Hshare (HSR) - 725%+ Profits Potential (Binance)

BINANCE:HSRBTC   Hshare / Bitcoin
This is the coin that I've been looking at for my "Binance People". Hshare (HSR).

We start with the indicators...

>>> Indicators

The chart above is a daily chart . You can see a long period of very strong positive divergence shown by the MACD .
The MACD is also crossing over with plenty of room for growth.
The MACD , RSI and STOCH are all trending bullish .
There is also a breakout on the daily chart today, but this will only be confirmed once the trading day closes.
The shorter time-frames, 1h, 2h and 4h charts, are all looking very bullish .
The weekly chart shows that the action is yet to come, which is a signal telling us "plenty of room for growth".
There are many more positive indicators, plus not much negative, so we can position ourselves by opening new positions (buying this coin), for the long run.

Now let's make some easy money.
Let's have some fun.

>>> Instructions

Buy-in: 0.00120 - 0.00170

First major resistance: 0.00260


(1) 0.00320
(2) 0.00420
(3) 0.00620
(4) 0.00820
(5) 0.00990 (All Time High)
(6) 0.01520 (New All Time High)

Stop-loss: 0.000910

>>> Message of Abundance

"Generosity is the key to abundance".

評論: We had a good close on the 4 hours chart and... Remember... please allow time for this trade to develop.

Here is the 4hours chart:
評論: This trade is going really good, this coin is strong.

We are going up slowly and had a great start.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.
評論: I can honestly tell you that this is just the beginning... Look at the indicators on the charts:

4Hours chart:

1Day chart (MACD just crossed-over, strong close today can generate great action tomorrow):
交易進行: We are going UP!

The price swings are small with this coin, relatively small for this market, and this is a signal of a strong coin.

After reaching a top yesterday, we went on retrace and later consolation, it is time to move up!!!

Here is the short term 1h chart (noticed how we reached a top, went down and now we are ready for more up):
交易進行: We made good profits here with HSR and now this coin / trade is within buy-in range. I sold when it went up, bought lower and sold again, now this coin is within buying range but needs to consolidate.

Buy this coin and trade it according to the above instructions, it is pretty low on the buy in range.

Note: The fact that this coins remains strong within this huge correction is a very good signal for the future of HSR long term.

P.S. Short term signals are showing intentions of possible upward movement.
評論: This trade looks good, but Binance has been down lately, so I guess many of you can't buy in. Let's wait for Binance to come back online.
交易進行: I like this coin, it has been holding strong always. It is moving up now.

We are still within buy-in range, feel free to buy-in, re-buy and reload.

Here is the 4h chart, you can see momentum building up:
交易進行: Hshare (HSR) has been trading within a channel, here is the strategy that I've been using. I've been buying the lower end of the channel and selling on the upper end.

So I just bought a few minutes ago, and will sell when it goes back up.

Here is the channel chart on the 4h chart (orange are the spots where is good to buy, near the lower end of the channel. Green is when you sell, top):
評論: Trade instructions:

1) Buy within buy in range.

2) Hold. Whatever happens, at any given time, you simply HOLD. This takes cares of all updates.

3) If we reach a target, sell for profits. If the price crashes down and reaches stop loss, sell for a loss. That's it. All the rest is hold.

So if you see HSR moving up and down, within a channel, no updates are needed. Buy, hold and sell on target. That's all it takes.

Thanks for understanding. I know that you are awesome.
Know yourself that you are great.

交易進行: We are still within our stop loss, so we hold patiently.

Please allow this trade time to develop and make sure to keep your stop loss active.
評論: Also, feel free to reload more and more. This coin has long term potential.
評論: Hshare on Binance has gone through a very nice period of consolidation and support has been holding really strong.

The time is now to buy-in, re-buy and reload.

Here is the daily chart:
評論: We are holding HSR long. Each time the price dips (does down), rebuy and reload and just hold. You will remember me in a few months when it takes off.

Re-buy and reload... hold long.

This is a different strategy, but it is a great strategy. You can check my old Siacoin (SC) or Digibyte (DGB) trades for an example of how this strategy works.
交易進行: Hshares (HSR) is oversold on all time frames. Rebuy and reload. Rebuy and reload...

Here is the daily chart (check the RSI):

4 hours chart (check the RSI):

Re-buy and reload. If you don't understand this strategy, you will soon.
評論: I am still holding Hshare coins for long term.

I understand the concerns about the news, but these coins are not "news" only related. There is another part to it, the trading part which is mainly focused on charts and technical analysis.

These coins are added to different exchanges and traded based on chart signals and analysis, once this is primed to pop up, it is going to happen regardless of what the news are saying.

These altcoins / cryptocurrencies / virtual coins names on the screen, are nothing more than a money making tools for us, and this one has been hovering around its low for a while now.

Once it shoots up, you can profit massively from it.

I understand the "developers" part, but only a few these cryptos are real and can be used, like Bitcoin and Ether for example. The rest, we just use them to make money. There isn't really anything else that we can do with them, regardless of the hype, news and all the rest.

Yes I believe in cryptocurrencies and many will be AWESOME for the future, but still... WE ARE HERE TRADING TO MAKE MONEY.

I know you understand...

Thanks for your support again...


評論: I will post a new trade for this coin, in order to update the targets and everything.

If you bought all the dips, you should be seeing some good gains right now.

The tides are turning, money is coming our way...

交易進行: HSR is breaking out now, on the 4 hours chart and looking very bullish on the daily.

Here are the charts:


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Dude, good work... please take me off the mailing list................................................................. just have an unsubscribe button=
+2 回覆
Could please create an HSR update, it's about to explode!
@HEYO22, Will do.
What will be the next ?
Hsr Start moving up IS this coin valuable for Holding like 700% ?
alanmasters MuhammadRagab
@MuhammadRagab, it can happen but that is a lot. It can also just increase a little bit. Anything is possible in this very volatile and awesome (crazy) market.
SherifRassem alanmasters
@alanmasters, Yu are the one who said that mate and we bought it 0.00120 - 0.00170 as per your advice
+1 回覆
Alan @alanmasters - many thanks for the update :) I will leave it and hold for now, we'll see what happens. As you say its very low right now.

hi alan @alanmasters do you have chart on WABI? it's going to release masternode this q2.
alanmasters azeampatuan1209
@azeampatuan1209, I will take another look at it.
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