BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) Trade (260% Earning Potential)

BINANCE:BCPTBTC   BlockMason Credit Protocol / Bitcoin
BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT). Get ready for another wave up! We are going straight into the trade instructions and then we will take a quick look at the signals and indicators.

BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.000052 - 0.000062


(1) 0.00007441
(2) 0.00008921
(3) 0.00011311
(4) 0.00013011
(5) 0.00015181
(6) 0.00021451 (New All Time High)

Stop loss: 0.000042

Trade strategy: Aim for profits. Looking at the sticks on the candles for this coin, if the price goes down suddenly your stop loss can get activated yet the price bounce up pretty quickly. So if you want to trade this coin long term and make sure to still be holding it when we start to reach our targets, then skip the stop loss. If you want to trade short term and want to get out if the price suddenly starts to go down, then activate a stop loss.

Charts, signals & indicators: The charts still need more time to develop. The MACD and RSI are curving and trending up, while BCPT is now trading above the SMA20 (green) price level. Please allow time for this trade to develop. Try to buy in closer to the lower end of the buy-in range.

Message: A New Morning... Today Is A New Day!

Today is a great morning. Today is a new day.

Whatever today life has to offer...
I am open to it, open to receiving, today is going to be a great day.

The adventure starts again.
There is passion and compassion, in everything that we share.

The joy will be expressed once more.
There will be hugs and kisses, but in between we will fight some more.

The lessons will be learned.
There will be tears and discussion, in the end we always understand...

That tomorrow will be a new morning.
That today is a new day!

交易進行: We are within buy-in range. Feel free to buy in, re-buy and reload.

Here is the 4 hours chart and our short term support levels:

Please allow this trade time to develop.

評論: This is still consolidating. Please allow more time for this trade to develop.

It can take a few more days or weeks before it finally takes off.

Patience is the key.

Here is the 4 hours chart, you can see that we are trading within an ascending channel:
評論: We are consolidating and we did good last week. I am seeing the possibility of good action this week, but it can take longer.
評論: We are positive here. Still consolidating for the next move up.

I am seeing an Ascending Triangle on the 2h and 4h charts. It is yet to be confirmed, we will see how it goes:
交易進行: So we reached our first target... GREAT.
Let's enjoy the profits and keep on getting more.

BCPT Targets:

(1) 0.00007441 * Target reached @ 7269 on 30-April *
(2) 0.00008921 * Next target *
(3) 0.00011311
(4) 0.00013011
(5) 0.00015181
(6) 0.00021451 (New All Time High)
評論: We are going sideways and building up. BCPT has been holding nicely even while Bitcoin is going up. This is a positive signal.

We are in the positive and above buy in range. This is an easy hold.

If you want, you can sell and move to another trade, since we are in profits here. You can also simply wait until it takes off.
交易進行: We are now within buy in range, feel free to buy in as if this is a new trade, rebuy and reload if you sold for profits and want to earn more on the next wave up.
評論: If BCPT keeps on going down, support can be found around the 0.000037-0.000041 range.

So here you have several options of what you can:

1- You can sell and buy back lower, if we hit our stop loss to increase your holdings of this coin.

2- You can hold your coins but reload more, if you have USD/BTC available (rebuy and reload). In order to reduce your average buy in price and increase your earnings potential on the way up.

3- You can wait it out. Long term and "relaxation" trades do not have to worry about price swings. You can come back later in a few weeks/months and collect your profits.

Your trading strategy should always be based on an initial plan. For example, I focus on long term trade, where I set a goal and targets to be reached based on certain specific indicators and market cycles. I go for the big cycles rather than small ones.

Some people day trade and others swing trade, buying and selling based on price swings and trading range.

Then you have the long term, which is more like an investment, where you buy and you wait long to later collect the profits. Pretty simple.

These are just some basic suggestions, to keep on refreshing our memory as to the options we have when we trade these coins.

I am taking it easy in the meantime, enjoying the slow days out, while I enjoy the up days working strong.

Last note: When you have a drop and you didn't sell before it came when we hit our targets, then you can simply wait it out, if you sell once the price is already down, you are almost always selling at the wrong time. We sell when the prices start to GO UP STRONG, we rebuy and reload when the prices are GOING DOWN. So right now, we are looking for opportunities to buys...

評論: We are at critical support for this coin but BCPT is a "low volume" coin, so even with oversold RSI, strong bullish divergence, it might not turn around unless the market turns around.

We can buy here to reduce your buy in price, if you are holding long. It is hard for this one to go any lower, but again, this is a low volume coin, so keep Bitcoin in mind before reloading more.

Here is the chart:
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Now i smell somthing from this coin now .can you build up a new ta for this coin?you know i trust you
I love yu and your trade adias very much
Can you update plase ? Sell or stay
alanmasters Mohammad78
@Mohammad78, I would need a new trade. I will write an update for you.
Mohammad78 alanmasters
@alanmasters, thanks to best man of ta
hello update please
hfbears24 pezhman.asadbegi
@hfbears24, Going to take a look now.

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