Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Bullish All Around (482% Earnings Potential)

BITFINEX:BTGBTC   Bitcoin Gold / Bitcoin
The charts for Bitcoin Gold (BTG) are ready for action. We are broke out yesterday and there is lots of room left for growth.

I honestly don't know anything about Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Bitcoin Cash , Bitcoin Platinum, etc... we don't mind about it. These are "codes", letters and numbers that are being displayed on a screen, for me. These are tools, for us...

Tools that can be used to generate money, which can be used in many different areas of our life.

So think about this for a minute. You can use these "coins", buy, hold and later sell, to make money which you can use to improve your life. Easy money that can work for your own benefit, how nice is that?

So we find an opportunity in these "markets', that can make us easy money and improve our lifestyle, so we take it, and we say... "THANKS!"... But now, let's trade...

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Bullish ... by Alan Masters


First, here is the long term chart. You can't see much in this chart, because of how long it is, but the volume can be easily spotted on this chart. Big volume = Good... in this situation. We have the highest volume today that BTG has ever had with the exception of January 13th (marked on the chart with a red vertical line - the volume is represented by the green bar at the lower part of the main chart): 
- You need to zoom in at the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) charts if you want to "see" the signals that I will be mentioning below. But you will understand since I always look for the same signals. Each trader has a set of tools that they use to figure out if a trade is good or not according to them. I use mainly the MACD , RSI , candlesticks and some other indicators. But I just need a few bullish signals in order to move on and proceed with a trade. The most important part for me is to be close to the bottom and not having any bearish signals. I don't like negative/down/bear signals. I love positive/up/bull signals. :D
- Another "trick" that I use is to look at multiple time frames. When you are analyzing charts, you might get stuck in one time frame... That's no good. You need to look at several different time frames so that you can confirm that your signals are good for the short, mid and long term. Depending on how you are trading. I am sharing all of this for your learning and entertainment... of course.
- We have positive divergence on the MACD , this is based on the daily chart .
- The RSI is massively bullish , trending up strong and with great momentum.
- The DMI just crossed over (the blue line) and is trending up. The OBV is trending up as well.
- The TD Sequential is showing a BIG #1 on the daily chart .
- 24 Hours trading volume is still low, it allows for plenty of growth.
- On the 4 hours chart, you can see that we are moving up and we are already above SMA20, 50 and 200.
- The weekly chart is at the bottom... Is this good or bad? At this stage of the race, this is actually pretty good.... Because once you are at the bottom, the only way left to go is UP!


Buy-in: 0.0057 - 0.0066

Note: Try to buy in at the lowest end of this "buy-in" range. You can wait for the price to go down before buying in.



(1) 0.007100
(2) 0.007520
(3) 0.008733
(4) 0.010695


(1) 0.011728
(2) 0.015544
(3) 0.021714
(4) 0.031700


LONG targets note: Low probabilities, but the cryptocurrency market is awesome (crazy), so anything can happen. Here are the long term targets for Bitcoin Gold (BTG) based on the last all time high.

(1) 0.039174
(2) 0.059971
(3) 0.093587
(4) 0.117517
(5) 0.148000 (All Time High)

Stop loss: 0.005557

Message: How Can I Be Me?

Just do it!

Express yourself...

Regardless of the consequences...

交易進行: Take a quick look at this weekly chart. We have a very strong positive signal for BTG.

We have a "Doji", which is a trend reversal candle.

Since we are looking at the weekly chart, this candle has a lot of "weight", since each candle is worth 7 days.

Take a quick look: 

I hope I entertained you a little bit with this chart...

Thanks for your continued support.

交易進行: Bitcoin Gold Targets:


(1) 0.007100 * Target reached @ 7033 - 18-April *
(2) 0.007520
(3) 0.008733
(4) 0.010695

Target reached.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

Thanks for the likes, follow, share and comments. These are highly appreciated.

Enjoy the profits.

交易進行: We are breaking out again...
We are 10% in profits since sharing this trade... Enjoy the profits.

評論: Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Another target reached.

Enjoy the profits.

Here is the chart, purple lines represent the price and candle at which each target was reached.

(1) 0.007100 * Target reached @ 7033 - 18-April *
(2) 0.007520 * Target reached - 20-April *
(3) 0.008733
(4) 0.010695
評論: Just hold patiently, this needs time to develop.

交易進行: Bitcoin Gold Targets:


(1) 0.007100 * Target reached @ 7033 - 18-April *
(2) 0.007520 * Target reached - 20-April *
(3) 0.008733 * Target reached - 23-April *
(4) 0.010695 * Next target *

Another target reached.
Only 1 target left out of our short term targets.

Enjoy the profits and thanks a lot for your continued support.

評論: We keep on moving up nicely.

Huge profits.

Make sure to secure some profits from time to time.
交易進行: We are in huge profits here.

When we are in profits, we simply wait.

Since we are in profit, you can also choose to sell any amount of your coins you like at any price.

You can always sell for profits.
I am only against selling for a loss.

Buy low (just like we did/do), to sell high (just like we always do).

Here we bought low... You can sell when you want.

交易進行: We are now back within buy in range. Feel free to rebuy and reload once we hit the lower part of our buy in range.

Here we hit 3 targets with our Bitcoin Gold (BTC) trade, and this is how we "rebuy" and "reload".

*** After we hit each target, we sell a portion of our coins to secure profits. You can sell, 20%, 10%, 30% or any amount you want at each target.

*** With the funds we have left, we can come back later and buy back in to profit some more when the coin continue its climb up. Or we leave the funds aside for new upcoming trades or withdraw to currency for profits taking.

*** Here is what we do exactly:

1- Buy in very low and wait for the take off.
2- Sell when the price goes up. We sell a portion of our coins when we hit our targets. We wait... We always hold patiently.
3- We keep on waiting until we hit higher targets or we rebuy and reload each time the price retraces strong.

So we buy and hold.
Sell when we go up.
Buy when we go down.

If you are buying when coins are going up and selling when they are going down, you need a quick change.

The trick is to buy when the coins are going down, and sell when the go up.

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