Lisk (LSK) Trade for 2018 (395% Profits Potential)

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Lisk (LSK) is another one of those very strong altcoins which also makes it to the top altcoins list by market cap. It is sitting now at #23 with good potential to growth bigger and stronger.

We are going straight into the details on how to trade this coin for mid- to long-term profits.

Lisk (LSK) Trade for 2018 by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.001150 - 0.001450



(1) 0.00172
(2) 0.00212
(2.5) 0.00252
(3) 0.00282
(4) 0.00332
(5) 0.00399 (All time high on Binance)

(6) 0.00582 (New all time high)
(7) 0.00882
(8) 0.01182
(9) 0.01362

Stop loss: 0.000850

Trade strategy: Wait patiently and sell on target for profits.

Consider this a long term trade. So make sure to allow some time for this trade to develop. Lisk (LSK) was one of the last altcoins to take after last years bull run. The top was reached late January, but the retrace period was completed fairly quickly.

This altcoin has good potential.



Lisk (LSK) long term daily chart (Binance):
- Lisk bounced strong from the same price that it broke out of to start its bull run. Making this the bottom of the retrace (for now).
- Positive divergence on the MACD .
- RSI reached oversold and started to move up.
- Plenty of room for growth on the MACD and RSI .
- Needs momentum to take off... Allow time for this trade to develop.
- Good daily volume . Plenty of room left for growth there as well.
- The weekly chart also points to a coming price increase.
- This is a long term trade.

##### Message: Aim For The Future

When working in live, living the present, we tend to focus a lot on the past.

Our past tends to hold deep memories, emotions and the goals that we want to surpass.

The past is great. It is there, it is real.

We can have fun with it and learn from it, but at one point we have to close the deal.

The time to move on has come.

The past was / is beautiful, but the present is us.

Keep on seeing it, learning and growing. Then get back as soon as you can.

Take the road that leads to your future.

That's exactly where should be you aim.

交易進行: We are within buy-in range, so feel free to buy-in, re-buy and reload.
評論: Lisk (LSK) is trying to breakout now!!!

Enjoy the ride...

Enjoy the coming profits...

交易進行: Lisk is still within buy-in range.

Feel free to buy-in, re-buy and reload.

評論: Looks like Lisk (LSK) wants to move...

評論: Waiting patiently.

Green line is the trend line, also support:
交易進行: Lisk (LSK) has done its round since we joined this trade. We are now within buy in range and this one looks like a good one to reload on.

Here is the daily chart (lots of accumulation spotted on the MACD):
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Can u update this?
+1 回覆
alanmasters MateuszGostynski
it's moving now , fisrt tg incoming !!!!!
+1 回覆
alanmasters PhuNguyen88
@PhuNguyen88, Great. thanks for the update.
Hello, What type of EMA used in your last post?
+1 回覆
alanmasters SonDubaii
@SonDubaii, EMA200 (Yellow) and EMA50 (Magenta).

SMA20 (Green), SMA50 (Blue) and SMA200 (Brown)
SonDubaii alanmasters
@alanmasters, thanks you so much <3
Got into SALT from your TA. Great Trade. Racking my profits. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your positive vipe.
+1 回覆
alanmasters GodofCoin
@GodofCoin, I love that. Thanks for letting me know.

+1 回覆
Any update? Still trust in this coin?
+1 回覆
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