PotCoin (POT) Trade: Up To 400% Profits Potential

Hey, Alan Masters here. Let's take a look at Potcoin (POT) for a very simple yet potentially very profitable trade. You can easily make 200% profits with this coin in a few short weeks, the same is true for the other marijuana coins in the cryptocurrency space.

We are getting close to 4/20, and the marijuana industry is growing worldwide, with Canada making it legal nation wide in just a few short months. Every time there is positive news about this industry, which we will have plenty of in the next few weeks, the price of this and other marijuana coins tends to shoot up. Good potential for short, mid and long term earnings .

Potcoin (POT) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.00001250 - 0.00001450

Note: For long term holders/traders you can buy in up to 0.00001850 or even higher. POT tends to go high strong once it takes off. Wait for the retrace (the price to go lower) before buying in.



(1) 0.0000251
(2) 0.0000341
(3) 0.0000471
(4) 0.0000561
(5) 0.0000700
(6) 0.0001000 (New all time high)


(1) 0.0000180
(2) 0.0000220
(3) 0.0000280
(4) 0.0000320

POT all time high was first reached in October 2016, at a nice 0.000069 which is 4x the price now (at the time of this writing). It was later challenged and broken to reach 0.000070 on June 2017. In between these two peaks, there were many rallies for this coin. This can be a very profitable altcoin to trade.


Let's start with the daily chart:

- POT had a very, very strong breakout and all the indicators are in the bullish zone now. The indicators I am using are the MACD , which is trending up and showing plenty of room for growth. The RSI which is reaching the overbought line which points to a retrace. Wait for the retrace to buy in. The DMI which is also trending bullish and the OBV.
- The weekly chart is basically saying: "Trade me long term, there is plenty of room left for growth and we are just getting started with the fun...".


When you live life in love. You love yourself.

When you love life as you live. You get love from everybody else.

Living live in love, will give you calmness, compassion and joy.

Love can give you security, happiness and growth.

Live life in love... when you are grateful for what you have.

You can be always grateful for everything.

As everything is basically love.

So live life in love...

That's how love lives with us...

交易進行: PotCoin (POT) will be making us lots of money.

Please allow this trade time to develop.

We should be able to see good positive action in the next few weeks.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

交易進行: Look at this weekly chart... Action is coming in soon!!!

評論: Tomorrow is the 4/20... Cannabis news and events day.

This can have an effect on this and our other marijuana trades.

This can push the price up, just as it can crash it...

Regardless of what happens, hold long and strong, we can make big bucks here with these and the other coming marijuana coins.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.

評論: PotCoin (POT) MID-TERM Targets:

(1) 0.0000180 * Target reached 19-April *
(2) 0.0000220 * Next target *
(3) 0.0000280
(4) 0.0000320

Let's keep on going up.

評論: POT is consolidating, support has been holding strong for the past 3 days...
評論: We need to remain above EMA200 (yellow) and EMA50 (magenta) lines in order to gain momentum and start to move up.

Like I mentioned in my other marijuana coin trades (THC, CANN & DOPE), I am setting my sell orders before hand for these.
評論: This one is having a nice breakout.

I am expecting some action for this coin Mid to Late May.

Here is the chart:
評論: We continue, all resistance lines are being broken...

交易進行: Full accumulation going on on the weekly chart. Feel free to load up on this coin, expect action in the weeks ahead.

Here is the chart:
交易進行: Our long term trade for Potcoin (POT) remains active.

Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.

There will be strong up movement pretty soon, in a matter of days or a few short weeks.

- STOCH is going bullish on the weekly time frame as well.
交易結束:達到停損點: This went SOUTH big time.

Trade closed.
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@AlanSantana Salutation and velediction! Love your messages first, second TA, and third hard work. Getting suckered in by your zen message was a slap to the face and a very respected community. I was a follower of you for a time being, even though most of your calls were wrong in the bear season. You knew that and continued to makes calls. You withdrew your calls several times being back and forth, and still made calls causing a lot of people to lose out there hard earned dollars. I don't appreciate giving you $800 on your gold membership for the same information everyone else is getting for free on trading view about 5 minutes after gold members receive it. And no I'm not spending the twice the price for your top level member at almost $2000. I've commented, and lots others, commented on your gold member private chat voicing the same concerns with no response from you. And your team mates just say upgrade LOL.... give me a break. Coming from a similar consciousness space, (which I feel is front now by you), I feel its important to looking out for others. I don't feel right about what your doing with the level or service your providing. Its simply greed that has taken over, and a scam of your services. There fore, I have a something for you.

The greed of gain has no time or limit to its capability of containing a large quantity; Its one object is to produce and consume. It has pity neither for beautiful nature nor for living human beings. It is ruthlessly ready without a moment's hesitation to crush beauty and life.

+10 回覆
jpnotmorgan rawasduke32
@rawasduke32, interesting
rawasduke32 jpnotmorgan
@jpnotmorgan, It's true. 100% after reaching out many times, I'm not one to complain. But this guy is running a scam 100 percent. Just stick to his trading view post and you'll be good. Gotta protect the others after getting dupped. I'm a member of his gold. And I promise you I get a email of a trade and 5 min later it's on trading view. Save your dollars. Zero benefits. His stuff is good and solid though. No one can call bullish coins in btc bear market and he tried. He should know better. I suspect 100% business man. And you know how that goes....
+4 回覆
Pfeffernase rawasduke32
@rawasduke32, you expected anything else from the gold membership? remember how he praises his FREE followers. and now you blame.. keep throwing stones you muppet
damdamm rawasduke32
@rawasduke32, OFCOURSE Businessman.. What would you expect PRIEST ? :)
@damdamm, Maybe a Saint or Jesus... Who knows.
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Pfeffernase rawasduke32
@rawasduke32, one or two more steps back and you got it : DD
any update on this?i just bought below ur recommended price..
+2 回覆
AlanSantana TheEWGuy
@TheEWGuy, I will be posting a trade for it soon.
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Thanks god. I am holding it for a long time :D
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