Bitcoin Is Doing It Again - We Keep On Going Up!

Let's continue right where we left off. Bitcoin continues its climb up.

If you look at the chart, you can see that Bitcoin had a small correction, it only lasted for a day... This is normal, as we move up, or down, there will always be corrections, retrace, rebound, retest, etc.

The price of Bitcoin , or any other cryptocurrency, will always fluctuate, there are ups and down, always, what we really need is to focus on the trend. Are we in an uptrend or a downtrend?

Bitcoin broke the downtrend that started in December on the 20th April, we are now in bull mode and things are looking good.

Here is a signal that I was waiting for on the daily chart:

- Notice how the SMA20 (Green) line crossed the SMA50 (Blue) line. This is a bullish signal and took quite a while to materialize after Bitcoin started to recover.
- We first hit bottom at $6,000, on early February. This month the bottom was $6,425.
- RSI is above 60.
- MACD , RSI , OBV, DMI and STOCH are all in the bullish zone on this time frame.
- What we need now is for the Bitcoin price to cross the SMA200 (Brown) line, in order to set up a very strong support if Bitcoin wants to keep on moving up.

Please, let me keep you updated about Bitcoin! :D

Now, what happens if Bitcoin crashes?

The more that Bitcoin goes up, the greater the fear from a few about Bitcoin crashing.

Can Bitcoin crash, yes. Do we care? Yes and no.

Ok, buy why, how does that work?

If Bitcoin gets dumped, now that Mt.Gox BTCs are moving, nothing really happens. If it goes down we see it go down, we wait, we analyze, we keep on trading and finally move up.
Just as nothing can go up forever in a straight line, in these markets, the same happens the other way around. Nothing can go down forever... well maybe yes, but that's not the point, if Bitcoin goes down, just like it did the first four months of this year, it will reach a point where we will start to buy and move up again.

If Bitcoin were to go down now, we simply wait and we adapt our next move based on that. We simply adapt. For now, the Altcoins market is booming and Bitcoin as well. So we enjoy this moment and profit as much as you can...

Getting back to Bitcoin ...




Apr 27
評論: Bitcoin's Ichimoku Cloud:

4 Hours per candle:
1 Day per candle:
1 Week per candle (we really need a strong close this week if Bitcoin wants to continue its rally):
Enjoy the charts.

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Apr 27
評論: So many support levels for Bitcoin, I believe we are going up.

Bitcoin 12 hours chart:
Let me make a prediction, if I may.

- Bitcoin will continue going up for a while now. Yes, there will be corrections, the price will retrace, but this will only last a few days at max. We settle, go sideways and then another shot up.

- If we see a strong crash, based on manipulation and other markets factor, I believe that this would only last a short period of time. A week or two maximum, or even just a few days.

Now, these are just predictions, these have nothing to do with trading or chart analysis.

We look at the charts and based on the signals given out, we can translate what these charts and signals are saying.

So we can see Bitcoin trending up for example, but this is only until we hit our next resistance. Once we hit a resistance level, the action stops and we analyze again.

If the resistance is broken, we keep on moving up and test the next resistance. If it isn't broken, we go back down and test the earliest support. If that support holds, we look at the signals again and translate. If it breaks, we know we continue down and test the next support.

So it is more about where we are going next and based on what... Rather than guessing / knowing / predicting what will happen... It is all about the trend.

It is about seeing / reading the charts and understanding them, to profit from them, rather than being "right".

That's my view of course...


Apr 28
評論: Bitcoin is trying to breakout, again, just now...

Apr 28
評論: This thing just got heated. Market craziness, manipulation or both?

Take a look at this candle (Bitcoin when up and down at the same time in a matter of minutes):
Apr 28
評論: We are looking good, we had a strong close.

The bulls and the bears are fighting but for now the bulls are still in control.

Here is the daily chart:
Apr 29
評論: Bitcoin support levels:

May 01
評論: Yes, Bitcoin broke the up trend I've drawn in my chart but we still have many strong support levels. Let's wait and see...

Here is the daily chart:
We have the EMA50, 200 as long as many Fib. extension levels and much more. I believe it is good to wait and see how it develops.

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Hi friends
As you can see in the both charts, Bitcoin 0.85% is above most of the long and short MA's and EMA's,the Buyers have the market in their hands,the momentum is not well enough to be sure,but in our opinion the uptrend rally will be more possible and the next target could be at 9750 and 1.272 % of fibonacci shown on daily chart ,because the daily MACD is crossing over the zero line,and the RSI is above 50 too.
We tried to show all the professional signs and indicators together in one chart for professionals,and also say our opinion in very simple and easy to understand for beginners and our followers.
As always your comments and LIKEs will be so kind and supportive to us
With the best wishes
Alan, I think we go donw and this is a bulling moment in a big down trend. A Big fomo in the rest of the alts was created. I others words, a bull trap in all alts markets (in the most of exclanges you cant put Stop loss orders between alts/u$S, only you can do it between ALts/BTC so yu can protect your u$s profit if the bulling moments ends).
@sergio00, You know TA is not about drawing mountains on a graph
sergio00 dreamsknight
@dreamsknight, TA is 1) Psicology and then 2) TA analysis.
Psicology first

Who control the market? Whales, not fish.
How the Whale win money? Eating fish.
How the fish enter in a market?
Doing FOMO.
WHo do the FOMO? The whale that control de market.

The fish can control the market? No. They are mosquitos compared with the whales muscle.

So, If you are fish what can you do? Simple,, Follow the whale always. Follow the whale Always. Follow the whale Always.

One more time? Follow the whale Always.

sergio00 sergio00
@sergio00, In 1 week you will see my mountains with another eyes..
sergio00 sergio00
@sergio00, TA analysis dont work for a manipulited market becouse the muscle is in 1 or two big hedge founds at this levels ( blue whales).
+1 回覆
sergio00 sergio00
@sergio00, If you are not agree, please, tell to the whale whay she dont respect the TA rules.

+1 回覆
@sergio00, Very true, TA are helping indicators but this is not normal commodities, stock or options market, this is Crypto - unregulated wild west..every thing i possible here, TA goes out of windows as soon as FUD or NEWS break out. TA goes out of windows as soon as a new coin is listed on a new exchange. This is a purely speculative market. TA is like headlamp on night which gives a bit of vision and view but that does not stop the tree ahead falling on you LOL.
+1 回覆
sergio00 dreamsknight
@dreamsknight, NOW, 22-5-18 DO YOU LIKE MY MOUNTAINS????????????????????????
Hi Alan, I see that you are counting the candles and writing numbers above them, could you please tell me what method that is? Many thanks.
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