Cardano - #ADA - hit another target level!

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Just as anticipated, the price of Cardano ADABTC has hit the 261% Fibo extension at the level of 0.00009234. This level might be the top for the wave (3) and if this level is the top for this wave, then the corrective cycle in wave (4) should retrace min. 38%, so the next target would be at the level of 0.00006641.
Please notice the wave labeled as (3) might keep going up to the next target projection without any significant corrective cycle, but for now, the move up looks extended and need some pause
交易進行: The price behaves just as anticipated and after hitting 2615 Fibo entered a corrective ABC cycle down to the level of 0.000058 or 0.000050. Bounce or trend resumption ahead!
交易進行: Buyback range: 0.000058 - 0.000050. :)
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✅Analityk roku (Sebastian Seliga):
✅Blog roku (
Are you going to update the chart? Bought high and anxious to see it move again. Thank you for the great post.
Hi Sebastian! My exchange doesn't have ADA. What exchange would you recommend for ADA?
Thank you so much. I was holding a lof of it, had no idea what to do and you helped me short it perfectly.
Again thank you Sir! Now in english;)
Any update ?
Want to know approximativly when it'll up.. And if 9234 is still the target sale
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SimonCailleaux sebastian.seliga.7
@sebastian.seliga.7, my order at 9234 didn't pass... :/
SimonCailleaux SimonCailleaux
@SimonCailleaux, Oups error Sorry !
Update coming?
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