HempCoin (THC) Trade Analysis: Over 500% Profits Potential

BITTREX:THCBTC   HempCoin / Bitcoin
Here is another marijuana related altcoin. Earlier I shared a trade for PotCoin (POT), and mentioned the market dynamics that affects these marijuana coins. Just as PotCoin shot up in price, the same happened for HempCoin ( THC             ), DopeCoin (DOPE) and CannabisCoin ( CANN             ).

So all the same factors related to the growth and legalization of the marijuana industry throughout the world affects all these coins similarly... in a positive way. Take a look at the chart below, the orange circles is the same price from which we took off before...
- Look at how bullish all the indicators have become. The RSI shot up massively and the MACD is getting ready to take off.
- Soon 4/20, which is a marijuana news field day, plus many other factors.
- This is just the start... there is room for more, specially when you take into consideration how fast the marijuana industry is growing worldwide and needs a payment system that can be trusted... Cryptocurrencies can be really helpful.
- The potential is huge... This is a long term trade.

Now let's take a quick look at the weekly...
- This chart is very easy to read. Take a look at the last bull run. The price shot up massively for two weeks before running out of steam. Then comes the retrace.
- In the last 5 candles, you can see how the price bottomed out. The last 3 candles went flat and finally a strong green candle... the breakout which will be confirmed once trading week closes.
- The MACD and RSI are starting to curve only now and both show plenty of room for growth.

###HempCoin ( THC             ) Trade by Alan Masters

Trade instructions

Buy-in: 0.00000800 - 0.00001000

Buy into this trade within the price range above.



(1) 0.00001218
(2) 0.00001534
(3) 0.00002046
(4) 0.00002410
(5) 0.00002874


(1) 0.00001689
(2) 0.00002360
(3) 0.00003444
(4) 0.00004216
(5) 0.00005200 (All time high)

###Message: It Is Ok To Be Strong

It is ok to be strong.

It is necessary to be great.

Live your life as you want.

Enjoyment is life itself.


交易進行: Please allow time for this trade to develop.

This will be a very nice and profitable ride.

All that is needed here to make money is to buy & hold. You later sell on target.

That's all.

Have a great weekend...

交易進行: HempCoin (THC) first target reached.
Enjoy the profits!



(1) 0.00001218 * Target reached on 16-April *
(2) 0.00001534
(3) 0.00002046
(4) 0.00002410
(5) 0.00002874

評論: We are 20% above our buy-in recommendation. First target reached!

Here is a general update on this marijuana coin:

Tomorrow is the 4/20... Cannabis news and events day.

This can have an effect on this and our other marijuana trades.

This can push the price up, just as it can crash it...

Regardless of what happens, hold long and strong, we can make big bucks here with these and the other coming marijuana coins.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.

評論: We are on the move.

Over 20% profits since starting this trade. Enjoy!

Here is the 4 hours chart:

We need to close above 1326 satoshis on the daily time frame in order to get this trade going. So a little more momentum is needed for HempCoin to take off.
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Thanks a lot for the likes, shares, follow and comments.

Your support is always highly appreciated.

+1 回覆
I'm still waiting for your previous hempcoin analysis 2 months ago to come to! You're just recycling the same analysis on the same coins based on bearish and bullish trends Alan! You know you can't apply the same methodologies with cryptocurriences as you do with stocks and bonds, but your followers are too damn blind and stupid to realize that! All someone has to do is pay attention, keep their ear to the gro und of the crypto market and learn a little TA on their own like me and they could make their own decisions about their investments. You're coming out with all these TA's now that the market is recovering?? Wow! How genius of You!
@clesshawn, did someone lose money on bad decisions and is looking for someone to blame? uh oh, better go to bitmex quick to make up for the losses
+2 回覆
clesshawn Pfeffernase
@Pfeffernase, I really don't know what the hell you're talking about! If you read my post in totality instead of selective reading, you'll see that I encourage people to pay close attention to the crypto market and learn TA on their own instead of listening to a stock expert trying to apply stock methodologies to crypto and who also engages in pumping some of these worthless coins, they'll have a bit more confidence in their own decisions! There's always a chance that a long long hold on a worthless coin will result in that coin increasing in some value, but I don't consider that expert advice!
+1 回覆
@clesshawn, u sound dumb sry
@clesshawn, let me make a "guess".. u started in december bullrun and now u think ur an expert.. we all have/had to go through this. now stop commenting
clesshawn Pfeffernase
@Pfeffernase, duuuuhh sorry, my bitcoin/crypto investments was much earlier than that, and profitable I might add. Everyone took loses on the market decline in the last couple of months, but I just feel sorry for all the Neanderthals like you hanging on every word of Alan Masters and not thinking nor educating yourself when it comes to your own money! Remember , you initially responded to my post, not the other way around, so you don't tell me not to comment. If you don't like what I'm saying, then ignore me the same way you ignore the crypto market and continue to let someone else think for you!
@clesshawn, how do u know i do that? u sound liek someone who doesn't even have a 6 digit bankroll and talks about "profitable". nobody should hang on every word of NO ONE. enjoy your pennytrading
clesshawn Pfeffernase
@Pfeffernase, well thank goodness you know nothing about me, nor my money, but one thing I don't do is talk about another man's money or put anyone down who has less than me, or whether they trade stocks, penny stocks or crypto. You just played yourself in exposing what type of person you really are.
@clesshawn, i'm 100% sure ur not 6 digit, maybe not even 5. it's too obvious, sorry. but keep posting hate comments in one of the rare guys on TV who tries to teach people trading, well done. gl
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