DigixDAO (DGD) Long Shot (370% Earnings Potential)

DigixDAO Trade by Alan Masters

DigixDAO ( DGD ) is available to trade on Binance. Compared to other trades, this one hasn't move much since bouncing from bottom, and still needs to accumulate longer before taking off, but the charts are showing good potential, we can make good profits trading this coin.

Let's start by looking at the 4 hours per candle chart, then the daily and finally weekly, to see if the signals and indicators are on our side:

Here is the 4 hours chart:

- Higher highs and higher lows can be spotted by looking at the MACD and RSI on this time frame. You can see this since the 29th March on the MACD and the 4th April on the RSI .
- The RSI has been trending up since it touched the oversold line.
- The MACD and RSI are already on an uptrend regardless of the price action being in a downtrend.
- Positive divergence and bullish crossover on the MACD as well.
- We are trading above the SMA20 and SMA50 lines.


Buy-in: 0.030 - 0.035

DigixDAO ( DGD ) Targets:


(1) 0.0390
(2) 0.0426


(1) 0.0471
(2) 0.0541
(3) 0.0601
(4) 0.0691
(5) 0.0801 (All time high)
(6) 0.1131

Stop loss: 0.022

Message: 1111 Wishing You The Best

In this exact moment.

To you the reader...


評論: Please allow time for this trade to develop.

Thanks for your support.

So far it is looking pretty good, take a look at the daily chart:
評論: This one still needs to create a reversal signal from the last retrace. We are going down for now but it seems to be holding strong at the current price level, from which it can accumulate and start to move up. In the meantime, we can allow more time for the trade to develop.
評論: We are pretty far away from our stop loss, so please allow time for this trade to develop. Patience is needed in order to make money trading cryptos.

Thanks a lot for your incredible and infinite support.

評論: The EMA200 price level (yellow line) has been holding nicely. Look at this chart, DGD can really take off anytime... (this is a 12 hours per candle chart):
手動結束交易: Our DigixDAO (DGD) trade is now closed. This one hasn't performed as expected.

Feel free to sell your coins.

Note: You can also hold until the Consensus is over and the market starts to grow again and sell using the targets above. Nothing changes as to the instructions of this trade.

So it is up to you if you want to keep it open or close it.

I am closing it. Since we are diversifying, this is only a very small portion of our capital.

評論: Remember, the targets above are still valid. You can use the targets in this trade if you want to trade this coin.

Closed only means that I am not following up on updates, but this is easy to trade. Buy, hold and wait to sell on target.

That's all it takes.

Thanks for your support.
評論: New DGDBTC trade:
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Any new insights on dgd Alan Masters?
How about you use right words @alanmasters :))

Trade closed = You closed the trade and got out
Discussion closed = You stopped following this particular trading pair until next big signal.. :))

Thank you
alanmasters MaxGravity
@MaxGravity, Thanks a lot. I will keep this in mind, I can surely improve my communication.
Any new anlysis on dgd?
@mmsavani, You can still use the targets on this post.
Hey alan,during the recent life signs from DGD,how about an another TA for it?Seems it found bottom and sending some positive buy signals,we are expecting new TA from you :)
@Maed, Yes, the chart is looking better now. I will give it a second thought when I get the time.

Thanks for the reminder.
+1 回覆
DGD has just retraced to the 61.8% Fib-level. I think it might be a mistake selling here.

If it drops more, then yes, but we might just get a reversal here.

+1 回覆
@CryptoCow, Yes, I am only closing this trade. You can hold long if you like and use the targets above to sell once the price jumps back up.
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