TenX (PAY) Strong Long Fundamentals Trade (760%+ Potential)

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
TenX Pay Token (PAY) has been proven to be a very solid coin. It normally goes against Bitcoin , meaning, when Bitcoin goes down TenX tends to go up, and when Bitcoin goes up TenX tends to go down. With Bitcoin losing momentum, this might be a great a time to take a closer look at TenX Pay... but this isn't the only indicator, I have a fundamentals based trade for you today. Let's take a look... let's trade!!!

I started a long term trade for this coin back in December 4 2017, so far, it is still looking solid and even with the very deep and strong market wide correction, the price swings for PAY has been small compared to many of the coins available on this market.

There is also rumor that PAY is going to be added to Binance. It actually looks like a Binance friendly coin. This can give a nice boost to our trade if this comes to happen (this hasn't been confirmed, do not take this as a signal but rather just as a rumor that might come true).

News: COMIT NETWORK is being released, a new platform linking cryptocoins together for payments. (I received this tip from a very good source that only trades on fundamentals. He is strong on PAY based on coming news). More info:

Plus some events coming soon where TenX Pay Token (PAY) is relevant...

- 12 February 2018 ( Bitcoin Singapore Meetup)
- 16 February 2018 ( Bitcoin SuperConference)
- 20 March 2018 (Token2049 Hong Kong)
- More on the 28th and finally a new card issuer on the 31 March 2018. ( TenX Pay Token issues a debit card that can be used with many different cryptocurrencies)

This will be a long term trade, for a strong and long term coin with a real and useful product.