DopeCoin (DOPE) Trade Analysis - 360% Earnings Potential

We finally get to the last of the four "marijuana" altcoins in my list. DopeCoin (DOPE), an altcoin that is available for trading in different exchanges within the cryptocurrency markets, is also affected by all the same news and factors related to the first three marijuana coins I shared yesterday. Those being: PotCoin (POT), HempCoin ( THC ) and CannabisCoin ( CANN ).

You can gain more information about these factors by checking my PotCoin and HempCoin trade ideas, available below this post. There you can read the trade details for all these coins and learn more as to why I consider these to be a good opportunity to make easy money doing basically nothing. Just buying, waiting and finally selling. Literally just a few clicks is all it takes, and following instructions, to make money with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Altcoins such as DGB , LTC, ADA, SC , POWR, etc.

DopeCoin (DOPE) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Let's start by looking at the daily chart for the past four months:

- Very strong support around the 600 satoshis level.
- Good accumulation period can be spotted by looking at the MACD lows vs DopeCoin price lows.
- Strong fundamentals on the side of positive news coming for the industry that's related to the use of this altcoin.
- MACD crossover and RSI on the bullish zone.
- Please allow time for this trade to develop.


Buy-in: 0.00000670 - 0.00000850



(1) 0.00000996
(2) 0.00001099
(3) 0.00001229


(1) 0.00001126
(2) 0.00001439
(3) 0.00001946
(4) 0.00002306
(5) 0.00002765 (All time high)

Note: Not all targets are meant to be reached. They can all be achieved and even a new all time high can be set, but this does not means that it will happen. Prices can either go up or down... The market decides.

For example, for this trade three targets can be reached just as it can be only one or maybe four. So please use the numbers above just as reference as to where it is wise to sell and secure profits.

You can use a range of more or less 5-10% above and below the targets price.

You can use 5-10% below the target price if you want to make sure your sell order is filled (when selling for profits). Just as you can set your sell order 5-10% above the target price. This way you have less chances of your order being filled but you maximize potential profits. More risk, more reward in this case.

Stop loss:

(1) 0.00000605 (mid-short term)
(2) 0.00000480 (long term)

Note: These stop loss are optional. It is up to you if you want to wait for a rebound, if the price goes down, or wait for the next target to be reached once the Altcoins market goes on its next bull run.


I am success. I will always succeed.

The harder it gets, the more encouragement I receive.

The more that I try, the easier it gets.

The more that I cry, the closer the rest.

The more that I laugh, it gets closer, the growth.

Continuing in the journey is all that we want.

I will always remain strong and positive no matter how many obstacles are there to overcome.

Trust me this lifetime...


交易進行: We are within buy-in range now.

Remember to hold this coin for long, until we reach our targets.
評論: Tomorrow is the 4/20... Cannabis news and events day.

This can have an effect on this and our other marijuana trades.

This can push the price up, just as it can crash it...

Regardless of what happens, hold long and strong, we can make big bucks here with these and the other coming marijuana coins.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.

評論: Updated targets:
交易進行: Looks like we reached bottom.

- Feel free to buy in (new traders), rebuy and reload (reduce average buy in price).
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any new Updates ?? Your Stop loss For long time has been Broken !!
+1 回覆
AlanSantana Mahmoudezzat
@Mahmoudezzat, Done.
Been eyeing this one too, good call.
+1 回覆
AlanSantana UnknownUnicorn1586272
@adbe, Thanks.
I’m in, let’s roll!
+1 回覆
@shaggad, Great to have you on board.
Where can I trade this one? Is it only on Bitrex or Bitfinex Binance Polionex...? Jai Sri Krishna
@Oboogie, I am sure it is on Bittrex, I don't know the rest.
+1 回覆
Hi Alan. I realy love your work. Please update on verge. I am all-in on this coin and I am stuck. Could you please revise the plan for XVG or suggest your favourite coin at the concensus so that I can get some pump tomorrow and jump right back at verge and hodl. Thanks.
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