Top 15 Altcoins for Long Term Hold (Part I - The First 5)

First a very long correction came and hit the Altcoins (Alternative coins) markets within the cryptocurrency markets. Later, we entered what is known as a "bear market", where everything is going down, at some point, going down hard.

Corrections and bear markets are as normal as slow growth periods and "bull markets", where trending positive and up is normal.

Just like bull markets, bear markets comes with its unique features, advantages and disadvantages for us traders. We focus mainly on the following two actions:

* When we are in a bull market, the time to sell has come.
* When we are in a bear market, it's the time buy some coins.

So after we are deep in this normal cycle in the cryptocurrency markets, experienced traders rather call this a "buyers market". Since everything its looking for a bottom, to consolidate and prepare for the next cycle of growth, buying makes for the best option available for future potential earnings and growth.

So with this bear market, we see the opportunity to buy to hold for long, and earn huge profits doing nothing. Just waiting; easy money, when the next bull market cycle comes.

Fear to buy when the markets are down, is like greed, which prevents you from selling, when the markets are up. So don't be afraid to buy now, as in few months you can make huge profits, selling, based on this simple choice.

Now that you know this, let's get to the point.

*** Top 5 Altcoins for Long Term Hold (The First 5) by Alan Masters

Knowing what I just wrote above, I shared a strategy in our VIP group. One of the simplest strategies of all - you know I love simple; simple is best. This strategy consist of "buying any coin you like (with many exceptions) and hold it for long", until the next bull market comes.

If you do this, you can be looking at earning 2x, 3x, 5x and even 7x or more of your purchase when the next bull cycle comes. The altcoins market is extremely volatile and potential earnings are out of this world.

After mentioning this simple strategy, the next question hit me a million times like a rock. That question goes as follows: "Which ones are the top altcoins to hold long term for the end of the year or whenever the next bull run comes?"

I don't know which coins are the "top" coins. Everybody can consider a certain coin to be a top one based on their own liking and specific details. I also don't mind any specific coin. I use cryptocurrency trading, specially altcoins trading, to make money. So my concern is to buy coins that have the potential to make me money. It is like a job, but instead of going out and following orders or doing something with my body to make money, I can make easy money buying some coins, forgetting about them and then coming back to collect my reward.

Here are my first top 5 altcoins to hold long term. They are in no special order. These simply have the potential to be worth a lot more in the near future than what they are worth today.
Top 5 altcoins for long term holding (Plus the best cryptocurrency of all)

Before mentioning the altcoins, there is one cryptocurrency that you can buy now and hold for long. It is the king of all cryptocurrency, this cryptocurrency is called Bitcoin ... (Continues below)
評論: 1) BITCOIN

Bitcoin is not an altcoin, but this whole game (the cryptocurrency market) is called Bitcoin, and there are many good reasons for that. But we don't mind those details, let's see how Bitcoin has done in the past few years.

Bitcoin 2015

Low: ~$162
High: ~$504

Bitcoin 2016

Low: ~$352
High: ~$983

Bitcoin 2017

Low: ~$735
High: ~$19,900

Bitcoin 2018

This year isn't over yet, of course, but what I mean is that we don't know the bottom nor the top. So far the lowest price in 2018 has been $6,000 and the highest $17,250. Let's make up the numbers...

Low: ~$4200 - $6,000
High: ~$17,250 - $50,000

Doing this Bitcoin example to start this post, can show you the potential of the cryptocurrency markets. But altcoins are even more volatile than Bitcoin and their growth potential can be even higher. So let's get started... Finally, let's get to it... The top altcoins to hold long term by Alan Masters... ENJOY.

Note: Bitcoin always exceeds all expectations. It is in its nature to go against what everyone is saying, specially the conventional type of people, and proof that more is possible. That dreams can come true. That limits can be broken. That rules can change. That we live in a controlled environment, but at the same time anything and everything can, and will, always happen.

On a different perspective, Bitcoin could go down and do a year long bear run, and the alts would go down even further and the whole situation can turn into a loss. This is a situation that looking at the year so far seems very unlikely, but it is still good to remain open to such an scenario to come to pass. So I am sharing these coins based on the positive views and expectations for the year based on the actual sentiment and signals of the market, but there is always risk involved. So make sure not to put all of your eggs in one basket, and use only money that you can afford to lose. These suggestions might sound incredibly simple but these are golden rules. Always diversify and use only money that it is not vital for your well being. Just a friendly reminder, but let's continue what you were talking about here with me. ... (Continues below)
評論: 1) Litecoin (LTC)

Like I said, no specific order.

I remember buying Litecoin at around $9 dollars last year, the price jumped fairly quickly and there was huge expectations for more. It kept on going up, reaching $15, where you might think that it is already too high, and it went on to reach over $45, to mark a new all time high.

But I can go back further. I remember seeing Litecoin for what appeared to me to be a long period of time, sitting around thirty cents ($0.30). At that time I would look it, stare at it and move on. "Bah, another altcoin, it has been going down for months". Then one day the price suddenly shot up, and you have to pay three dollars ($3) to get a single Litecoin.

Litecoin is now sitting around $175, after coming down from its $370 all time high (according to BitFinex charts).

So we went from a Litecoin being worth a few pennies to now being valued at over $150 dollars per coin. It is now the 5th strongest cryptocurrency by marketcap. Lots of people love this coin.

Right now it holds the potential to go up nicely in the next bull run. Challenging the last all time high can give you 2x of your purchase in total earnings and reaching new highs can give you even more.

The potential is basically unlimited, for this and any other coin, it all depends on how the markets will develop and if this year will be a year of growth.

2018 seems to have started very positive for many people, we are hoping to make incredible profits when the next bull market comes.

Let's look at Litecoin's last 3 years and see how it has done. I am not giving buy-in range here, you can buy when you feel it is right, in this "buyers market", and wait for the next bull run to start.

Litecoin 2015

Low: $0.985
High: $9.867

Litecoin 2016

Low: $2.9
High: $5.9

(Notice that Litecoin's 2016 high was higher than 2015. This has to do with Bitcoins value and the overall market. On another note, there is still 2x difference between 2016 low and high, a "slow" year for cryptocurrencies can mean 100% profits.)

Litecoin 2017

Low: $3.6
High: $370

Litecoin 2018

We look at the year so far...

Low: $106
High: $306 - ~$1,000+

Please be reminded that there is still plenty of time for the market to correct some more. Many people are really desperate, so the experts will use this as an advantage to extract from them all the money they can. So wait for clear signals of a bottom, until a very strong signal that the market is changing before "placing your bets".

I would only buy-in for long after this phase when Bitcoins uncertainty is gone and it has been growing stable or going sideways. I wouldn't buy to hold long when the market is in doubt and nobody has found their place.

We are going to take a much quicker look at the other coins that I have to share. These are very strong coins, so you won't be surprised that they can be bought to hold long term.

2) Etherum (ETH)

Etherum has created its own reality within the cryptocurrency markets. Hundreds of coins have been created using its technology, and most of the ICOs are paid using this altcoin.

The cryptocurrency markets are now measured against Bitcoin, the king and owner of this arena. USD/USDT, which is necessary for us to take our profits and finally Ether (ETH), the second biggest altcoin by marketcap.

First you have Bitcoin (BTC) and then you have Ether (ETH). Like it or not, this is the cryptocurrency market. You can buy ether and hold it for long. So now... let's move on.

The remaining Top 3 Altcoins for Long Term Hold

3) Cardano (ADA)

The 6th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, this coin is always very promising. The charts for this coin looks very strong. Last year it had its run relatively early, so if this year we have growth, Cardano (ADA) can be one of the first to bless us with easy money for us to enjoy.
評論: 4) Dash (DASH)

I don't know what's up with Dash, I never followed it. I know that I was always pissed off because the price would always go up strong, and the coin became incredibly strong and I never decided to look into it. Now Dash is one of the strongest cryptocurrencies and one single coin is worth $500 dollars. I think it has to do with its mining technology or what not. This doesn't really matter to me, we want to sell high so we look to buy low.

That's all it takes to make money trading any alternative coin.

5) Zcash (ZEC)

I remember that the owners of this project were selling ZEC as the best privacy coin. It had some feature that would make it better to remain private when making payments using this coin.

When I look at the chart I see the potential that this coin has to go up. So here you have it, in the list, ZEC is the 23rd biggest cryptocurrency coin.

So there you have it. The first five of a total of fifteen (15) altcoins that you can buy to hold long term. This is no trading advice, I am just sharing what you asked me to share.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions and that if you decide to buy these you can make money at the end of the day. But remember to do your own research, consider the risks and rewards and finally, make your own choice.

I am prepared for whatever outcome whenever I buy any given cryptocurrency coin. My expectations are always to make huge money, always, but I know consciously that anything can happen and that my trade can turn into a loss.

So yes we make a lot of money, and money can always be made when you take care of the things in your life that matter the most. Make sure to always love you. Yourself. And trade these coins as a way to make money, or maybe even for fun.

I appreciate you deeply, I love you for your continued support.

評論: Thanks a lot for your support. YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

Remember to share your top favorite altcoins in the comment section.

I would like to know your Top 10.
評論: Part 2 for this article is now available by clicking on the image below:
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1. BTC
2. LTC
3. ETH
4. ETC
5. SC
6. DGB
7. ADA
10. ZEC
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What do you think about XRP?
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There are 15-21 TRILLION dollars in tax havens between U.S, Switzerland and Cayman Islands. This is where the political whales and the institutional corrupt keep their money. Sooner or later, those funds are moving over to Monero, ZCash, and other privacy coins. Then we can get into the greatest economic crisis in human history as every central bank on the planet fails within the next 2.5 years. Japan, and China are in huge trouble already. The American dollar is only worth about $ 0.06 cents in reality and hyper inflation well on it's way. China has stopped buying American debt ... interest rates about to climb.
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looking through comments very few ppl have my top coin EOS. it will dominate.
1. EOS
3. ZRX
4. BTS
5. SC
6. DGB
7. ADA
8. NEM
10. ICX

Ok they are numbered but now looking at them I have ICX way higher than many so I guess throw order out the window, minus EOS which is #1
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@BullWick, I do not see BCC (Bitconnect)
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@caimano, not an accident. More into superior technologies that can make big strides in the market rather than ponzi scheme guarantees of x% per day
@BullWick, sarcasm is hard
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lol. ye dont always read comments in the right tone. nuff dinks on here so thought maybe hes comparing my list to bcc.
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IOTA, GNT, NANO, XRP, and XVG... surprised you didn't mention any of them :( We will see
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My favorite is DigiByte. Nice flight in front of us.
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