Hshare (HSR) Is Moving Again (738% Profits Potential)

Hshare (HSR). We have an open trade for Hshare which is being traded by us on Binance. We used a strategy that I only use from time to time, and this strategy is already generating killing profits for all those that took it. Enjoy your profits... and now we can earn even more.

This strategy is pretty simple and I first shared it quite a while back, you can read it in my profile, its called "How To Profit From Any Coin (Simple Strategy 4 Beginners)".
You can find this article on the "Related ideas" section at the bottom of this post.

The way it works is that we buy all the dips, each time the price drops hard, we buy and we buy more the lower it gets. Doing this, we bought Hshare (HSR) all the way down to 0.000616 satoshis, which is the bottom reached after the last peak, and we are now sitting already almost at a double (100% increase in price), just by buying the dips.

Here is an updated trade for Hshare (HSR). Thanks for your continued support (thanks for the likes, follow, comments & share).

Hshare (HSR) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.000850 - 0.00135



(1) 0.0015
(2) 0.0017
(2) 0.0021


(2) 0.0024
(3) 0.0038
(4) 0.0046
(5) 0.0057
(6) 0.0088
(7) 0.0099 (All time high)

Stop-loss: We've been buying all the way down. We bought high, lower and at the bottom. Now it is time to move up. No stop loss for now. A trailing stop loss will be shared once we start to hit our targets.

Trade strategy: Aim for the profits. Keep on using your patience and sell once you reach your targets / goal. For example, if you set a goal of 50% profits, for this entire trade, once you reach 50% you sell no matter what is happening. You can always sell and keep a portion of your coins to try and see if we reach the higher targets. But remember, the goal of trading here is to make money. So when the money is there, secure it by selling and then divide the earnings/profits for your long term hold, profits for withdrawal and new trades.

評論: For your entertainment and learning, here is the old Hshare (HSR) trade. You just need to click on the image below (this can also be ignored if you like):
評論: We are already moving up strong. Breakout happening.

Take a look at the charts:


評論: Let's take a quick look at the weekly chart for Hshare (HSR). With a strong close this week, HSR can do pretty good in the very near future.

交易進行: After we hit a target (find resistance), there is normally a retrace (the price declines). After this retrace, we consolidate (go sideways) for a few days and then we keep on moving up for as long as we are in an uptrend.

The same is true for a downtrend but instead of up we go down.

We hit our first target here two days ago.

Hshare (HSR) Targets:


(1) 0.0015 * Target reached @ 1453 on 28-April *
(2) 0.0017 * Next target *
(2) 0.0021


(2) 0.0024
(3) 0.0038
(4) 0.0046
(5) 0.0057
(6) 0.0088
(7) 0.0099 (All time high)
評論: Looks like the retrace is over and we are now back in action.

Just enjoy the ride...

And of course, thank you for your continued support.

I know for your sure that you are special... A very special being... A unique living Soul.

評論: Hshare (HSR) SHORT & MID TERM

(1) 0.0015 * Target reached 28-April *
(2) 0.0017 * Target reached 2-May *
(2) 0.0021


(2) 0.0024
(3) 0.0038
(4) 0.0046
(5) 0.0057
(6) 0.0088
(7) 0.0099 (All time high)

We hit our second target today and we went as high up as 1988 satoshis on Binance... ENJOY THE PROFITS.

Here is the chart: 

評論: Feel free to rebuy and reload anytime you want, then hold.

Buy when the price goes down.

Sell when the price goes up.

1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. Two simple steps.

評論: Please wait until after the Consensus 2018. We will see Altcoins go up in price after that.
交易進行: HSR is trying to move.

Plenty of room available for growth.

Please feel free to rebuy and reload.

評論: Hshare (HSR) is reaching bottom again... You can repeat the same process now we did the first time.

Rebuy and reload each time the price goes down strong... Hold long and start selling when we move up again.

This is a very easy strategy and it will only take a few weeks to generate big profits.

評論: HSR is on the move again.

We are now trading above the EMA200 line on the 4h time frame. This is a very strong signal. If we close above this line, which is the brown line on the chart below, you can expect additional bullish action:
評論: Here is the potential if we challenge the all time high.

評論: Looking good. We are now breaking above some pretty strong resistance.


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Hey @alanmasters Hcash (HSR) Mainnet Swap to HyperCash (HC) is currently undergoing. The coin hasnt been trading on binance for 10 days. They said it would be done after 2 days. Still trading on OKEX, the price is 0.00043 I guess because of these delays. I just hope we dont get exit scammed.
alanmasters goshetovan
@goshetovan, Thanks for sharing. I see it open on Binance.
We are already at bottom, out of money, how can we buy more :-( All targets are out, we need a new strategy...
@Vebasu, I will post a new trade idea for you, but you need to sell when the price goes up, so that you can buy back in again when it goes down.
Vebasu alanmasters
@alanmasters, the xpectetions are high, that is the problem. Targets are very high, so I thought I should wait fro those targets? Your short target was 0,0015. I am very new in this market and so a looser :-( I am trying to learn and switch to earning from loosing ;-)
@Vebasu, You can sell anytime you want.

So if you bought now and made 20% profits, you can sell and keep your profits.

Targets are irrelevant since we followed a different strategy for this trade.

Buy when the price goes down, each time.

Sell when the price goes up, all the time.

That's all it takes.
lol so many ppl rekt
Good morning.

I saw 29-4-2018 in my BTC idea that we had a H&S BTC evolution and this affect at HSR too.

HSR is a srtrong coin, but please read me:
Strong in BTC.
HSR is not strong in Us. Dollars!! (I dont know any Alt yet that dont change the prices in dollars when BTC changes too).
HSR change every second and at the same time that BTC do it, becouse of that, you dont see changes at HST/BTC charts and you see a "stable development"!!
You can lose 4% u$s dollars and you cant see any changes at HSR/BTC charts.

See always the HSR/USD evolution.

sergio00 sergio00
@sergio00, In the Downtrend whale market, Always see HSR/USD evolution.
goshetovan sergio00
@sergio00, no
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