Hey AMD fans here I am, a bat and 2618 combination.

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It's already the 5th month, AMD has been a very significant example for harmonic patterns trading!
The latest butterfly pattern with a inside week breakout combination worked well, and after it finished a daily double bottom, here comes another trading opportunity.
This one looks so alike with the 1st trade at the end of August, too, both gave a double bottom as confirmation entry.

In terms of 2618 trade, we really need to see a clear pullback before trying to draw a 0.618 retracement,
and let's take the drop yesterday for example to express this idea, while if it's still able to make a new pivot high, this trade remains there (but needed to redraw) .
I'll also make this article updated if there is anything significant happening.

Let's see how it goes!

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it formed a inside week which could also be a good trade though!

looks scary but this 2618 finally fot the chance to entry lol.
Let's see how it goes!

got the 1st kick for both 2618 trade or the hammer, trail the others!