Siacoin (SC) Can We Get 10x Again? (Over 340 Profits Potential)

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Siacoin ( SC             ) is one of the most famous altcoins of all with low market cap., and has really good fundamentals. The development team is active and on top of the market starting to reverse now, there's news on the pipeline and a TSO             launch for this project on the 16th April.

Now, can we get 10x out of this coin? Here is the chart for 2017 after May:
- The magenta line represents the two tops reached in 2017. We had two strong bull run for this coin last year. If we want to get 10x or more, Siacoin needs to break its all time high... This can take some time... In the meantime, let's focus on the profits.

Let's look at the details for this trade.


Siacoin ( SC             ) daily chart:
- First notice how support is almost always found at the same breakout point that started the last bull run. Note this as this can be useful in the future for trading. When a top is reached and the big retrace starts, you can check for the last big breakout to buy in again into any coin and enjoy profits on the way up. The bottom reached this time was 121 satoshis, marked with a black dotted line. For the first bull run of 2017, the bottom was set at 48 satoshis.
- Here you can see that the SMA20 (green line) is curving and soon crossing up the SMA50 (blue line) and SMA200 (brown) lines. This is a very bullish signal. On the 6 hours chart this signal has already been confirmed.
- We can see the accumulation period marked by the positive divergence on the MACD and all the usual suspects.
- Doji , reversal candle on the daily chart (yesterday).
- Weekly chart looks very positive.
- Siacoin ( SC             ) looks good for a long term trade.
- So what are you waiting? Let's trade!


Buy-in: 0.00000160 - 0.00000220

Siacoin ( SC             ) Targets:

(1) 0.00000250
(2) 0.00000330
(3) 0.00000459
(4) 0.00000551
(5) 0.00000668
(6) 0.00000850 (2017 All time high)
(7) 0.00001006

Stop loss: 0.00000084

Message: Look At The Sky

I am looking up to go up.

I am going up while looking up.

Light blue, shades of gray.

Vibrant yellow, orange and red.

Look at the sky!

It is beautiful... take your time...

Please... look again!

交易進行: Looks like the action is starting for Siacoin (SC). Just remember to buy & hold.

Here is the 4 hours chart:
評論: Siacoin Targets:

(1) 0.00000250 * Target reached @ 244 on 17-April *
(2) 0.00000330
(3) 0.00000459
(4) 0.00000551
(5) 0.00000668
(6) 0.00000850 (2017 All time high)
(7) 0.00001006

First target reached.
Enjoy the profits.

At the same time Siacoin is trying to breakout!

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Flowing Money & Love... To YOU!!! ... Namaste.


Any update Alan?
alanmasters OguzhanBurakAyten
@OguzhanBurakAyten, Nope. We just need to wait.
seems to be season came back
Hi alan. Any update for us?
@adchap, We climbing up slowly. It looks good we only have to wait.
Hi, can you share your idea on MTHBTC ?
@onrace, I might do it. Will take a look again.
Thnx, what about IOTA?
@yllivia, Not really a fan but I can take a look.
What about OKCASH on bittrex?
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