SysCoin (SYS) Trade Analysis (222% Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:SYSBTC   SysCoin / Bitcoin
SysCoin ( SYS ) Trade by Alan Masters

Chart signals and indicators can be really useful when determining when a coin is about to breakout. When a new bull run will start. Or simply to get a better idea to understand what might happen next, by looking at candlesticks and chart patterns for example.

One pair of indicators that is really important, volume and momentum. Once a coin hits bottom and bounces, then you see an increase in volume and momentum building up, you can start to prepare as action might be coming soon, and this is what I am seeing by looking at the SysCoin daily and 4 hours charts. Let's take a look:

Daily chart:

- First you can see the red square which is the bottom price that SYS hit after its bull run that started back in December. At that time SYS was trading below the Simple Moving Average ( SMA ) 20, 50 and 200 lines. Which is a bearish signal. In the past few days, SysCoin broke out and is now trading above the SMA200 (brown) and SMA20 (green) lines. We need to break the SMA50 (blue) line resistance in order to reach for our first target.
- The MACD crossed over and it is trending up strong, with momentum building up and plenty of room left for growth.
- The RSI , DMI and OBV are also bullish and showing potential for more.
- We need a strong close today in order to move to the next level...

4H chart:

- In this chart, you can the SMA lines crossing each other.
- We can also see the possible formation of a pennant or ascending triangle , which are bullish formations.
- The 3 Days and Weekly charts also look beautiful and ready for money in a few days/weeks.
- Low volume allows for plenty of room for growth.


Buy-in: 0.000048 - 0.000056


(1) 0.00006159
(2) 0.00007798
(3) 0.00008964
(4) 0.00010450 (All time high)

Trade strategy: This is a very strong coin. Feel free to hold for long and wait to sell on target.

Stop loss: If you want to use a stop loss you can try 0.000035. If this level is broken and we close below it (on the daily time frame), SysCoin is very likely to go lower. If it is only a hit & miss, hitting the price and bouncing back strong, then you shouldn't worry about it.

Message: Upgrade

This is my upgrade. For me, for you, for myself and for you as well.

This is how we do it in my world.

This is how we ask for something. This is how we manage the energy, for me, this is how the money flows.

What's an upgrade and why would you want one?

An upgrade is the change that happens when a new idea comes in.

It is when you have a belief system, of something old, that isn't working, that won't let you succeed.

The upgrade comes one day for you without knowing, and gets planted like a seed.

Things start to move, you start to wonder what it will be.

And then the time comes, the situation starts to develop. You see lots of in fighting, your belief system is trying to say no.

But you reach the last part, it is the end and you want to keep up.

Life is telling you that it is over but your passion helps you remain strong.

And that's when the new idea shows its flowers and you can see its true form.

You used to believe that you needed money to be happy.

But now you have money, you are happy, and yet you clearly understand that happiness isn't money, being happy means so much more...

評論: Great potential for this coin... Make sure to keep an eye out on this one.
評論: Upcoming news:

Syscoin 3.0 Upgrade
Event date: 30.04.2018

"On April 30th, 2018, Syscoin 3.0 will be upgraded to include Assets, Masternodes and more!"
評論: Syscoin (SYS) Target reached!


(1) 0.00006159 * Target reached @ 6000 on 25-April *
(2) 0.00007798 * Next target *
(3) 0.00008964
(4) 0.00010450 (All time high)
交易進行: We just hit our first target a second time. Good profits.

Here is the daily chart:
評論: We are trying to breakout just now...

評論: We did breakout and we are now moving up nicely.

評論: Sys 3.0 is now live. We remain in good profits here.
評論: Time to rebuy and reload.

We are also within buy in range, so if you missed this trade, you can buy in now.
交易進行: EMA50 and EMA100 held nicely on the daily chart: 
We also have some early reversal signals on the 4 hours chart: 
Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.

評論: Upcoming event that can affect SysCoin price in a positive way:

- Syscoin (SY) - CPS Coin Airdrop (1-June). Airdrop Snapshot (Syscoin Aliases).
評論: What a strong breakout for SYS on the 4hours chart. All resistance broken, this looks like the start of something...

I am using the Bollinger Bands so that you can see the coming retrace.

Our first target was also around 5100 satoshis, only available for private. So now that this was broken again, a top reached, you will see a retrace, consolidation and then the movement up continues.
交易進行: Huge take off for Syscoin. This is one of our long term trade.

交易結束:目標達成: Syscoin (SYS) Targets:

(1) 0.00006159 * Target reached @ 6000 on 25-April *
(2) 0.00007798 * Target reached 3-July *
(3) 0.00008964 * Target reached 3-July *
(4) 0.00010450 * Target reached 3-July @ 0.00010121 *

Patience is the key!

評論: We really don't mind if the price increases due to hype, news, product release, p&d group, TA, McAffee, etc.

-> We position ourselves early, before the rush and we hold long.
-> We set up sell orders at each different target, whatever amount we want.
-> We wait...
-> When we hit the targets we collect the profits and use this money to improve our lives.
-> That's all it takes.

That's why we buy when the prices are low.

We buy low to later sell high. It is pretty simple.

Thanks for your continued support!

評論: We are trading SysCoin (SYSBTC) again and now within buy in range... Come and profit with us:
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Syscoin developers company starts trading on Canadian securities exchange MAY14 . +Consensus 2018 conference (May 14-16
New York Hilton Midtown)
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@vj4, Thanks for sharing.
1 syscoin went 96 btc on binance..all of your targets at met
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What do you mean

like 1 syscoin = 96 btc ?!!!!
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@MagdyEl-Nidany, u can sell 1 syscoin and get 96 btc on binance...check the binance app
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@MagdyEl-Nidany, yes 1 syscoin = 0.6 Million $ ..just let that skin in..
Alan please, can you share your opinions on OMG and NPXS? Thank you for helping us and taking your time to chart and explain every trade, and also for the beautiful messages you leave us at the end of every post. Thank you!
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