Here we have a coin thats hit a bottom to the level it dropped to when first listed, back in December last year. 300% profit potential with this coin.

Its been in a downward trend for around a month, but now we see a very bullish divergence , and we expect to see lift off.

The daily chart looks great, really great and the 4H shows us the same......

You have the 20 and the 50ema sitting under price and just about to cross, this is the signal we need to let us trade, as we are still in a downward trend but this should be change of trend point.

Targets are green horizontal lines and If we break these I will update more.

Stop loss below the black line, but wait until candle closes over it before setting. With the trade until done....

I have already entered and expect to see good things, is there a risk? Yes that we hit stop loss, if the 4h closes over the black line set it below at this point but not prior. Safe entry is after the 4H candle closes.

This is not something I expect to smash targets over night this trade will take time but charts look great.

Cash Is King! Here to work for you and trade with you!
評論: Ok to all of those that bought in before a group manipulated this coin hope you sold out on them at a nice profit I did. Whatever group it is I thank them for donating me their BTC.

Anyhow back to our trade now one enter this coin until their pump and dump is finished then instructions return as usual.

Cash Is King is here for you.
評論: sorry No one enter*
評論: Entry will be after the pump and dump people disappear and price returns to when the trade was posted....
評論: This trade seemed to have sold everyone out at profit great news....

I will be entering this trade again when price drops.
評論: Ok price has settled again.

Enjoy the trade can enter

if need a stop loss point now make it below target 1....
評論: This trade is consolidating nicely for another move.
評論: We actually look very strong on this trade, just since last comment a lot of volume has returned and we should advance to next targets.
評論: We are nearly at target 5 I will post another target shortly.
評論: we are consolidating here but looking very strong to continue up.
評論: AION is moving nice again I know many of you didn't sell last time and decided to hold.

Looks like we have more left in this leg but remember bank profits.
評論: This is all targets reached for those of you that stayed into AION Remember collect profits cash is king! Cash doesn't exist until its in your hand so pay yourselves!
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

Can you take a look at OST? It's just broke out
How do you recommend taking profits at each target? do you take a percentage at each, or ride all the way up unless stopped, or until top target ?
Cash-is-King iliketotrade
@iliketotrade, what price did you buy?
iliketotrade Cash-is-King
@Cash-is-King, i have not entered the trade yet. waiting until we get back to base.
Cash-is-King iliketotrade
@iliketotrade, I found out that the group posted are not just pumpers they are traders and usually also choose good charts so doubt it will get sold off back to base...

Profit taking is entirely up to the individual but if you move your stop loss up you guarantee yourself profits this way you can relax and aim for higher targets knowingly your profit is secured
Great call CIK! Wish I would have jumped onboard earlier, Palm Beach just recommended this coin....
Cash-is-King mrcarneasada
@mrcarneasada, I heard that they pumped it massively sold me out at a 50% profit which is good but I do want to renter as this coin has massive potential
"This is not something I expect to smash targets over night this trade will take time but charts look great. "

Spoke too soon my friend :))
+1 回覆
@huyds, hahaha yes your not wrong! Buy hey they might of got their Lamboghini
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