OkCash (OK) Huge Potential (1000% Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:OKBTC   Okcash / Bitcoin
OkCash (OK) is looking great on the charts. Based on the last all time high, this altcoin has the potential to earn us an incredibly 1000%, that is if we challenge the last all time high...

OkCash (OK) Trade by Alan Masters (1000% Earnings Potential)


Let's start right away by looking at the weekly chart:

- You can't see much action in this chart yet, but that's ok, we love positioning ourselves before the action, this way we can profit all the way to the top. So, here we see that we hit bottom at the 1300 satoshis level. The same price from which OkCash took off before in its previous two bull runs. So we can assume that this time this is the bottom as well... action is already on its way.
- Last week OkCash tried to breakout without success, after bottoming out. This week, the TD Sequential indicator is giving us a #1 candle, which is a good signals after reaching bottom.
- The MACD and RSI both are starting to curve. They are far from bullish on this time frame, but the signs are already there... We will see a lot more in the daily and other charts.

On the daily chart we can find other signals and indicators:

- When the rest of the altcoins market was having its biggest bull run a few months ago, OkCash was having some action but was actually on a strong retrace. Its run happened way earlier than the other coins. So let's load up on OkCash now, and prepare for the ride up that is almost coming our way...
- Very strong positive divergence can be spotted on the MACD . This signal alone is enough to buy some OkCash.
- The RSI is very bullish right now, as well as the DMI.
- We are trading above the SMA20 & 50 lines.
- OkCash (OK) is looking to breakout just now...
- Low volume allows for plenty of room for growth.
If you look at shorter time frames, 12 hours, 8 hours and 4 hours charts, you can spot many more bullish signals and indicators that tells us that this coin is about to take off.
- Please allow time for this trade, and every other trade I share, to develop.


Buy-in: 0.000018 - 0.000026



(1) 0.00003075
(2) 0.00004171
(3) 0.00004952


(1) 0.00005710
(2) 0.00008438
(3) 0.00012847
(4) 0.00015986
(5) 0.00019985 (All Time High - ATH )
(6) 0.00031532

Stop loss: 0.00001300 (This isn't very likely to be needed).

Trade strategy: I've never traded OkCash in the past, but the charts show that this coin gets lots of action once it starts to move. So aim for big profits, because if the price drops hard at one point, there is big chance of many retries.

#### Message: Another Milestone Reached, What's Next?

Another challenge has been dealt with.

Another competition has been done.

Another work complete.

Another milestone is now passed us.

What's next?

Throw everything at me...

It doesn't really matter.

I am life!

I will always be FIRST!

評論: OkCash (OK) long term chart, daily and weekly time frames.

交易進行: Over 15% profits already and breaking out now...

Enjoy your profits.

Thanks for the likes, share, follow, comments and... specially, your continued support.

Remember that you are special.

評論: 25% Profits since starting this trade... Enjoy the profits.

交易進行: Feel free to buy in, re-buy and reload while we are within our buy-in range.
評論: Patience is key for this trade. We have a huge potential.

As other trades develop and people start to move profits out, they will be moving to this and other trades.

So lock your spot and wait patiently...

You will be happy you did so.

I hope you take my advice... FOR US!

評論: OkCash (OK) bounced twice from the EMA50 line and now is trying to give the cryptocurrency market a run for its money.

Remember, if this one takes off strong there will be huge profits made in a short period of times, and this coin has been consolidating for a while... Keep an eye on it.

Here is the chart:
評論: We are on the move again...
評論: This one will need a "bigger" market to really explode, but it is looking good now.

We are within buy in range and we didn't hit our stop loss.

Here is the chart:
I am still holding some OkCash (OK).

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hy all users , i request you dont turst on this this "alanmasters" , he just see last year all time high coins rates and put charts now on different coins like dgb go 800% okcash go 1000%, he is fucking idiot , when coin go little up then he said coins going up bla bla, now all market is red and now many members who buy on his calls, all one almost in 50% to 100% loss, please dont trust on this type of crypto fake expert, Thank you
+3 回覆
cpchris50 appleiop27
@appleiop27, You don`t have to be rude man. He doesn`t do it by seeing last years high, he does it based on analysis and not by ATH.
Yes, market some time`s doesn`t go based on charts and that is why we use stop-loss to avoid risk. Hope you understand.
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AlanSantana cpchris50
@cpchris50, Thanks a lot for the support.
AlanSantana appleiop27
@appleiop27, We are moving back up soon.

The market moves up and down.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.

If you don't have patience, try looking for "short" term trades or sell after the price goes up 10%. You can do that as well.

alzubidi appleiop27
@appleiop27, I think you are really an idiot coz you dont know how the market moves and what is TA, @alanmaster he is a man that guiding lots of people here, those how doesn't know how to treat at all for free, yet he still a gentleman and keep updating and replying to all of us and our requests.

So, You may follow his calls and understand the risk of trading or just simply do your own.
seriousmar alzubidi
@alzubidi, Its you that chooses. Decide what u want. Get out with losses or comeback later when targets are getting hit. For me an easy choice:) Patience is hard, but its the key to make profits.
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AlanSantana seriousmar
@seriousmar, Amen.
+1 回覆
Yeah thanks, Alan
Appreciate ur work
+3 回覆
AlanSantana cpchris50
@cpchris50, It is my pleasure. Thanks for your support.
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when coin go up then alan update or when coin go down then alan not reply, lol dont try to make peoples fools , shit crypto gurus
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