SynereoAmp (AMP) - 2018 Opportunity (1230%+ Profits Potential)

Looking at my list of coins I found SynereoAmp (AMP), a very old coin, ranked 216 based on its maker cap. at the time of this analysis.

Issued in 2015, SynereoAmp has a solid chart, no signs of pump & dump, so you can take these coins and hold them for LONG, which is exactly what we want. Look at the earnings potential, so aim at least for a double or maybe much, much, more. Let’s look at the details… Now, let’s trade this coin.

*** Instructions

Buy-in: 0.00004650 – 0.00007500

Stop-loss: 0.00002695


(1) 0.00016845
(2) 0.00026296
(3) 0.00033935
(4) 0.00041573
(5) 0.00052447
(6) 0.00066666

*** SynereoAmp (AMP) Technical Analysis - Indicators

-AMP on early December found support around the 1800 – 2000 satoshis range, now the coin price is sitting around 5000+ satoshis, which is an obvious strong bounce from support. We are on our way to a new uptrend.
-The 1 D chart is showing a long build up of positive divergence on the MACD , this coin built up for over 3 months. Remember this signal alone is strong enough to buy this coin. But this is just the beginning, there is a lot more.
-All my main indicators are trending upward, reaching higher highs each time and higher lows. These indicators are the MACD , RSI & STOCH . I even stopped learning about others, the default settings for these on Trading View, has worked for me flawlessly since day one.
-Today’s candle is green and strong, but the day still has a long way to go. We need to reach and close above 5900 just to start. So with that said, let’s move on to the weekly chart.
-We need to break the 10000 satohis levels on the weekly chart, and the RSI and MACD shows plenty of room for growth. The MACD also just crossed-over, so welcome to 2018, SynereoAmp, our newest strong coin.
-Candlestick reading and the TD             Sequential indicator for the weekly chart also look very strong. With all these bullish indicators, we don’t need more.
-Volume is also considerably low, sitting around317 Bitcoins             at the time of me analyzing this coin.

*** Message (Happy New Year)

What does it mean when a new year comes to your door?
What does it mean when a year ends?

2017 Was a number 1 year, new beginnings.
2018 Is a year number 11/2, a year when you should be open to receive, spirituality and self growth and evolution.

A year ending allows us to reflect back on everything that we experienced.
Accept it all, good or bad, use it to grow, more and more. The year ends, a new one comes.

A new year brings the opportunity to keep on going, at the same time to start all over again.
This time with a new mentality, because now you know whats coming your way.

So open yourself to receiving, that’s the only thing you need to understand.
If you allow yourself to be happy, rich and special, that’s exactly what you will get.

Happy New Year my dear follower. 2018 will definitely be great.

This is Alan Masters your Guide, always wishing you the best.

評論: AMP is now within buy in range. It can go lower, but it doesn't seem like it will be going for the stop loss. Instead, you can use this opportunity, when the price is lower, to buy in, rebuy and reload.
交易進行: Strong breakout on the 1H chart.
Nice close yesterday for the Daily chart as well.

This is a very bullish signal; the breakout.

評論: We are reloading / accumulating. Two weeks with neutral candles, next week can be a good one...

I am holding a lot of these coins.
Let's wait patiently, and enjoy the ride.
評論: I meant to post the following chart above...

評論: We are in the higher end of our buy-in range.

- The daily chart looks solid, it might need a few more days of consolidation.
- The weekly chart is bullish, we will have a better picture around Tuesday-Thursday for the action that is yet to come. - Private &VIP - Cryptocurrency trading learning platform, for advanced and beginners alike.

- Support on Telegram @alanmastersupport


Mantra: Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem
On the daily chart, historically, 6100 has been good support and bottom before price increases on the last 2 spikes... Buy and hold. Perfect entry point or to buy more... is this correct @alanmasters ??
+1 回覆
donyewuc wsodamer
@wsodamer, It broke the uptrend path, which is disturbing but can perhaps be ascribed to the BTC correction. What direction it goes next, up or down, is anyone's guess. At this point all we can do is pray for some more buying volume and hope for the best.
And AMP will release full web-app on Febr. 13, so HOLD! :) Price will go up people! :)
+2 回覆
i buy some more
Any news about 1st ?
+1 回覆
I've been holding calmly and still am
I'm really doubting on whether or not to do this. Apparently BTC could jump at any moment and lower the altcoins' worth. So why keep or buy them now?
+1 回覆
houseofari houseofari
@houseofari, Sold off my Pink for AMP. Now I'm really throwing the dice, but I just have more faith in AMP.
bubbls PRO houseofari
@houseofari, Remember to diversify - don't put all your eggs in one basket! I have done the same mistake and boy is it sad to see pink in this case - moon - shortly after moving your funds around. :)
+1 回覆
alll in amp lets ride time :)
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