Vertcoin (VTC) Mid-Long Term Trade (Up to 30x Profits Potential)

Vertcoin ( VTC ) is a very strong project. A good altcoin with great fundamentals and team behind it, as well as a potentially very bright future.

In last years bull run, Vertcoin was one of the first altcoins to take off and its price increased and incredibly 10x, if you count the second half of 2017 only. From the beginning of 2017, Vertcoin jumped almost almost 30x+ in price. Incredible earnings potential. Literally easy money if you were to buy and hold this coin for long last year.

This year Vertbase was launched, an exchange that allows the purchase of VTC with USD, and the charts are preparing for a short wave up before the next strong bull run for the altcoins market.

Now, let's look at the charts and the details for this trade...

Vertcoin ( VTC ) trade analysis by Alan Masters (Thank You & I Love You!!!)

Trade instructions

1st Buy-in: 0.00022 - 0.00028

2nd Buy-in: 0.00015 - 0.00021

Now, if our black dotted line is broken down, and you are looking to buy at the/or near the bottom, you can use the second entry point.

Vertcoin ( VTC ) Targets by Alan Masters

For you, I am providing long term and medium term targets.
Long term can be 3-8 months.
Medium (mid) term can be 2 weeks to 3 months.


(1) 0.000373
(2) 0.000503
(3) 0.000673
(4) 0.000803
(5) 0.000963
(6) 0.001433


(1) 0.000312
(2) 0.000362
(3) 0.000462
(4) 0.000612

Trade instructions:

Buy within "buy-in" range and hold.
Sell on target as much as you want.

Message: Introducing The Money Flow

I am here to guide you in the process of flowing money your way.

In order to receive money, you have to let go of everything, every single fear and doubt, that clouds yourself.

We accumulate wealth, as well as money, like energy. The more we have the more we can enjoy.

The trick is not the amount you have stashed but instead the Cash Flow.

If you are / want to be rich, money RICH, YES...

There is something new coming your way. It is not really about the business or how much money you can accumulate.

Regardless if things are good or bad, doesn't really matter if it is right or wrong.

When you want to receive money....


評論: Looking good. Please allow some time for this trade to develop. :)

Thanks for your continued support.
交易進行: Vertcoin (VTC) is accumulating and getting ready for its next ride. Please allow time for this trade to develop.

Below is a daily chart, here you can see resistance levels (magenta lines) and support levels (black):
交易進行: Vertcoin (VTC) has been accumulating nicely. Feel free to buy-in while we remain without our buy-in range.
評論: Vertcoin (VTC) Targets:


(1) 0.000312 * Target reached 18-April *
(2) 0.000362
(3) 0.000462
(4) 0.000612

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

Thanks for the likes, share, follow and comments... It is highly appreciated.

Keep it up.

And of course, enjoy the profits...

Oh, and remember... YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!!

評論: Vertcoin is retracing and might enter our buy-in range soon. When it does, feel free to buy in, re-buy and reload.

Here is the chart:
交易進行: We hit the upper part of our 2nd entry point and bounced strong from there.

This one moves slower than ETC (meaning that it is really slow), but it has its potential, it can work as a long term hold trade. Very easy and a very resilient coin by the way.

I see strong accumulation on the MACD. And with today's huge green candle, plenty of room still left for growth.

Some time frames are showing signals of a small retrace, but longer time frames 8h+ show a lot of space left for growth.

Here are a few charts (Daily):
- Bollinger bands, MACD and RSI (all allow for plenty of growth).

(8 Hours):
Weekly chart:
- This one still needs more momentum but the week just started and it started positive.

We will see how this one goes now.

Thanks for the patience and support.

評論: Months of retrace gained back in a short day.

Biggest volume since December 2017 on the daily time frame. This is positive news for the coming days and weeks ahead for this coin and obviously the entire market. As more and more coins wake up, you can see the market prepping for a bull run...

交易進行: Note: This is a long term trade.
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Now a days all you do is , Throw a signal in your premium group & then on tradingview to Pump the coins
Stay safe guys. All his crazy predictions of 30x 400% 20x are only used to pump the coins for the premium members
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asefe TechnicalGurukul
@TechnicalGurukul, I didnt know that he has a premium group. If true , I won't trust anything here
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@asefe, Check out this Profile you will find a link to his premium website & which costs fucking too much for this pump & dump shit.
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asefe TechnicalGurukul
@TechnicalGurukul, You are right ! I have never noticed before that bullshit. Thank you dude! )))
imad07mos TechnicalGurukul
@TechnicalGurukul, you are not forced to follow his trades , when markets are bullish you like him , when bearish you clash him

I made profits from some of his ideas , and i don't follow some his ideas that I don't like .
+2 回覆
@imad07mos, What about the begineers on Tradingview ? They dont know nothing about TA & those guys are following his ideas & loosing there money.
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@eZ4Zor, bought stellar this time last year @ $0.0036 a pop. 55 x gain even today, so yeah - just because the gains seems rediciously high does not means they are impossible. There's many many good projects lying under the RADAR at the minute.
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eZ4Zor without_worries
@without_worries, Okay, If VTC where to go 30X right now it would have a market cap of 2.5 billion putting it at 12th on coinmarketcap. That is totally not realistic. Also, Im not bashing on VTC I do like the coin but TA wise now is not the time to buy.
@eZ4Zor, I disagree. Using my Stellar example, the market capital of all crypto was $23billion or there abouts at the time. Now it's 10x. In the next 12-18 months the market will be $3-5 trillion. 10x+ Suddenly VTC at $2.5billion will seem like small potatoes.

I'm neither saying the trading analysis is unlikely, or promoting the VTC project, what I am saying is you cannot dismiss this analysis on the assumption the rest of the market will remain static for VTC to be 12th place on coinmarketcap. That's a poor message to promote.
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