Cardano (ADA) Long Term Trade: Over 640% Profits Potential

BITTREX:ADABTC   Ada / Bitcoin
Cardano ( ADA ) is one of the favorites altcoins available in the cryptocurrency markets. And it is always in the list of the top 10 altcoins by market cap. At the time of this writing, ADA has over $5 Billions ($5,542,507,650) in market cap., pushing it to #7 in the top 10 list.

Let's take a look at Cardano ( ADA ) now...

Cardano ( ADA ) Long Term Trade by Alan Masters


Now, before we get started, it is good to know that you can't really go wrong with this coin. You can literally buy this coin now and just forget it. Forget it completely. Come back in a few months and see your money grow. Come back at the end of the year and see it grow even more.

All you have to do after buying this coin, is to set your sell orders on target, so that when the price goes up, you can get paid what you are owned... Pretty simple... Now, let's look at the charts, the signals, candlesticks and other indicators.

- The Cardano ( ADA ) chart looks pretty solid. If you are familiar with reading charts, you can literally see, feel and understand the strength of this coin/project just by taking a quick look at the chart.

- In my chart above you see black dotted lines. As usual, these lines are there to represent support levels, and the last one from top to bottom represents the bottom reached after ADA's last bull run. We set our bottom @ 0.00001673. After a very strong bounce from its bottom, ADA started to recover and finally broke out.

- The strong resistance that needed to be broken in order to start our adventure up was the 0.00002400 price level. We are now trading above it and this price level will work as a strong support in the future if/when ADA starts to go down again. I marked this price with a blue dotted line.

- Now let's take at a quick look at some of the signals that tells us that ADA is ready to make us some money...

- Strong positive divergence on the MACD daily chart . This is one of the strongest bullish signals of all. At the same time, you can see the MACD curving and trending up. Soon it will enter the bullish zone and finally, we have plenty of room for growth.

- The RSI is also on the bullish side.

- The 3 Days chart and Weekly charts are both also very strong and showing huge potential for growth.

- The TD             Sequential indicator is also giving us bullish signals.


Buy-in: 0.00002170 - 0.00003150

Note: Remember to wait for the retrace to buy in if you believe the price is "too high" for you right now. You can always wait and buy in when the price goes lower, just as you can choose to buy-in whenever you want within this above range.

I am using a very strong buying in range because this is a very strong coin and project. The potential is huge. And even if this trade takes a few weeks to develop, you can still make good profits by using this range above and later selling on target. I've been holding Cardano ( ADA ) for over a month now... Remember... PATIENCE IS THE KEY.

Cardano ( ADA ) Long Term Targets:

You can set your sell orders within a 5% range of these prices. Meaning, 5% more or less than the actual target price is the range where the resistance will be faced.

(1) 0.00003433
(2) 0.00004533
(3) 0.00006233
(4) 0.00007563
(5) 0.00009180 (All time high) - Superb!
(6) 0.00013800 (New All time high) - God Like!
(7) 0.00021100 (You never know) - Massive!
(8) 0.00028800 (Just for fun) - Bitcoin!
(9) 0.00033473 (There is still more...) - LOVE!!!

Note: As you can see, I went all the way up with the targets, just as reference... You never know. These markets are incredibly profitable, volatile and fast, but I personally aim for just a few targets to secure my profits. And I always secure small portions of profits as the price of each coin I trade starts to go up. Each time a target is reached I sell a small portion of my coin depending on the trade.

Stop loss: A trailing stop loss will be shared once we start to reach our targets.
評論: Long irrelevant story: Just for your entertainment

I remember back in December when the cryptocurrency markets was in its "bull" days. Everything was shooting up strong. Each time a trader, analyst or celebrity with big following posted a trade, its price would shot up strong and profits were made within days and in some cases even within hours.

We had billions and billions of dollars come into the market, up to $900+. Lots of beginners wanted to join the new era gold rush, trading within the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin & Altcoins.

With all this money, emotions, hype, real developments, drama and so much more, we had the opportunity to learn a lot. And to earn a lot. And this time around we will earn even more.

When I was personally sharing these trades, the price would shot up nicely. Some would shot up right away, others would take days. Some other trades took weeks, some other even months, but in the end we were all happy, all of our trades took off. We were rewarded for all the patience that we cultivated before the bull run...

But there was more to it...

Many people thought that the coins were going up because I was sharing them, and not because of the buyers and sellers, market conditions, manipulation, news, chart signals and the real factors that move this market.

I do not move the market, nor any other analyst / trader, the market move on its own. Yes, some coins can be pushed, but the signals, charts and markets always have the last word.

Soon you will see lots of fun. Prices going down and up. People celebrating, others crying because of their bad moves, mistakes and such. Accusations will be thrown about pump & dump.

If something goes bad, many of us can take responsibility for what we do, which is great, but others will do everything to blame whoever it is that is sharing what they think will happen next.

I am sharing this info to let you know, that yes!, there will be many ups, but the market will still move on its own way.

Please always make sure to know that whatever coin you buy / trade you join, with your own money, is a risk that you are taking, with possible rewards. The results can be positive but they can also be bad.

So regardless of all the emotions and experience we gain in the last run. The bear market came and everything became slow.

We enjoyed the slow days, just as we enjoyed the fast one.

Now that we are getting ready to be back in action, prepare to make some money, and finally, have some fun.

Just as promised, many more opportunities will always come.

Right now there are more opportunities available than the ones we can take.

So it doesn't really matter if you made a bad move or bad play...

Just remember to keep on trying, breath deeply, relax, take a break...

As soon as you are ready ... Buy in, hold and wait patiently so that you can get paid!

The truth is that it doesn't really matter what happens next...

Just remember... YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!!

交易進行: We are breaking out already!!!

Enjoy the ride, we are well positioned on this one.

交易進行: Cardano ( ADA ) Long Term Targets:

(1) 0.00003433 * Target reached on 17 April *
(2) 0.00004533 * Next target *
(3) 0.00006233
(4) 0.00007563

Enjoy the profits!

🚀 💰 VIP MEMBERSHIP 💰 🚀 - Exclusive Trades First & Cryptocurrency Trading Learning Platform for Beginners and Advanced traders alike.

Flowing Money & Love... To YOU!!! ... Namaste.


ADA will and should start dropping now for big retrace/correction , may be a slight push more up but thats it, why are you saying to people to hold, just take profits and get out
@ntabish12, Here is Cardano (ADA) daily chart:

It speaks for itself.
Hi Alan. I just sold off on the 1st target price. Is 3000 sats a good buy back price again?
alanmasters flameguster
@flameguster, Yes it is.
+1 回覆
flameguster alanmasters
@alanmasters, thanks a lot man. Namaste.
Thanks Alan. Cardano just got listed on Huobi which is China's biggest exchange:-)
+1 回覆
alanmasters rob_charts
@rob_charts, That's great, thanks for sharing.

I heard that ADA BNB and USDT pairs were added to Binance as well.
+2 回覆
oh my god... =)) What do you think of when you publish dozens of ideas?...and wait until the market grows... and...=> I think I'm a god...and I am a Vanga Prophet...
oh my god... lol...

@MRSON, Thanks a lot for your support... highly appreciated.
hi alan master how are you. I want to ask you how must I trade I am a begginner and wont to be good on daily trading what i must use for trading 4h chart or 1 day chart?I use cci and rsi and macd strategies and volume?
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