NewEconomyMovement (XEM) Getting Ready (380% Profits Potential)

NewEconomyMovement (NEM / XEM). This is the coin that we will be visiting today.

I will be sharing with you the trade instructions, charts, indicators and signals, as well as some text about the different reasons why we trade altcoins.

This is a very strong project, with a great team and lots of action always going on. Looking at the charts reminds of the last time I traded it, easy money, always, this time around we can earn even more.

So let's start this trade by looking at the 2017 daily chart . This chart goes back to the beginning of March 2017, you can see XEM's last two bull run:
- Here you can see XEM long term.
- The red square represents the price range at which XEM usually takes off before a bull run. It happened twice already, the third time the top was low, compared to the first two, but the fourth time is yet to come. This is the next wave that we want to ride all the way up.
- Magenta price is the top. Both runs reached the same all time high.
- The black dotted lines represent the bottoms.
- These are just some basics, we will be taking a closer look later on...

Let's look at the same chart above but with weekly candles... It gives a clearer view, and it is also good for your learning and entertainment:
NewEconomyMovement (XEM) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.0000330 0.0000410



(1) 0.0000460
(2) 0.0000508


(1) 0.0000547
(2) 0.0000708
(3) 0.0000969
(4) 0.0001155
(5) 0.0001392 (All time high)
(6) 0.0002075 (New all time high)
(7) 0.0003181

Trade strategy: Aim for profits. Buy within buy-in range and wait for your targets to sell. If the price of Bitcoin crashes once more before XEM takes off, do not worry about it, wait longer until the next altcoins market bull run starts and sell for profits. So just buy & hold to later sell on target.


- On the daily chart , I can see very strong bullish signals coming from the MACD indicator.
- The overall structure of the chart is a bit of sideways, with tendencies of going bullish .
- Many of the same signals & indications that are available in our other analysis can be spotted in the XEM charts.
- Please allow time for this trade to develop.
評論: Trading Altcoins with Alan Masters

Trading altcoins is something that can be seen and done easily. Making money here is easy, with cryptos / altcoins, with Bitcoin.

If you come without a background, without knowing anything about trading and without guidance on where to put your money and when, for how long to hold and whats the right time to sell, then I agree that it can be incredibly challenging to profit from trading these coins.

As human beings we can make mistakes. We can see a 20% increase in price as something big, which isn't true in a cryptocurrency bull market run, and fold a hand before profiting from the real fun. But this is not the situation in which you are in now, maybe something that happened to you before. The fact that you are reading this, means that you have a plan, a strategy, guidance, that you can follow to achieve your goal.

We are trading here every single day.
We are not gambling in any way.

So there is no excuse for "I lost this amount...", "I lost that amount...", "...doing this part right and this one wrong..."
Just follow the "trade instructions", I've done the research, I have the experience, to make big profits, you just need to follow my calls.

So next time you read me just relax, and know that life is only waiting for the best exact time to give you what you want.
If you are yet not seeing money, maybe is because the money that you want hasn't reached its final destination, your home.

Allow some additional time... Have patience...
Because in the end, you will receive everything that you deserve, and much, much, more.

Because you are a very special being.
You are a Divine Living Soul!

評論: Trading Cryptocurrencies (Altcoins): Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

You might be aware of the fact that I am not a "fundamentals" lover when it comes to choosing altcoins to make easy money within the cryptocurrency markets. But why is that you might ask?

I believe in the project, cryptocurrencies as a whole.

I believe in, and love, Bitcoin. It gave me an incredible opportunity to maintain my freedom, when I had none it gave me hope. In the end it finally fulfilled its promise and filled my pockets with tons of gold. But that doesn't mean that I have to "believe" in a project to be able to know what is going on with the charts. I started trading to make easy money, that is exactly what most people want.

So if we trade altcoins to make money, then the money, and not news/hype should be our goal.

Now, the focus on money is not about greed, ambition or something else. Money is a tool that is needed in life, that can give you options, comfort and help you live well.

Ok, great. So when we think of a coin like NewEconomyMovement (NEM / XEM), for example, with the end goal of making money. We don't mind if the project is doing good or bad. We have to focus on the next target, simply buy low to later sell high.

That's all it takes to profit from this and my other trades. If you really like a project, then make millions of dollars trading altcoins, buy a bunch of your favorite cryptocurrency and then you can hold it for really long term.

Just make sure to always secure profits as your money grows along the way.

It is good to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


交易進行: The charts are looking pretty good for XEM.

Take a quick look at the breakout on the 4 hours chart and the long term potential of the weekly (don't miss out):

- Trading week ends today. A strong close, above 4130 satoshis, can bring great action next week for XEM. Stay tuned.

Thanks a lot for your continued support!

交易進行: We already hit our first SHORT-MID term target.

Enjoy the profits. Many more trades will be available for you soon...



(1) 0.0000460 * Target reached @ 0.0000456 on 16-April *
(2) 0.0000508 * Next target *

評論: We keep on moving up!

Enjoy the profits and keep on holding... This is just the beginning.

Make sure to always secure some profits as we reach each new target...

評論: We are still in the green here, very much in the green, so please just allow time for this trade to develop. Once we reach our targets, you can sell for profits.
交易進行: XEM always takes its time consolidating after each top.

We are looking for support right now on the short term:
The next strong support on the daily is within our buy in range... This is an easy hold:
If we go lower we can test the 3800 satothis. At this level it is wise to reload.
交易進行: This one remains in profits, strong bounce from support and already moving. NEM is a big sponsor at the Consensus.

Good potential for big gains with this coin.
交易進行: Keep XEM open unless we close and remain below 2400 on the weekly candle (time frame).

Everything above on the weekly trade remains active.
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Hey @AlanSantana Alan - you don't mention any stop loss for the trade. 2743 looks to be a safe limit to put onto it? Dipping below here breaks the lows of this year for the coin.

I get the idea of trading without stop losses on long term fundamentals, but seeing parts of my portfolio so badly wrecked due to this right now, and wishing I'd just kept with always fixing some SL, no matter how low - means I want to fix one here too.

Are you explicitly saying don't set a SL here or leaving it for people to decide themselves?

Kind regards, Steve
+3 回覆
AlanSantana stevewalkr
@stevewalkr, You can decide for yourself but, since there is the possibility of another "leg down" before we move up strong, I don't want a stop loss to kick you out of the trade and then see the price go up.

I will be sharing a trailing stop loss anyways after we start to reach our targets. So each time a target is reached I will set a new stop loss where you can exit the trade in profit if the price starts to go down.

I am not looking forward to going down again since the Alts were going down for 4 months straight. It is time for a change of trend, even if it takes another few weeks we can wait patiently if that happens and then enjoy hitting all of our targets.

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stevewalkr AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Thanks for the reply Alan :)
Thanks Allan!
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AlanSantana SamuelBob
@SamuelBob, Thanks to you for the support.
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+2 回覆
@ydanneg, My pleasure. :)
There're some good news:
Partnership with insurance company:
And Catapult release:
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Thanks for your analysis, you are right!, BTW Consensus conference is coming and NEM have bought a good place for sale. Take a look :)
It will help to develop strong bullish trend ^^>>
Namaste! )
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