thank You, God Bless.

(Sentiment Charts: Published Charts that can be used to derive a persons sentiment, and that alone.)
評論: After running into all these charts I have two options. 1) Scratch my head and try to read into the little bit of information given to make it something more than what I initially received. Or 2) Quickly recognize that whoever published the chart has bullish sentiment towards it, and move on.

That is all that could have been used from any one of these charts above and any that are similar to them, sentiment, and that alone.

When I run into these charts I know the person that published the chart is bullish (or bearish), then I think "the end", and I go back to work. Thank You, God Bless.
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