NEO - Another Altcoin Breaks Out (223% Earnings Potential)

NEO, another one of the strongest altcoins within the cryptocurrency markets, have broken out and is now trading in a new uptrend.

We can ride this uptrend all the way to the top, for as long as it goes, and collect profits along the way.

Let's take a look at the NEOBTC pair on Binance and see how we can profit from buying and selling this coin.

NEO Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Daily chart:
- Bullish signals all over this chart, coming out of each indicator.
- The SMA20 (green) line crossed the SMA200 (brown). This can represent the beginning of upward action.
- Strong bullish candle yesterday. After consolidation, we can expect another strong breakout.
- The weekly chart is also becoming positive. After weeks of retrace, we are now looking to go up.


Buy-in: 0.00765 - 0.00900

NEOBTC Pair Targets:


(1) 0.00957
(2) 0.01172
(3) 0.01325
(4) 0.01520
(5) 0.02082

Stop-loss: 0.00656

Note: If the trade goes bad, the price level above is where you stop your loss.

Trade strategy: Aim for profits. Don't mind waiting if the trade takes time to develop. Any and every trade can take a few hours to start moving just as it can take few days or even weeks. Some long term trades can take months... That's how it all works.

評論: Consolidating / accumulating.

Please allow time for this trade to develop. This is a massive coin.

Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.
交易進行: We just hit our first target.
NEO is now moving up strong.

Here is the chart:


評論: We are holding until Bitcoin calms down and the alts decide to continue their climb up. It is a very simple wait.

You can sell when the alts go up, and rebuy and reload when they go down. Pretty simple.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.
評論: We should see good action for this and many of our other Altcoins after the Consensus 2018 (May 14-16).

評論: You can find our latest NEOBTC trade here:
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i see bullish double bottom pattern on neo/usdt pair on binance. what do you think about it Alan?
WTF is happening. I dont get it. Nothing but good news on the NEO front and it bleeds more than others
alanmasters The_oracle_886
@The_oracle_886, NEO is highly manipulated, you have to wait until the "guys" decide to pump it. But once it takes off, you will be earning good for a while.
MR/alan what Alts do prefer to hold while consensus 2018 ?
@OmarShama, None in particular.
@alanmaster icx please
Can you please look into coins which didnt have any bull run yet and still in dip right now?There are lot of coins like these for eg. OCN(on kucoin),HPB,WAX(bittrex),AGI(kucoin),TELCOIN.Usually all these new coins go more than 500% on a bull run .Your chart can help us to get some of these coins.
any updates?
+1 回覆
alanmasters PetrisorBitcoin
@PetrisorBitcoin, We are still waiting.
+1 回覆
my friend -- what do u try and do when bitcoin takes off -- do u try and get out of the current trades as the coins drop as BTC takes off -- or just put most on pause till the consolidation of bitcoin when the alts do their dance again ?

i would luv your advice --

i have gone through some tough cycles especially last year a few times when i held too long and the BTC value took off and I lost a lot ... ---- as example -- i hold a lot of alt positions -- about 3 days ago b4 the bitcoin bull jump -- my ALTS were doing amazing especially against the bitcoin -- but over night it was about a 30 percent loss on many areas ! I've dealt with this in other cycles and always promise aI will get out in enough time but I don't pull out fast enough ! I thought we had another week and then I could buy back my positions ?

then again I know i need to get better with my stop losses -- unfortunately with the volatility i place my stop loss pretty darn low -- but regardless when it has a bid mid day dip -- boom im usually stopped out and i wish i could have made the stop loss tighter but of course wanted sum profits if they were to continue --- '
i can see im letting greed / emotions play a roll -- but I've got a hold on that especially after the many cycles over the year ..

i guess bottom line is getting perfect as can with profit taking !!!!!! im still getting better with that area !

thx for all your amazing work

i luv n respect it all

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