Bitcoin Cash (BCC) Confirmed Breakout (394% Earnings Potential)

I was looking at Bitcoin Cash ( BCC ) yesterday and thinking of posting my trade about it but wanted to wait for a retrace before that. It turns out that Bitcoin Cash is holding way stronger than expected, and if we want to trade this coin for profits, this can actually be good news as this strength can work in our favor once we are positioned to make some easy money with Bitcoin Cash .

So without waiting anymore time, here is the trade analysis for Bitcoin Cash . Huge earnings potential... Enjoy the ride.

Bitcoin Cash ( BCC ) Trade by Alan Masters (394% Earnings Potential)


Buy-in: 0.10 - 0.13

Note: You can aim to buy on the lower end of this buy-in range. There is huge growth potential for Bitcoin Cash for its next bull run.



These are targets (price levels where you can sell for profit) that can be reached in the short (1-4 weeks) and mid (4-12 weeks or 1-3 months) term.

(1) 0.137
(2) 0.150
(3) 0.163
(4) 0.182


These are long term targets. They can be reached in a few weeks time as they can take up to 6 months or longer. For me long term in the cryptocurrency markets means 2-8 months.

(1) 0.219
(2) 0.259
(3) 0.298
(4) 0.355
(5) 0.427 (All time high on Bittrex)

Stop-loss: 0.090


On the daily chart:

- You can see the first and second bull runs for Bitcoin Cash , date (bottom and red) marked with a red vertical line. You can also see the long term view of this coin, the top (magenta line) and the bottom after its last bull run (gray line).
- Confirmed huge breakout on the daily chart ... let's take a closer look: - We are now trading above the SMA20 (green) and SMA50 (blue) lines. This is a bullish signal. These lines also crossed each other, the green crossing the blue one while trending up and about to cross the brown one (SMA200) on the 4 hours chart... very bullish .
- MACD cross over and positive divergence.
- RSI trending up and very bullish .
- DMI and OBV are also on the bullish zone.
- The weekly chart is also very positive for long term gains and up potential.
- Volume fairly low on Bittrex compared to the strength of this coin. Plenty of room left for growth. Strong volume on Binance.


- When joining a new trade, please allow time for this trade to develop. Every trade can take several days to weeks before its price starts to move up.
- Diversify as much as you can and fill comfortable doing. Instead of putting lots of money in one single trade, it is better to divide your money into different trades, this way you can increase your earnings potential as well as reduce risk.
- If you are trading many different coins, use different exchanges for better money safety. Diversify your trades but your holdings as well.
- Always research, think, breath and relax before buying or selling your coins. Always be patient and take your time to take the next action, rushing never helps. This way you can take better decisions when making your next move.
- Secure profits. As we move up in the charts, prices start to increase and targets are being reached... Always secure profits. You can start by selling 10-20% on the first target, 20-30% on the second target, and finally breakeven by the third target. With the remaining funds/coins, you can sell anytime you want for profits. There are many different ways on how to approach the targets, but these general suggestions can give you an idea on how to sell.
- It is very easy, a very, very easy game, all you have to do is buy, and wait until you have to sell.
- Namaste.
評論: We are moving up nicely, we basically hit our first target already.
評論: The weekly chart looks really good:
交易進行: Bitcoin Cash Keeps On Trying!!!

If this continues we will have a strong close this week. If this happens we can have a very nice run next week for Bitcoin Cash. This coin tends to go up high when it takes off, so don't miss out.
交易進行: Bitcoin Cash (BCC) Target Reached!


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(1) 0.137 * Target reached 22-April *
(2) 0.150 * Next target *
(3) 0.163
(4) 0.182

Here is the chart with the target marked:

交易進行: Two more targets hit today by Bitcoin Cash (BCC).

We are looking at over 50% profits since we started this trade... It only took a few days.

Enjoy the profits.

Here is the chart: 
(1) 0.121 * Target reached *
(2) 0.137 * Target reached 22-April *
(3) 0.150 * Target reached 22-April *
(4) 0.163 * Target reached 23-April *
(5) 0.182 * Next target *
評論: Bitcoin Cash is moving again.
交易進行: Bitcoin Cash was accumulating and it is now ready to move up strong.

The charts are looking really bullish and this is the 4h time frame:
May 15 Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Coming (Sell Before This Date/News)
評論: We now cleared all of our Short and Mid Term targets, for a massive 80% profit (without counting the selling and buying back lower which can generate from 10-20% additional profits on each swing trade).

We continue with our next set of targets.

Bitcoin Cash (BCC) Targets:


(1) 0.121 * Target reached *
(2) 0.137 * Target reached 22-April *
(3) 0.150 * Target reached 22-April *
(4) 0.163 * Target reached 23-April *
(5) 0.182 * Target reached 5-May *


(1) 0.219 * Next target *
(2) 0.259
(3) 0.298
(4) 0.355
(5) 0.427 (All time high on Bittrex)

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交易進行: We are now hovering around support. If a support level is broken, we move to the next one. If the support level holds, we will test the next resistance/target (up).

Here we are now holding around the 0.163 btc, which was our target #4. Notice how this target, which was a resistance point, it is working now as support. If this level is broken, you can expect we go back to the 0.150 level and consolidate there...

Here are the daily and 4 hours charts:

* The colorful lines are the moving averages and these also work as support.

Bitcoin Cash is holding nicely. We are in great profits here.

You can feel free to sell when you want or even reload if you like. As the market becomes hotter, Bitcoin Cash will also grow.

This is a very profitable trade.

This is a long term trade.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

Enjoy the amazing profits we made (and continue making) trading this coin.

交易結束:目標達成: With up to 60% profits on this trade, feel free to sell anytime you like.

This trade is now closed.

You can still use the targets there for long term.
評論: Bitcoin Cash trade:
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I have been following you for quite some time and I have to ask. In the title of your analysis, you always put potential earnings. Generally, they come across as very outlandish. I'm not saying they are wrong, but I am curious how you come up with them?
+2 回覆
AlanSantana MCassICT
@MCassICT, I divide the all time high vs my buy in price.
+4 回覆
forget it, im not buying again the top, it's overbought on the 4h..
+2 回覆
@kalombo, It keeps on going up.
kalombo AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, yes but everytime i buy in the overbought , it drops and i get rekt, so wont do it again
+1 回覆
Hello Alan, the hard fork is coming. As you suggest before, should we sell now? Or is it wise to hold?
+1 回覆
AlanSantana SamuelBob
@SamuelBob, It is up to you. We are in great profits here.
BramFA SamuelBob
@SamuelBob, sell on the news my friend.
Do you suggest wait for next target or sell? Final status please, what do you think? @AlanSantana
+1 回覆
AlanSantana bilenyok
@bilenyok, It depends on you. If you want to sell you can sell. I am over 70% profits on this one at the price we have now. I don't mind waiting, I already took out more than enough.