Tron (TRX) Breaking Out (382% Earnings Potential)

Tron ( TRX ), one of the most hyped, famous and active altcoins in the past cryptocurrency market bull run, is trying to breakout now.

Several bullish signals on the charts:

- After going sideways for a while, most of the indicators are starting to turn bullish .
- Both on the daily and weekly charts the indicators show plenty of room for growth.
- The MACD , RSI and DMI are trending up on the 4 hours chart.

Get ready for action.

Here you can find the targets for those already holding this coin:


(1) 0.00000724
(2) 0.00000977
(3) 0.00001385
(4) 0.00001676
(5) 0.00002047
(6) 0.00003117

Buy-in: Feel free to buy-in any time you want.

Stop loss: You can use a 10-25% stop loss. This time it is up to you.

Thanks for your continued support.

交易進行: Weekly chart with targets.

Triangle pattern, possible breakout coming soon...

評論: Tron (TRX) breaking out on the 4 hours chart:
評論: We are in the positive on this trade and waiting for the next move up.

We wait patiently and trade according to instructions.

- Buy & hold.
- Sell on target.

That's all it takes...

交易進行: Feel free to use this retrace to re-buy and reload on all altcoins that you are trading, not only Tron (TRX), so that later you can enjoy even better profits.
評論: We are finally moving up strong, and we hit our first target:


(1) 0.00000724 * Target reached @ 710 on 24-April *
(2) 0.00000977 * Next target *
(3) 0.00001385
(4) 0.00001676
(5) 0.00002047
(6) 0.00003117

Enjoy the profits.

Thanks for your support.
Thanks for the likes, shares, follows and comments.

評論: We continue our climb up!!!

Enjoy the profits.

Please like, share, follow and comment.

Your support is highly appreciated.

交易進行: The RSI has hit the overbought line, on the 2 hours and 4 hours time frame, this points to a coming retrace.

Tron (TRX) is a very famous and hyped up coin, so I am personally holding longer, at least until the 2nd target before I start to sell.

If a correction comes before that, I will just wait it out... as usual.

Patience is with me...

評論: Tron (TRX) continues its climb up. We've exhausted the Bollinger Bands on the daily time frame, this can lead to a retrace.

I am selling a portion (securing profits) and waiting to see how this trade will develop. I might buy back lower if the price retraces or just keep the profits.

My buy in price was 455 satoshis, sold around 800.

So far we have great momentum going up.

Here is the chart:
交易進行: Ok, we are consolidating here and it seems that we are about to move.

Why I say so? Look, if this breaks up, we will do really good here:
評論: We keep on moving up nicely...

交易進行: We just hit another Tron (TRX) target.

Tron (TRX) Targets:

(1) 0.00000724 * Target reached 24-April *
(2) 0.00000977 * Target reached @ 945 on 29-April *
(3) 0.00001385
(4) 0.00001676
(5) 0.00002047
(6) 0.00003117

Enjoy the profits.

Let's keep on moving up.

Note: We consider a target reached even if we are 5% above or below target. Targets are not exact and are used as reference to sell only.

評論: Tron (TRX) keeps on holding and plans on moving up strong.

If you remember the last rally, it would be wise to simply hold long term here and see how things go.
交易進行: Updated targets for Tron (TRX):
評論: The different color lines (blue, green, magenta) are support levels. If Tron (TRX) price goes down, these levels are where we are most likely to find support.

The horizontal purple lines, represents the targets we hit. These were resistance levels now turned support. So these lines will also work as "support" (meaning that the price can bounce from here and start to move back up if Tron (TRX) crashes). Once we break a resistance level (hit a target) and close above it, this same resistance becomes a support.

Here is the chart:
評論: We are now at a support level, if this level breaks, we move to the next one. Here are the charts with the different support levels (these are the colored lines you see on the chart - the prices for the support levels can be seen on the right hand side):
評論: Here are some support levels for Tron (TRX); requested by one of our great readers.

交易進行: Tron (TRX) has been holding nicely. Feel free to buy in again, we are now within my "2nd Entry" point for Tron.

It can take its time, but it will be a pretty nice, fun and profitable ride once it takes off.

Few weeks? Maybe just a few days...

交易進行: We are moving again.

This is easy for us. We simply wait, with the option to rebuy and reload, to later sell on target.

Enjoy the profits!!!

評論: Tron is breaking out and going bullish, hopefully you bought in with our second entry point. We are lock and loaded and ready for action.

This will be a long ride, once it takes off, so make sure to position yourselves.

Here is the chart:
評論: 170%+ ROE - New TRON (TRXH19) Trade incoming.

Your support is needed:
評論: New Tron (TRXH19) trade with 120% ROE Potential:
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Nice, also had TRON, even though, I'm not a big fan of TRX.

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I'm ALLAN IN! HODL! Namaste! :)
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@MichalDz, Namaste my friend. Thanks for your support. :)

Love You!
genesislord AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, I love your reviews and I believe in Tron....we will go back to 25 cents soon
@AlanSantana you are awesome! You deserve the best!

Have an awesome day!
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AlanSantana benzulli
@benzulli, Thanks a lot. I will have an awesome day... THE BEST DAY EVER!

I am wishing you the best as well.

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Alan you are the best. I like your style at all. Thank you for everything
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@ulkembetil, My pleasure. Thanks for your support.
Thank you Alan Trade with your signals seems easy
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@crav3n, That's great to hear. Thanks for the support.