Stellar Lumen (XLM) Breaking Out (262% Earnings Potential)

BINANCE:XLMBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
Let's take a quick look at Stellar Lumen ( XLM ) charts and instructions on how to trade XLM for easy profits.

Stellar Lumen ( XLM ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.00003100 - 0.00003600

Note: Wait for the price to be within this range to buy-in.


(1) 0.00003933
(2) 0.00004399
(3) 0.00005151
(4) 0.00005687
(5) 0.00006370
(6) 0.00008341

Stop loss: 0.00002310 (I am not using a stop loss on this one. Lumen is a very strong cryptocurrency and has great potential for short and long term growth).

Trade strategy: Buy & hold. Sell on target. You can hold XLM long term without a worry, this is one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market.


- The RSI is sitting nicely in the bullish zone, as well as the DMI indicators.
- The MACD shows a period of accumulation and Positive Divergence, as well as plenty of room for growth.
- A strong close today above the 0.000036 price level will give out a very strong bullish signal for the daily and weekly time frames.
- Fairly low volume for the massive altcoin that this one is, which allows for more room for growth.
- We have many bullish signals and a confirmed breakout on the 4 hours chart. As well as a very strong candle on the weekly charts.
- The charts, indicators and signals point to additional action coming in the near future from this coin. Buy now to profit from the future runs that are about to come.

Message: The Life of Light

Life as light. The life of light.

How does light lives?

Light lives life in its own light.

Shinning through the consciousness of the moment.

Shinning through brilliantly and nice.

Light will live life giving light through its own might.

Live your nice life bright ...

Always open your heart...

Which is full of love, light & life!

評論: We are starting to move... Please allow time for this trade to develop.

交易進行: Targets:

(1) 0.00003933 * Target reached - 17-April *
(2) 0.00004399
(3) 0.00005151
(4) 0.00005687
(5) 0.00006370
(6) 0.00008341

First target reached already. Enjoy the profits.

Thanks for your continued support.

評論: We are already going for our second target... Sounds great to me!

Enjoy the profits and thanks a lot for your incredible support.

Thanks for the likes, share and comments...

Keep it up...

交易進行: Another one of our targets has been reached.
Enjoy the profits... You can see the details below.


(1) 0.00003933 * Target reached 17-April *
(2) 0.00004399 * Target reached 18-April *
(3) 0.00005151
(4) 0.00005687
(5) 0.00006370
(6) 0.00008341
評論: We are still above our buy-in range, so feel free to hold patiently until we go for another run.
交易進行: We are on the move again.

Check our ascending channel, looking pretty good:
評論: We've gone up quite a bit here since starting this trade.

Hold patiently, we will receive more...

And many more opportunities will always come.

交易進行: We hit another target yesterday.
Enjoy the profits. We are moving up nicely.

XLM Targets:

(1) 0.00003933 * Target reached 17-April *
(2) 0.00004399 * Target reached 18-April *
(3) 0.00005151 * Target reached @ 4980 on 1-May *
(4) 0.00005687
(5) 0.00006370
(6) 0.00008341

Here is the chart:
Thanks a lot for your continued support.

評論: After reaching the last target, XLM is now on a retrace and is already looking for support. It will need more time:
交易進行: 3446 Satoshis was XLM low point in this small correction we just had.

Stellar is now trying to move up. We are in profits here, we hit three targets and we had plenty of time to rebuy and reload.

So we wait patiently, until we start to move up again strong.

Here is the chart:
交易進行: Our long term trade for Stellar Lumen (XLM) is still active.

This is a very strong altcoin. The bear retrace was nothing compared to many of the other coins.

Feel free to rebuy and reload here.
手動結束交易: You can follow our Stellar Lumen (XLM) trade updates by clicking on the image below:
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@alanmasters Hello alan, unfortunately i think i've missed this train but i really believe in XLM (was out in fiat from february, just bought some nano).
When do you believe will be a good time to buy XLM again? Do you think that a huge correction will come after these major pumps? Thanks in advance.
+4 回覆
Pathum003 Sushiwhales
@Sushiwhales, same here
+2 回覆
alanmasters Sushiwhales
@Sushiwhales, I believe that the Altcoins market bull run is just getting started.
Sushiwhales alanmasters
@alanmasters, Agreed, but at what price would you recommend to enter XLM now? Do you think it's going for a correction to 3500-3600sats or straight to the next target?
I don't want to fomo buy now. Thanks in advance!
+2 回覆
How come rsi is bullish? It is 70 daily.
+3 回覆
RealMcafee ServetTasmaz
@ServetTasmaz, See stoch RSI is even worse. Daily is maxed at 100. All coins want to go down, that's why we're not going up.
@RealMcafee, when XLM went on its extremely bullish run making 200% in a day, the RSI was also near 70. Those are typical indicators but during a massive bull run it can get way over bought.
RealMcafee cryptoknight_90
@cryptoknight_90, 100 is the maximum can't go any higher, this isn't going to moon without reset
mrmeeseeks RealMcafee
@RealMcafee, but look at the massive bull run from December— ran flat at 100 for the entire run. Can't use that as evidence against run
RealMcafee mrmeeseeks
@mrmeeseeks, so you think this is massive bullrun from December??? you read to many pamp posts
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