Internet Of People (IOP) Brokeout (480% Profits Potential)

As promised, here is an updated trade for Internet Of People for those holding long term and those that want to start new positions and trade this coin.

If you are a long term holder, you can choose to buy more of these coins at a lower price compared to your initial buy in, and this will reduce your average buy in price. Which will increase your profits as the Internet Of People (IOP) coin starts to go up.

Internet Of People (IOP) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


The daily chart:

- MACD , RSI , DMI, STOCH and OBV are all in the bullish zone or trending bullish .
- Positive Divergence on the MACD .
- Good volume on today's breakout.
- Low 24H trading volume coin allows for plenty of room for growth.


Buy-in: 0.000261 - 0.000311

Note: This trade will take time to develop.

Internet Of People (IOP) Targets:


(1) 0.000351
(2) 0.000395


(1) 0.000492
(2) 0.000683
(3) 0.000837
(4) 0.000991
(5) 0.001210
(6) 0.001490
(7) 0.002296

Stop loss: 0.000220

Message: Let's Take Back Control (2-Jan-2018)

Today was all about work and growth. Why is that?
Are we getting prepared for something?

Today I feel like I am just getting ready for more.
Is this really just the beginning, are you sure there won’t be something?

Doesn’t really matter if it is the beginning or not.
If we will all do good, or if something bad will come.

We have this opportunity right in front of us.
So we are going to take it, to gain access to the tools that will let us FREE our SOULS.

Our time, is the most important thing that we have going on.
If we can get it back, we will also gain back control.

The Spirit of Trading has come to your assistance once more.

I hope you enjoyed your message. There will always be more to come.

評論: IOP 4 Hours chart + Bollinger Bands

評論: Please allow time for this trade to develop. If in doubt, activate your stop loss.

This one needs more time, it is now consolidating with bearish momentum building up.

Here is the weekly chart for the long term run:
評論: Looks like IOP wants to move. This coin really takes its time...

交易進行: We are finally moving. We have broken many strong resistance levels (all of the moving average lines) in the 2 hours chart, we are also moving above these on the 4 horus chart. If we close above these lines on the 4 hours chart, we will have a very strong signal.

IOP Took its time but it looks like it finally wants to move:
評論: This has been a failure over and over. We will sell and close our position on the next wave up. We won't sell now because we don't want to sell at the bottom. So we will wait for the next move up and sell for closing.
評論: Thanks @Memnon

"Perhaps good to know (some important pieces of news for people that still follow IOP)

IOP recently released Mercury ( Mercury is a node-network to build truly decentralized dApps upon. Using Mercury for dApps will be as simple as using Google Play or the Apple App Store, but with unprecedented levels of user privacy.) :

IOP will be listed on CoinBene on July 16th 2018,featuring IOP/USDT trading.
IOP available for Depositing: 2018/7/16 21:30 (GMT+8)
IOP available for Trading: 2018/7/17 11:00 (GMT+8) IOP available for Withdrawing: 2018/7/19 11:00 (GMT+8)

And IOP has announced thye will do a consensus change:

IOP will introduce a new consensus algorithm based on the idea of a directed acyclic graph, or DAG.
The DAG concept has been popularized by projects such as IOTA and HEDERA. It’s similar to blockchain, but instead of competing against each other to produce the next block on a single chain, nodes gossip with each other about network events to produce a web of messages, all linked through cryptographic hashes. With the release of the new consensus algorithm, IoP will have completed its basic infrastructure. We will then open up transaction confirmation and coin generation to the public, creating a true P2P economy."
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Stop loss almost reached. What to do? Wait more?
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AlanSantana oliver.prado
@oliver.prado, It is up to you. The stop loss is optional. You choose if you want to hold long, if you think this coin has potential, or if you want to sell at a loss and move on.
any updates
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iop added bitebtc
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@VEYSELARTAN, Thanks a lot for the update.
The master returns. Thank you for your kind update!
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@hyperspeeds33, It is my pleasure.
thank you Alan
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@Haceru, My pleasure.
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