SpreadCoin (SPR) Incredible Potential (1400% Profits Potential)

Let's start by looking at the SpreadCoin ( SPR ) chart. This chart starts February 2017, you can see how this coin did for over a year, and some dates to look at when each bull run happened.

SpreadCoin ( SPR ) daily chart shows the following signals:

- You can also see the tops reached on each past bull run, both marked with a blue dotted line.
- The bottom is marked with a black line, this is the bottom reached after the last bull run, which is 0.00002741 hit on late March 2018.
- We can see a broken trend line (red dotted line). Which is followed by a strong breakout and we are preparing to move up.
- The RSI is very bullish as well as the other indicators (DMI, OBV and STOCH ).
- The MACD is starting to curve upward after a long period of positive divergence.
- The weekly chart is also looking good for a nice bull run.
- The first strong resistance is at 0.000246 which is about 4x our buy in price. If SPR can break that price, we then aim for 0.000825 which is about 15x our entry point. This can be a short run, definitely, but the potential is definitely strong.
- Now let's get into the details on how to trade SpreadCoin ( SPR ).

******* SpreadCoin ( SPR ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters *******


Buy-in: 0.000044 - 0.000066



(1) 0.000073
(2) 0.000091
(3) 0.000120
(4) 0.000141


(1) 0.000163
(2) 0.000199
(3) 0.000246


(1) 0.000332
(2) 0.000520
(3) 0.000654
(4) 0.000825 (All time high)
(5) 0.001317 (Just for fun)

Stop-loss: 0.000040

Trade strategy: Pull out your initial coin purchase as soon as possible and then play catching up the next target with the profits.

Note: Remember to diversify by dividing your capital into many different trades. By doing this, you will reduce risk as well as increase your chances of purchasing one of the many coins that will generate staggering profits in the soon coming Altcoins market bull run...

In the meantime, let's enjoy the profits that we are already earning.

Remember to sell small amounts of your holdings of each altcoin each time a target is reached. You can also aim for the big targets, but know that this will increase the risk.

Another good strategy is to take out profit from a coin that has gone up already, and move it to a newly developing coin/trade. So if you bought a coin three weeks ago that generated 80% profits. You can sell a portion of your holdings and use these funds to purchase into a new trade.

This way you diversify even more, extend your reach and increase your profits potential...

交易進行: SpreadCoin (SPR) breaks another strong trend line, this one can definitely be a good money maker for us...

Here is the chart:
Always make sure to diversify!

評論: Targets:


(1) 0.000073 * Target reached @ 0.000071 - 20-April *
(2) 0.000091 * Next target *
(3) 0.000120
(4) 0.000141

We reached our first short term target on our first day. Pretty good if you ask me.

Enjoy the profits!!!

評論: New for SPR:

Thanks to @Moneybabyy on the comment section.
評論: We've been consolidating nicely. We are having the possibility of a breakout soon, pressure is building up on the charts.

We are within buy in range, so feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.
評論: SPR is now trying to move. We are above on the cloud on the 4 hours time frame but also outside the Bollinger Bands. Plus the indicators are positive:
評論: We are in the positive and moving. We have to break above our first target in order to be able to focus to hit the second one.

Here is the 4 hours chart:
評論: SpreadCoin (SPR) is trying to wake up again.

交易進行: Here, all you have to do is wait patiently and wait until the next wave up.

You can also load up some more SPR to reduce your buy in price and to increase earnings potential on the next run. We have been consolidating nicely and I am seeing positive divergence on the MACD 4H chart.
評論: SPR is breaking out today.

We have a huge period of accumulation and plenty of room to keep on going up.

Here are the charts:

手動結束交易: Still some time to trade left but Bittrex is removing this coin.

"The BTC-SPR market will be delisted on 10/19/2018"
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Hi Alan, I follow you on a daily ba. I love your technical analysis, and your effort. I have a few questions about the fundamentals of this trade.

First; If you look on the Spreadcoin website it looks really out-dated. The last news items on the website are dated from 2015.
Second; The coin is ranked on the 651th possition on the coin marketcap Ranked amoung a lot of questionable failed ICO coins.

In which extent do you consider these aspects in your Trade Recommendations?

+5 回覆
@dyasar, I trade a coin based on its earnings potential. This one has good potential and it has great price swings, great to make money.

It is also a coin that I've traded in the past, so it is easier to recognize how it will move next.

The charts are also giving positive signals, when I decide to trade it, so I go with that as well.

I use many indicators, signals and take into consideration many different market factors before choosing a trade.

"News", are really not relevant to us, unless they can break a coin down. Lack of news, has never been a problem for these "coins".
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I'm afraid to trade this coin... The last update of this project was made back in 2016.
+2 回覆
This volatility though
+1 回覆
Burst coin
Hard fork
Do check it out Alan
+1 回覆
AlanSantana cpchris50
@cpchris50, It is on my list now.
+1 回覆
Is'nt this coin a dead project? The last message I've seen on Twitter was 2016. Is it able to gain so much percentage?
+1 回覆
AlanSantana HieronymusVonAken
@HieronymusVonAken, We trade based on the charts, not Twitter.
@AlanSantana, Thanks for answering. Yah, I do understand you, but I just questioned the project as "active". I know Spreadcoin got a very low supply, that could be an indicator for a burst in price, my question was about the project in comparison to the potential outbreak.
HieronymusVonAken HieronymusVonAken
@HieronymusVonAken, existing since 2014.