PowerLedger (POWR) Falling Wedge: 400% Profits Potential

BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
I first traded PowerLedger (POWR) last year, it was a very nice, profitable and fun ride. After sharing this coin on December 12th, its price shot up massively and increased almost 5x. After an incredible bull run, great profits generated, POWR, like all other coins went on a retrace. A hard and long retrace which can be clearly seen on the daily chart above...

### PowerLedger (POWR) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters

- "Falling wedge" pattern, which is a bullish formation.
- Orange circles, marks the bottom from early December. After this bottom was reached, a strong breakout happened and POWR went on a very strong bull run. Now, we've touched this bottom again and POWR has responded strong.
- We went almost on a full retrace from the last all time high and you can see the accumulation happening on the daily chart based on the positive divergence that can be seen on the MACD . Which is another very bullish signal.
- MACD and RSI are trending upwards. Trending up with plenty of room for growth.
- Low volume allows for more growth as well.
- These are just some basic signals, but they all look very positive.
- The weekly chart is very young but it also allows room for growth and it is calling for some positive action.

Now let's move to the details on how to trade this coin...


Buy-in: 0.00004250 - 0.00005280

The above buy in is set for long term traders. It is useful with the long term targets that you will see below.

We set the bottom for PowerLedger (POWR) at 0.00003650 on 18th March, from which point we bounced and started to trend up. If we break below the above buy-in, you can wait again for the bottom to be re-tested and later buy in. You can also buy in and hold long, as we have already bounced strong from bottom and we are trending up.

PowerLedger (POWR) Targets:


(1) 0.00006143
(2) 0.00007683
(3) 0.00010173
(4) 0.00011953
(5) 0.00014213
(6) 0.00020743 (New All Time High)


(1) 0.00005961
(2) 0.00007381
(3) 0.00008401
(4) 0.00009691

Use these prices above as reference to sell some of your coins for profit. We are likely to face resistance each time one of these price level is reached, which is followed by a retrace. You can sell at these prices and buy back lower, or simply sell to secure profits. You can get our "How To Sell The Targets" article for additional information on how to maximize profits when selling the targets.

Stop-loss: No stop loss is needed here since this is a long term trade. The long term potential of this coin is obvious, based on the chart signals and analysis mentioned.

You can use a stop loss of 0.000041 if you are a tight trader looking for short term. If the price breaks below this level, you can pull out expecting to buy back in lower. At this time, with the huge potential ahead, this is a good buy & hold.

Other trades are not going to be this detailed for every point, but I am sharing in order to remind ourselves the different options we have when trading these coins. But this is all pretty simple. Buy low to sell high. Buy and hold. Patience is the key.

### Message: We Keep On Growing - We Keep The Growth

As I grow, every single day...

I get the feeling of passion, other people with love and spirit, interacting with me in many ways.

As I keep on growing, which we all do; daily anyways, more challenges keep on coming, more lessons need to be learned.

So the challenge continues and live goes on. The appreciation of the experience is unique, each time it becomes better, more meaningful, stronger... as long as WE KEEP THE GROWTH!

評論: PowerLedger is going nicely.

Allow time for this trade to develop.

Once POWR takes off, it will have a very nice and profitable ride.

Thanks for your support.
交易進行: Let's take a quick look at the 4 hours chart for our entertainment.

Looks like POWR is accumulating. More momentum is needed to shoot up.

We are now in an ascending channel:
(10% Profits since opening this trade).
交易進行: We are still within buy-in range and moving up nicely.

Buy & hold to later sell on target.

Thanks for your continued support.

評論: Slow, steady growth is a sign of strength.

Here you can see POWR trendline on the 4 hours chart.


交易進行: First target reached today.

Congrats to all those that took on this trade.

Enjoy your profits!

PowerLedger (POWR) Targets:


(1) 0.00006143 * Target reached @ 6030 on 18-April *
(2) 0.00007683
(3) 0.00010173
(4) 0.00011953
(5) 0.00014213
(6) 0.00020743 (New All Time High)


(1) 0.00005961 * Target reached @ 6030 on 18-April *
(2) 0.00007381
(3) 0.00008401
(4) 0.00009691
評論: Here is the chart for POWR on the daily time frame.

Here you can see our new uptrend and ascending channel, as well as the target reached (blue dotted line):

交易進行: We are in really good profits and moving up slowly.

Allow time for this trade to develop. As long as we are in the positive, we are good.

評論: Another Target Reached for our POWR trade.
Enjoy the profits.


(1) 0.00005961 * Target reached @ 6030 on 18-April *
(2) 0.00007381 * Target reached @ 7000 on 24-April *
(3) 0.00008401
(4) 0.00009691
評論: We are moving.

Over 50% profits since publishing. Enjoy it.

More opportunities will be coming your way very soon.

評論: POWR 4 hours chart with Trend Line:
交易進行: POWR is trying to move!

交易進行: PowerLedger (POWR)

Positive + above buy in range = Easy wait.

4 Hours chart:
- We are now fighting to break the EMA200 (orange line) resistance on the 4 hours chart. We also need to break EMA100 (light blue) as well, once we break them, these will turn to good support and also a good bullish signal.

Daily chart:
- On the daily chart we see three positive days (counting today which hasn't close), it needs more time and momentum to move up.

The potential of this coin/trade remains intact.

We will profit massively from this when the next Altcoins Bull Run starts!

交易進行: Our long term trade for Power (POWR) is still active.
評論: Power Ledger had a massive take off today and reached all the way up to 0.00005786. A retrace is coming which is normal after breaking through several resistance levels.

You can expect the 0.000039000 - 0.00004200 level to work as support.
評論: Sold again. Looking to rebuy and reload above 3800 satoshis.

Beginners can simply hold long.

Advanced traders can buy and sell, buy and sell for additional profits.
交易進行: POWR is on the move again.

This is a long term trade.

Here is the chart:
It also looks good on the daily, a close over 4550 will confirm strength to keep on moving up.
評論: Our new Power Ledger (POWRBTC) trade can be found here:
The Best Altcoins Trades

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Your the Man Alanmasters just snagged the first target. 38% because of your passion Cheers my friend
+2 回覆
alanmasters RodelBrowning
@RodelBrowning, It is my pleasure. Thanks for your support. :)
well if you are placing new signals that might mean the market is changing. perhaps the correction could be over
+2 回覆
alanmasters cyph3rlunch
@cyph3rlunch, I believe the altcoins market will enter a bull run in the next few weeks.
Just HODL POWER till 2035 ;)
+1 回覆
Well done. One of the best trades as per coinmarketcap today. Tippy toeing into your trading world. Thanks
+1 回覆
alanmasters dRends35
@dRends35, My pleasure.

Thanks for your comment.
watching this trade, its going nicely. Its also going up and down nice in its channel offering many chances to increase your position
+1 回覆
@J05B, I really like this trade, we are looking at 50% profits already and we are consolidating for our next move up.
J05B alanmasters
@alanmasters, looks like it can show some uplift any moment now. btw what happens to the set target when btc price increases with for example 10%?
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