CannabisCoin (CANN) Breaking Out: 545%+ Profits Potential

Let's take a look now at CannabisCoin ( CANN ), the third out of four marijuana altcoins that we are analyzing and trading. I recommended these coins, Potcoin (POT), CannabisCoin, HempCoin ( THC ) and DopeCoin (DOPE) a few weeks back in our VIP chat group and Top Altcoins for Long Term Hold post.

Here you get all of the details about these specific coins. As we get closer to the next bull run for the altcoins market, I will be sharing more and more trade analysis of coins that have huge potential to make us easy money.

In order to make money trading you need to follow the simple instructions that I share below, let's have a quick review of the steps necessary in order to make money trading altcoins:

-Buy within buy-in range. This is the buy in price that I share in the "trade instructions" section below.
-Hold while you wait. This is simply waiting... Patience.
-Sell on target. You sell when a target is reached. You do this by placing a sell order before the price is reached. You can sell a portion or all of your coins depending on your strategy. You can get more information here.

CannabisCoin ( CANN ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters
Charts, signals & indicators

Let's start by looking at the Bittrex chart for the CANNBTC pair since December the 20th, when CANN broke out and had its strongest run for the year 2017. The potential is equally big for 2018. Let's look at the chart...
- Let's start from the left. The red vertical line all the way to the left of the above chart marks the 20th of December, when CANN started to breakout and had its huge run, increasing in price over ten times in a few short days. Notice the open price of the breakout day is the same as the bottom reached on March at around the 440 satoshis level.
- Notice the Positive Divergence on the MACD . Marked by a black line.
- The RSI is already reaching the overbought line, which means that there will be a retrace before moving forward and the DMI is now trending upwards. Let's take a closer look: - We already broke the SMA50 and 200 lines.
- The 4 hours chart show some very strong bullish signals.
- Trading volume is fairly low, which allows plenty of more room for growth.
- The weekly chart is turning positive as well with the action starting to get reflected just now.
- CannabisCoin has a bright future for 2018 and can be used to make massive profits, easy money, for the next few months. Just buy & hold to sell on target.

Trade instructions

Buy-in: 0.00000530 - 0.00000750

Note: Try to buy the closest possible to the lower part of this range.



(1) 0.00000908
(2) 0.00001013
(3) 0.00001147
(4) 0.00001533
(5) 0.00002158


(1) 0.00001454
(2) 0.00002076
(3) 0.00003082
(4) 0.00003798
(5) 0.00004710 (All time high {ATH})
(6) 0.00007344 (New ATH )

Trade strategy: Buy & hold long term.

Stop loss: Will be updated after first target is reached.

Message: We Are Getting Closer To Our Goals

We are getting closer everyday to the goal.

Closer we get with our passion, commitment, our patience and our growth.

Closer we get to being back together just as we were before.

Checking back what we did, to learn from it, to later keep on going to learn even more.

Everybody closer, we are always getting, to our goals.

評論: Will this one breakout? Looks like a bull flag!

交易進行: We are in profits here with CannabisCoin (CANN).

General update on these "pot" coins:

Tomorrow is the 4/20... Cannabis news and events day.

This can have an effect on this and our other marijuana trades.

This can push the price up, just as it can crash it...

Regardless of what happens, hold long and strong, we can make big bucks here with these and the other coming marijuana coins.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.

評論: CANN is trying to breakout now...
評論: We are moving up now... Let's see how it goes:
評論: We are within buy-in range.

Feel free to buy-in, rebuy and reload.
評論: Flat: Going sideways for now. Easy hold until the time comes for profits.

I am setting my sell orders for the higher targets and forget about it... Come back later and collect profits.

交易進行: We are now within buy in range. Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.

Expect big jumps when this one takes off.
評論: CANN is in its accumulation phase. It looks like it will shot up soon, maybe a few more days of wait.

The 4 hours chart is developing nicely but the daily needs more time before it is primed up to go up. We wait patiently, we already knew it would take a while with this coin yet the rewards can be 2x, 3x, 5x or even more when the time comes.

Here is the chart:
評論: I am reloading on this and other marijuana coins. You can try POT, CANN, DOPE and THC... These will be huge money makers in the very near future.
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How didi you calculated the number 545? Is it written on the moon surface or what? :D
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AlanSantana vavan194
@vavan194, Based on the last all time high and the coin price at the time of writing.
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update lplease
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@YABALL, Done.
I love you NAMASTE!
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@relaw, Namaste!
Hi @AlanSantana, any update on this. It seems it has reached the bottom and is on its way up again?
@Mo4114, Done.
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Mo4114 AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Thank you! Much appreciated!
smoked bulls :)))
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