AppCoins (APPC) New Uptrend (300%+ Profits Potential)

BINANCE:APPCBTC   AppCoins / Bitcoin
I've been looking at AppCoins (APPC) for quite a while now, waiting for the right moment to share this Binance coin. By the time I took a second look today, the price was already taking off. The retrace period is over, is time to try for another run.

Let's see what the charts have to say first, we continue with the instructions to trade this coin.

AppCoins (APPC) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters

*** Charts, Signals & Indicators

You know that most of Binance coins are really new, so there isn't much information on the charts. So we are going to give a quick look at the daily chart and move to the 4 hours chart, which will give us more information.

Here is the daily chart:
- You can see the top, magenta dotted line, and the bottom, black dotted line.
- You can see the TD number count on the candles. This coin had a huge decline since the day it was launched, going all the way to negative 9 and finally a full negative 13 count. After a small breakout, a new trend tends to form.
- The indicators have little information, but it can bee seen that they are now trending up and showing plenty of room for growth.
- This chart was also used to extract our long term targets.
- Let's move to the next one.

Now the 4 hours chart above:

- Since the 2nd February, marked by a horizontal red dotted line, a period of positive divergence on the MACD can be spotted on the 4 hours chart. Marked by a purple line.
- You can also see all the indicators registering higher lows. Where the next low is higher than the earlier one. This is a bullish signal.
- More recently, we can see all the indicators turning bullish and pointing upwards. The MACD is showing plenty of room for growth, while the RSI is reaching the oversold range. Don't worry, this can stabilize in only a few days after a retrace. What's important is a new trend UP.
- Many resistance levels were broken all at once.

*** Trade Instructions

Buy-in: 0.000083 - 0.000097

Feel free to buy in within this price range above.

APPC Main targets:

(1) 0.00012451
(2) 0.00016151
(3) 0.00022141
(4) 0.00026412
(5) 0.00031842 (All time high)
(6) 0.00047532 (New all time high)

For long term holders, use the targets above.

APPC Short term targets:

(1) 0.000103
(2) 0.000116
(3) 0.000125
(4) 0.000137
(5) 0.000171

Short term traders, can guide themselves by these targets above.


(1) 0.000063 (strong stop loss)
(2) 0.000070 (tight stop loss)

Trade strategy: Follow the instructions above, if by any chance Bitcoin starts crashing down hard and the price starts to go down with it, you can sell before reaching stop loss and wait on the side lines until the market stabilize.

*** Message of today: Treasure life

Life is like anything and everything, that I've always seen before.

Life is like a hidden treasure, in the secret chamber is where you are born.

Then you enter the adventure, you are looking for the treasure but you don't know.

As you go deeper and deeper in the search, of the magic that you've become.

You find the secret chamber and realize that the special treasure, is what you are.

The treasure is your essence and the goal is for you to know.

交易進行: We are going strong. Please allow this trade some time to develop.

This is a normal retrace after a resistance is reached. We retrace, consolidate, accumulate and go for the next run.

Here is the 2h chart:
交易進行: We are moving up strong, breaking out just now.

Here is the shortest term chart that I ever look at, the 30 minutes chart (this breakout will be confirmed in 5 minutes, the higher the price at the time of the candle closing, the better):
交易進行: AppCoins (APPC) First Short Term Target Reached!!!

APPC Main targets:

(1) 0.00012451 * Next target *
(2) 0.00016151
(3) 0.00022141
(4) 0.00026412
(5) 0.00031842 (All time high)
(6) 0.00047532 (New all time high)

For long term holders, use the targets above.

APPC Short term targets:

(1) 0.000103 * Target reached on 16-Feb @ 0.00010289 *
(2) 0.000116 * Next target *
(3) 0.000125
(4) 0.000137
(5) 0.000171
交易進行: We are doing really good here. We are now trading within an ascending channel.

We are in a great position.

Check out the 2 hours chart:

Note: Remember that you can sell at any time when you are in profits. You don't have to wait for a target to be reached in order to sell. You can sell now a portion of your stack and secure some profits, and wait for the rest of the trade to develop. Taking profits just makes it more entertaining.
評論: Let's look at a different view that can better show the potential:
交易進行: We are still pretty far away from our stop loss. This trade remains active... This is an easy hold.

Hopefully you took out some profits as recommended in my 16 February update.

You can keep your profits, or buy more once a support is found for the next run up.
評論: Update posted. Please allow this trade, and all other trades, time to develop.

This is not a minutes or hours game. It can take days, weeks and even months for any trade to fully develop.

We reached our first short term target and this trade has been active only for 4 days. After a top is reached, there is a retrace plus this trade is being affected by the market, like all other trades.

Patience is required to trade.

You can either wait or sell. Waiting is the action of choice, since the long term potential is big.

If by any chance you are not comfortable waiting a week, 2 weeks or 3 months, then be careful, as these trades can take long.

評論: We are in a very steep decline and support is yet to be found. Make sure to activate your stop loss in case the price keeps on going down. But this isn't likely to go any lower than our stop loss, as bears are losing momentum.

Personally, I am not using a stop loss because I sold near the 1st short term target, and I am using this opportunity to re-buy and reload.
評論: Our "tight" stop loss has been hit. So if you are a short term holder, you can quit your hand and wait for a new entry point in the future.

If you are a long term holder, you can use the "strong" stop loss or no stop loss at all. I will let this one play out since the entire Altcoins market is still in the red. I will be posting an update about the Altcoins market very soon.


(1) 0.000063 (strong stop loss)
(2) 0.000070 (tight stop loss) - GONE
交易進行: Looks like APPC is breaking out on the hourly chart, this breakout will only be confirmed after the hour closes in a few minutes.

Here is the chart:
交易進行: The breakout continues. I reloaded yesterday, let's see how it goes:
交易結束:達到停損點: Our APPC trade is now closed. After launching this trade we went up and hit our first target in just one short day, we sold for profit, but soon after AppCoins (APPC) was strongly affected by the general market conditions and started to go down. Now it went all the way down to our stop loss and the uptrend has been broken.

Looks like AppCoins will need to consolidate before taking off again. This can take 1-2 months.

If you are still active on this trade, and like this coin, you have the choice waiting, as a long term trade, a few months, and profit when the price goes back up by selling when the targets above are reached. With this strategy you don't have to look at the price or charts, you simply wait and that will do the trick. For others, this trade is now closed.

I will call this a 50/50 success trade.
- 50% because we reached our first short term target right away for good profits. - 50% because the decline after that was strong and closed our trade for the short term (still available for long term).

I appreciate your continued support.

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@alanmasters looks like Appc found support again where it touched before.
Might be interesting
alanmasters Dieter1983
@Dieter1983, I will take a look.
Hi All,
Today (9 February) I'm at -50% with APPC/BTC.
I'm thinking if is it a good idea to change APPC with BNB in Binance???
+1 回覆
Was a nice bull trap.
I read most of your TA and I really have no idea why you have so many followers you literally have no skill in TA
I think because you say "namaste" at end of your posts, people think you have some connection with God and you know something
+11 回覆
any news bro ? idea please
+1 回覆
You should close this trade to save people money .. this coin will not go up soon and it’s not a good trade for long term. It will keep dropping to 0.000050 or even more.
+2 回覆
Yes, Update please!
Hi Namaste
Do you see h&s
What is your idea
And btc bull
All goes down and losing satoshi
+1 回覆
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