Etherum Classic (ETC) Next Run (353% Profits Potential)

BINANCE:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
Etherum Classic has been a great money maker for us. ETC is always making us money, and now the charts are calling saying that they want to pay us more.

Ok, we get it, let's look at the charts and see what is it that is coming... How it is that you should trade this coin.

Etherum Classic (ETC) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters

Etherum Classic is the original version of Etherum before Etherum first main hard fork. Out of this hard fork, an upgrade to the Etherum system, a new chain was created which is now called Etherum Classic (ETC).

ETC is in the top 20 altcoins by market cap., with 1.7 billions in market cap at the time of this writing and putting it at #17 on this list (which is sponsored by This can change quickly, either up or down, as soon as the market starts to move again.

Etherum Classic all time high ( ATH ) was set on May 22nd 2017. Based on this all time high, we will do some "calculations" to come up with the best targets, buy-in and other details for this trade. I will also share mid term targets for you so that you can sell for profits quickly if you prefer that vs long term.

Here is the weekly chart:
- Here you can see the ATH (magenta line and red vertical line for the date) plus the bottom price reached in the past few months.
- Positive Divergence and Accumulation on the MACD for the weekly time frame, is a strong a signal as you can get. To me this means that ETC will have a run up very soon, and we want to profit massively from it. So let's position ourselves.


Daily chart for Etherum Classic (ETC):

- The first thing that can be spotted by looking at the daily chart above, is the very long retrace and later even longer accumulation period. You can spot this on the MACD and by looking at the candles on the chart, they've been going sideways for a while.
- MACD & RSI are both curving up. Moving up slowly creating higher highs and higher lows.
- We are now trading above the SMA20 (green) line. SMA50 (blue line) will be our first strong resistance to break to move up.
- We have a confirmed breakout on the 4 hours chart and several other bullish signals.
- We are ready to buy & hold ETC, in order to sell on target when the time comes...
- Now, let's move on to the trade instructions.


Buy-in: 0.0019 - 0.0023



(1) 0.00244266
(2) 0.00276666
(3) 0.00329666
(4) 0.00366666
(5) 0.00413812
(6) 0.00550666


(1) 0.00661314
(2) 0.00789155
(3) 0.00952000 (All Time High)
(4) 0.01422273 (New All Time High)

Stop loss: 0.00189

(This is optional. I do not recommend using a stop loss at this moment. If the price of Etherum Classic were to go down suddenly, I would just wait for it to bounce back since the Altcoins market is already preparing for a strong bull run in the coming weeks.)

Trade strategy: Buy, hold while you wait and later sell on target for profits. PATIENCE IS THE KEY!

Message: I Know You Can Do It... I Know You Can

You can do this or that. You can do everything you set your mind to.

You can be the king of this world.

You can be the Master, the Essence, the Money, the Flow...

You can do and be everything that you want.

Just focus on it, think of it, breath it, sleep with it and feel it...

I know you can do it... I know you can!

評論: Feel free to load up on this coin in preparation to its next run.

Thanks a lot for the support. :)
評論: Looks like Etherum Classic will do its classical slow and steady growth. Bring it on... We will be here collecting the profits as the price goes up.

Enjoy this trade and thanks for the likes, follows, comments and share...

評論: Etherum Classic trying to move past resistance (brown line):
評論: Correct chart (this is the daily chart, where you can see the brown line being touched, the one above is the 4 hours chart):
評論: Resistance has been broken, we are now moving up!

評論: Targets:


(1) 0.00244266 * Target reached 24-April *
(2) 0.00276666
(3) 0.00329666
(4) 0.00366666
(5) 0.00413812
(6) 0.00550666


(1) 0.00661314
(2) 0.00789155
(3) 0.00952000 (All Time High)
(4) 0.01422273 (New All Time High)
評論: Slow motion Etherum Classic is now on the move.
評論: We have the proof!!!


Over 20% profits since starting this trade. :)

Enjoy it.
Enjoy now, and every single day.

And remember...


交易進行: We hit our first target here, which gives us some profit and we are now back within buy in range.

You can either hold your Etherum Classic (ETC) easily, and wait for the Altcoins bull run and cashout when we hit the top. You can also rebuy and reload, or move into another trade if you are in profit.

These are just a few options...

As you know, I am holding long term, with a 1-2 months time frame for these trades to explode. I don't mind the price swing, that is why I trade LONG. For peace of mind.

My strategy:

1- Buy within buy in range.
2- Hold the coins, while I am waiting.
3- Sell on target. Each time I hit a target, I sell a small portion.
4- Keep on waiting. Maybe buy back lower if the price goes down strong, to later keep on selling when the price of the coin goes back up.

5- FINALLY: I only sell Bitcoin for USD/EUR when the price is high, very high. The goal is to increase my total amount of Bitcoins trading Altcoins. If at the end of the run you made 3x, 4x, 5x with your alts, you will double or triple that amount depending on how high Bitcoin is when you withdraw. So you get an extra boost for your earnings, when you trade Altcoins against Bitcoin... using Patience and a plan +/ strategy.

This trade is active and open.

This is a positive trade.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

評論: We are moving back up for Etherum Classic.

This is how the daily chart looks, kind of crazy but a good signal:
評論: Etherum Classic is now trading safely above all my EMA and SMA lines (price levels). This is a great signal.

- All the indicators are super bullish. RSI, MACD and STOCH.
- Very strong bullish candle yesterday.

- The weekly chart tells us that the fun is just getting started; meaning that there is plenty of room left available for growth.
評論: Etherum Classic Targets by Alan Masters:

(1) 0.00244266 * Target reached 24-April *
(2) 0.00276666 * Target reached 6-July *
(3) 0.00329666 * Next target *
(4) 0.00366666
(5) 0.00413812
(6) 0.00550666

Enjoy the profits!
評論: We broke May's high which is really good, and with that we gained a new support:

評論: We are now back at our 2nd target.

The weekly chart looks promising, the daily needs time to consolidate if additional bullish action is to happen:

- Really good volume. The week is just starting.
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to theee mooooon!
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AlanSantana BartekBialkowski
@BartekBialkowski, We gooooo!
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This pump is of course because of the Coinbase announcement. What are your thoughts on the future of ETC? (pre and post Coinbase listing). At this point It is hard to use the past to predict the future wouldn't you agree?
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blacksea00 castian
@castian, Another opportunity for short, it will retrace full and even lower.
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futuremihai blacksea00
@blacksea00, never gonna make it haha
Jadeba blacksea00
@blacksea00, retrace my ass, this thing pumped 120 % on shit callisto fork, beenhigh of 500% its currentin 2017, and now getting listed on an exchange that has 4 coins the ,lowest being 100 bucks, this is a buy and hold and make a tonof money, my humble opinion
@Jadeba, It will pump after bottom.. he can make 500%.. but bottom can be lower as 1.4usd on etc , i know it seems impossible to you.
mlotis castian
@castian, Well BCH pumped like 10x+ ($250-300 to over $4000 just before listing), because of the Coinbase listing, ETC is 15 dollars. I can't imagine it won't at least reach 100 USD. BCH and ETC both have about the same identical volume before the announcement.
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@mlotis, agree