Top 15 Altcoins for Long Term Hold (Part II - The Next 5 + 11)

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Looking for the top 15 Altcoins for Long Term Hold, first I shared some of my history, experience and story within the cryptocurrency markets. I've been looking at these coins for a while now, these are great easy money making opportunities if you have the patience to understand how it all works, or the patience to be able to buy and hold to wait for the right time to sell for profits (follow instructions).

In my first article on this topic, we looked at Bitcoin , the King of all the cryptocurrencies, and we then moved on to some others altcoins such as Litecoin (LTC) and Ether (ETH). You can read all of the content here: Top 15 Altcoins for Long Term Hold (Part I - The First 5).

Top 15 Altcoins for Long Term Hold (Part II - The Next 5 + 11)

In the first article we saw alternative coins that had big market cap., some of these being the second and fifth biggest of all, after Bitcoin . Now, we will take a look at some alternative coins that are less "well known", they are well known but not by many people outside of the cryptocurrency markets. While basically everybody with a computer or phone has heard about Bitcoin , most of the people that know about the coins we will be visiting now are already involved in buying and selling altcoins within these markets.

Let's start by taking a look at five (5) random alternative coins (Altcoins) that are good for long term holding. To buy now that the altcoins market is bearish , so that you can sell later when the altcoins market becomes bullish (check 'Part I' for additional information on this part).

Each time a bull market cycle comes, most of the Altcoins tend to go up and challenge their all time high or even reach a new all time high. Once this period is over, most of the coins go to sleep until the conditions are right again (the market decides) for another "wave" up. We want to position ourselves now, so that when the next bull market comes we can maximize profits. We maximize profits by buying as close to the bottom as possible, to later sell all when the market is really hot.

(The following coins are in no specific order)

1. Vertcoin ( VTC )

One of the main pointers for me making the choice as to which altcoins are best for long term holding, are the charts. Why you might ask? Because it doesn't really matter about the news, hype, "developers" team, etc., these factors definitely, and obviously, strongly affect the price of a coin, but for coins that have been around for a long time and are considered strong, the charts can give you very good clues as to what might happen in the future.

Look at Vertcoin for example, VTC , huge potential. December was the month when the bull market really hit its peak, pushing most of the altcoins to the top, VTC had its run pretty early, in late October and by early December it already started its decline. VTC can be one of the first coins to wake up when the next run starts.

You can aim to earn at least 3x with this coin when the next bull market starts. This is based on the last all time high. If this all time high is broken, as it normally happens with strong altcoins, then you can expect crazy earnings , as much as 3x to 7x or even more...

(Continues in the update section)
評論: 2. Siacoin (SC)

The low point for Siacoin (SC) last year before it shot up was around the 40 satoshis level (0.00000040 btc). At its peak, it reached around 670 satoshis (0.00000670 btc), that's 16x. So imagine buying a coin now, in this bear market and holding it for several months. Forget the price swings, the looking at the computer, the ups and downs, this is a long term hold. You simply buy and forget (wait), and you can get 2x, 3x and even up to 10x your initial purchase value. This really depends on how the markets develop, but the expectations are high and the cryptocurrency market as a whole is only now starting to shine and grow.

Billions of dollars are pouring in on new projects, new coins and ICOs. And soon the slow days period will be over and we will start to make good money and have some fun.

So you can consider this coin for a long term hold, since every year it has shown to be a good money maker for those that decide to trade this coin.

3. Digibyte (DGB)

In 2017, Digibyte (DGB) had two strong bull run. The first one happened the first half of the year, with DGB trading very low around April, in the 40 satoshis range, to later reach its all time high of ~2700 satoshis, that's 67x.

There were less altcoins back then and this doesn't mean that you will get the same results this year or whenever the next bull market happens for the altcoins market. But this clearly shows the potential.

The second run happened on the second half of the year, with DGB reaching its low around early December, in the 80 satoshis level, to then go up again all the way up to 890 satoshis. Another run, a second chance for those that didn't sell on the first one. Small compared to the first one yet, it still went up 10x, and more than 20x if you bought at the lows on the first half of 2017.

Now this altcoin can go sideways, until it is time to have some fun. This is a very old coin, so later we will take a look at newer ones.
評論: 4. Ardor (ARDR)

Ardor has an unique system and it is yet to be added to many of the big exchanges, the potential is huge. The main attraction of this cryptocurrency is all the "features" that it offers. You can go for a a nice 3x to 5x with this one, or maybe even 10x when the next bull market comes, who knows, once the Altcoins start to move everything is on the table, everything is possible at all times. Because this market is a bit crazy, just like its traders, it is highly volatile.

5. Lumen (XLM)

Lumen (XLM) is in the top 10 cryptocurrency list by market cap., so a lot of money is always flowing through this coin.

This is a very strong project and everybody loves Stellar Lumen (XLM). This project offers very fast and free transactions, decentralized apps and much more. The lead developer is experienced in the cryptocurrency markets, he is one of the founders of Ripple and Mt.Gox (even though he was no longer involved when it was taken down).

This one has huge potential and last year's run was very strong shooting up more than 30x. So this is a good altcoin to consider, if you want to buy and hold, for a very long term.


Few more altcoins with long term potential for huge profits in the years to come

Here is a quick list of another 11 altcoins that you can buy and hold long term that have huge profits potential:

- Neo (NEO)
- Verge (XVG)
- OmiseGo (OMG)
- Marijuana coins: HempCoin (THC), CannabisCoin (CANN) & Potcoin (POT)
- Status Network Token (SNT)
- Aragon (ANT)
- Tron (TRX)
- Monero (XMR)

I hope you enjoyed this list.

Remember that these coins are in no specific order.

The next bull market can come in a few weeks just as it can take few months or longer. The Altcoins market is very volatile, a nice bull run can last 2-4 weeks if it is a short one. It can also be longer, 4-8 weeks if it is a longer one, most of the year will be retrace, consolidation and accumulation and then Boom!, all of a sudden, things are moving again.

So the trick is to buy when all of the prices are low, to sell after the coins have risen again.

Note: Make sure to always think your next move thoroughly. Have a plan, short and / or long term goals. Diversify and always take responsibility for your actions. Breath deeply and think before your next move, always. "I Always Stop, Breath and Think Before Anything Important That I Have To Decide On. That's How I Make Sure To Always Make The Most Profitable Calls".

If something "bad" happens based on a decision you took and you push the responsibility away to someone else, you just lost your power as you won't have anyway to solve what has come your way. But if you take responsibility for things that affect in any different way, then the solution is pretty simple, make sure to take your time, before you choose your next trade.

評論: Please share some of your favorite altcoins for long term hold in the comment section.

I will pick the top 10 in the comments section and share it here.

I will also get the ones from my last post, which you can read by clicking on the image below:
評論: Here is another list of Altcoins that you can Hold Long Term based on our comment section:

Dragonchain 1
評論: Please check my profile and you will find trade ideas for most of the coins mentioned in this list. Most of these are doing great like DGB, ADA, XVG, SC, XEM, THC, etc.
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Digibyte will grow realllly big in 2018!
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Nafasion GuidoPot
@GuidoPot, Without Binance DigiByte will be a top 30 coin. With Binance DigiByte will be a top 10 coin easily.
GuidoPot Nafasion
@Nafasion, a binance listening would make the explosion earlyer, But without binance It will too. Binance asks a lot of money and ofcourse Digibyte will not pay them, so I don’t see that happening!
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AlanSantana GuidoPot
@GuidoPot, DGB has always been a great coin for most of us.
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GuidoPot AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, I know, but a lot of people don't know about Digibyte yet
What do you think about $ADA for holding long term?
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Please Alan consider removing Verge from the list and not recommending this toxic coin to your followers. The Verge developers (this word does not fit them) are right now again trying to scam their "investors", as if they havent done it enough already.

The largest comeback narrative story will be for IOTA, which has lost 80% value in the bearmarket, which has been numb to Volkswagen and Bosch investing directly into IOTA. This will be perfect in line with TA and coming announcements (5 further exchanges adding IOTA for example). One project I miss on many lists, but which will join the Top 5-10 is AION, made by the Ethereum Enterprise CoFounder Matthew Spoke, this is a longer great read explaining the potential better then I could in few words:

Also expect Chainlink to gain much value, because without Chainlinks technology all the great smart contracts on Ethereum will remain worthless, without having a trustless, decentralized data feed from the real world. Both Chainlink and AION had no marketing till yet. They probably wont ever need it, as their technology will be essential for the blockchain space and AION has strong ties to Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Network. Greetings.
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bthompson0905 Prometheus777
@Prometheus777, make your own post.. no one cares about your opinion. we care about alan's which is why we're here. just say thanks for your work and keep your fud to yourself
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Prometheus777 bthompson0905
@bthompson0905, Alan has posted we should comment and suggest. But apparently you are an XVG bagholder and hope some greater fool will buy it up. Wont happen. XVG is something the whales pumped and dumped on the noobs.
bthompson0905 Prometheus777
@Prometheus777, lol because I call you out on your unwanted opinion i own xvg? I dont own most of these coins/ tokens. Including xvg.. whales pump and dump on most alt coins. It's what makes us smart traders tons of money.