Vertcoin (VTC) Mid-Long Term Trade (Up to 30x Profits Potential)

POLONIEX:VTCBTC   Vertcoin / Bitcoin
Vertcoin ( VTC             ) is a very strong project. A good altcoin with great fundamentals and team behind it, as well as a potentially very bright future.

In last years bull run, Vertcoin was one of the first altcoins to take off and its price increased and incredibly 10x, if you count the second half of 2017 only. From the beginning of 2017, Vertcoin jumped almost almost 30x+ in price. Incredible earnings potential. Literally easy money if you were to buy and hold this coin for long last year.

This year Vertbase was launched, an exchange that allows the purchase of VTC             with USD, and the charts are preparing for a short wave up before the next strong bull run for the altcoins market.

Now, let's look at the charts and the details for this trade...

Vertcoin ( VTC             ) trade analysis by Alan Masters (Thank You & I Love You!!!)

Trade instructions

1st Buy-in: 0.00022 - 0.00028

2nd Buy-in: 0.00015 - 0.00021

Now, if our black dotted line is broken down, and you are looking to buy at the/or near the bottom, you can use the second entry point.

Vertcoin ( VTC             ) Targets by Alan Masters

For you, I am providing long term and medium term targets.
Long term can be 3-8 months.
Medium (mid) term can be 2 weeks to 3 months.


(1) 0.000373
(2) 0.000503
(3) 0.000673
(4) 0.000803
(5) 0.000963
(6) 0.001433


(1) 0.000312
(2) 0.000362
(3) 0.000462
(4) 0.000612

Trade instructions:

Buy within "buy-in" range and hold.
Sell on target as much as you want.

Message: Introducing The Money Flow

I am here to guide you in the process of flowing money your way.

In order to receive money, you have to let go of everything, every single fear and doubt, that clouds yourself.

We accumulate wealth, as well as money, like energy. The more we have the more we can enjoy.

The trick is not the amount you have stashed but instead the Cash Flow.

If you are / want to be rich, money RICH, YES...

There is something new coming your way. It is not really about the business or how much money you can accumulate.

Regardless if things are good or bad, doesn't really matter if it is right or wrong.

When you want to receive money....


評論: Looking good. Please allow some time for this trade to develop. :)

Thanks for your continued support.
交易進行: Vertcoin (VTC) is accumulating and getting ready for its next ride. Please allow time for this trade to develop.

Below is a daily chart, here you can see resistance levels (magenta lines) and support levels (black):
交易進行: Vertcoin (VTC) has been accumulating nicely. Feel free to buy-in while we remain without our buy-in range.
評論: Vertcoin (VTC) Targets:


(1) 0.000312 * Target reached 18-April *
(2) 0.000362
(3) 0.000462
(4) 0.000612

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

Thanks for the likes, share, follow and comments... It is highly appreciated.

Keep it up.

And of course, enjoy the profits...

Oh, and remember... YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!!

🚀 💰 VIP MEMBERSHIP 💰 🚀 - Exclusive Trades First & Cryptocurrency Trading Learning Platform for Beginners and Advanced traders alike.

Flowing Money & Love... To YOU!!! ... Namaste.


looking good........
Get ready to a LTC jump soon...
+1 回覆
@Baldy123, I am ready! :)
@Baldy123, Great call, LTC is already moving.
Baldy123 alanmasters
@alanmasters, VTC will probably soon move very agressively upwards - when we see buyers come in... It seems like resistance isn't strong looking in the orderbook..
thanks bro - hope its come true and rise up
+1 回覆
@nmrs, My pleasure. Thanks for your comment and support. :)
+1 回覆
@alanmasters Salutation and velediction! Love your messages first, second TA, and third hard work. Getting suckered in by your zen message was a slap to the face and a very respected community. I was a follower of you for a time being, even though most of your calls were wrong in the bear season. You knew that and continued to makes calls. You withdrew your calls several times being back and forth, and still made calls causing a lot of people to lose out there hard earned dollars. I don't appreciate giving you $800 on your gold membership for the same information everyone else is getting for free on trading view about 5 minutes after gold members receive it. And no I'm not spending the twice the price for your top level member at almost $2000. I've commented, and lots others, commented on your gold member private chat voicing the same concerns with no response from you. And your team mates just say upgrade LOL.... give me a break. Coming from a similar consciousness space, (which I feel is front now by you), I feel its important to looking out for others. I don't feel right about what your doing with the level or service your providing. Its simply greed that has taken over, and a scam of your services. There fore, I have a something for you.

The greed of gain has no time or limit to its capability of containing a large quantity; Its one object is to produce and consume. It has pity neither for beautiful nature nor for living human beings. It is ruthlessly ready without a moment's hesitation to crush beauty and life.

+2 回覆
alanmasters rawasduke32
@rawasduke32, Thanks again for sharing your concerns for my well being with me.

I appreciate your message and deep support.

You took the time to give me all these suggestions, hopefully, you will also get what you want.

rawasduke32 alanmasters
@alanmasters, Thank you for getting back to me. How about lets start with some resolution, by taking care of your paying clients.... I think that would be the right thing to do.

Brandonaahchu rawasduke32
@rawasduke32, Let me know if it works out. Myself and a few others in my Facebook group were planning to make the purchase next week, but I think we might hold off till we get some answers.
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