HempCoin (THC) Trade Analysis: Over 500% Profits Potential

BITTREX:THCBTC   HempCoin / Bitcoin
Here is another marijuana related altcoin. Earlier I shared a trade for PotCoin (POT), and mentioned the market dynamics that affects these marijuana coins. Just as PotCoin shot up in price, the same happened for HempCoin ( THC ), DopeCoin (DOPE) and CannabisCoin ( CANN ).

So all the same factors related to the growth and legalization of the marijuana industry throughout the world affects all these coins similarly... in a positive way. Take a look at the chart below, the orange circles is the same price from which we took off before...
- Look at how bullish all the indicators have become. The RSI shot up massively and the MACD is getting ready to take off.
- Soon 4/20, which is a marijuana news field day, plus many other factors.
- This is just the start... there is room for more, specially when you take into consideration how fast the marijuana industry is growing worldwide and needs a payment system that can be trusted... Cryptocurrencies can be really helpful.
- The potential is huge... This is a long term trade.

Now let's take a quick look at the weekly...
- This chart is very easy to read. Take a look at the last bull run. The price shot up massively for two weeks before running out of steam. Then comes the retrace.
- In the last 5 candles, you can see how the price bottomed out. The last 3 candles went flat and finally a strong green candle... the breakout which will be confirmed once trading week closes.
- The MACD and RSI are starting to curve only now and both show plenty of room for growth.

###HempCoin ( THC ) Trade by Alan Masters

Trade instructions

Buy-in: 0.00000800 - 0.00001000

Buy into this trade within the price range above.



(1) 0.00001218
(2) 0.00001534
(3) 0.00002046
(4) 0.00002410
(5) 0.00002874


(1) 0.00001689
(2) 0.00002360
(3) 0.00003444
(4) 0.00004216
(5) 0.00005200 (All time high)

###Message: It Is Ok To Be Strong

It is ok to be strong.

It is necessary to be great.

Live your life as you want.

Enjoyment is life itself.


交易進行: Please allow time for this trade to develop.

This will be a very nice and profitable ride.

All that is needed here to make money is to buy & hold. You later sell on target.

That's all.

Have a great weekend...

交易進行: HempCoin (THC) first target reached.
Enjoy the profits!



(1) 0.00001218 * Target reached on 16-April *
(2) 0.00001534
(3) 0.00002046
(4) 0.00002410
(5) 0.00002874

評論: We are 20% above our buy-in recommendation. First target reached!

Here is a general update on this marijuana coin:

Tomorrow is the 4/20... Cannabis news and events day.

This can have an effect on this and our other marijuana trades.

This can push the price up, just as it can crash it...

Regardless of what happens, hold long and strong, we can make big bucks here with these and the other coming marijuana coins.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.

評論: We are on the move.

Over 20% profits since starting this trade. Enjoy!

Here is the 4 hours chart:
We need to close above 1326 satoshis on the daily time frame in order to get this trade going. So a little more momentum is needed for HempCoin to take off.
評論: I am setting some sell orders on the higher targets, just in case. When these marijuana coins take off they normally do it in big strong bursts.
評論: HempCoin (THC) coming event:

- HempCoin (THC) - Masternodes (30 June or earlier).
交易進行: HempCoin (THC) another target reached.

Enjoy the profits!

THC Targets:

(1) 0.00001218 * Target reached on 16-April *
(2) 0.00001534 * Target reached @1500 on 5-May *
(3) 0.00002046 * Next target *
(4) 0.00002410
(5) 0.00002874
評論: Over 50% profits just for reaching our second target.

That's why you always read me writing "easy money".

With patience it can be really easy. We just buy and later sell on target. You can also buy back 15-20% lower to accumulate more coins and even make more money on the next target.

That's all.

Enjoy the profits.

交易進行: For THC we are in profits.

We also now have the chance to buy in (new traders / late comers), rebuy and reload.

HempCoin is trying to move right now:
🏃‍♀️ Follow my public Telegram channel by clicking/tapping the link below...

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@AlanSantana Salutation and velediction! Love your messages first, second TA, and third hard work. Getting suckered in by your zen message was a slap to the face and a very respected community. I was a follower of you for a time being, even though most of your calls were wrong in the bear season. You knew that and continued to makes calls. You withdrew your calls several times being back and forth, and still made calls causing a lot of people to lose out there hard earned dollars. I don't appreciate giving you $800 on your gold membership for the same information everyone else is getting for free on trading view about 5 minutes after gold members receive it. And no I'm not spending the twice the price for your top level member at almost $2000. I've commented, and lots others, commented on your gold member private chat voicing the same concerns with no response from you. And your team mates just say upgrade LOL.... give me a break. Coming from a similar consciousness space, (which I feel is front now by you), I feel its important to looking out for others. I don't feel right about what your doing with the level or service your providing. Its simply greed that has taken over, and a scam of your services. There fore, I have a something for you.

The greed of gain has no time or limit to its capability of containing a large quantity; Its one object is to produce and consume. It has pity neither for beautiful nature nor for living human beings. It is ruthlessly ready without a moment's hesitation to crush beauty and life.

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clesshawn rawasduke32
@rawasduke32, all his calls were wrong in the bear season, but it was a way for him to still make a little money by having his public followers pump the coins despite very low support levels. I'm so glad I didn't follow one trade recommendation!
You had me at hello with this one!
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AlanSantana CaptainCaveDann
@CaptainCaveDann, Thank you for your support. :)
CaptainCaveDann AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, anytime! Thanks for sharing your ideas and the updates!
Thanks a lot for the likes, shares, follow and comments.

Your support is always highly appreciated.

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thanks 4 this trade master. im in @AlanSantana
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AlanSantana ajayboudh
@ajayboudh, It is my pleasure.
any update? @AlanSantana
AlanSantana kubrador
@kubrador, Done!
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