Bitcoin BULL - DownTrend Broken (vs Altcoins Market Bull Run)

On the 20th April, Bitcoin finally broke a downtrend that started once it reached its all time high back in the 17th of December 2017.

You can see this downtrend line as a red dotted line on the chart below:
- This is a very strong bullish signal. Now, we've broken this resistance before but then went back below it right away. This is the first time that the close is so strong on the daily chart . We are also looking to close above this trend line on the weekly chart, which would give out a very strong bullish signal.
- I've been waiting for this signal for quite a while now.
- The RSI is now above 60, which is something that hasn't been seem in a while.

Let's take a closer look at the daily chart:
And finally another look from the 4 hours time frame:
Here we are looking exclusively at this downtrend line that has been now broken.

I will wait for "trading week" to close and see how the weekly chart looks. This is the candle that I will be waiting for. Last weeks candle was very positive and we have the possibility of a strong this week as well, it all depends on how Saturday and Sunday will do for Bitcoin , but so far we are looking good and better everyday.

Here is the weekly chart:

What Happens If Bitcoin Starts To Go Down In Relation To The Altcoins Market?

I trade mainly Altcoins against Bitcoin and the alts are highly affected when Bitcoin moves. So what will happen if Bitcoin crashes again before starting its new bull run?

If Bitcoin crashes and tests earlier lows, then you don't have to worry anything, you can always remain relaxed and calmed. We are aiming for the Altcoins market bull run. This is already starting and will happen regardless of what Bitcoin does.

Bitcoin testing its lows again can happen, maybe in the $7,400, $6,500, $6,000 or even lower. Everything is always possible at all times.

Now, the Altcoins market is already moving.

The Altcoins market is already gearing up for its next bull run.

We are now seeing Bitcoin going sideways, and the Altcoins market going up.

If Bitcoin goes up hard, at this point in time, the Altcoins market will first slightly retrace and then stop its decline. It will stop and wait for Bitcoin to settle, as soon as Bitcoin settles and consolidates for a few days, the Alts will keep on going up, regardless of what happens, they will go up in the May/June/Early July Altcoins Market Bull Run.

So if Bitcoin goes down hard you can just wait for a few days for the price to go back up. Re-buy and reload the alts that enter our "buy-in" range and get ready to make huge profits, exercising patience, by selling on target when the time comes.

評論: Bitcoin move on the short term + trend line:
評論: Consolidation day looks really good. We had a nice close yesterday.

Bitcoin is already exceeding expectations as usual. Just on a normal day, it can do anything and everything that nobody is expecting or can expect.

Just kidding... Let's enjoy while we ride this wave...

評論: I've been looking at the 1 hour chart lately, Bitcoin was having problems staying above the SMA20 (Green) line, now it is trading safely above it and it is looking to go even higher, that's good... for Bitcoin, let's take a quick look:

評論: I've adjusted the trend line on my daily chart, to make it more exact, and there is no doubt that Bitcoin is out of the downtrend. Today trading week closes, and with a strong close on this weekly candle (above $8950), Bitcoin can turn really bullish, we will see how it goes.

In the meantime, we are still going UP!

評論: We had a good close for the day and week since we remained above the trend line.

Here is the daily chart:

This is how it looks without the log scale on:
評論: I am seeing many negative reviews about Bitcoin but to me it looks like it is consolidating to go for another run.

See how flat the candles look:
評論: Yes. Indeed, we are still going up, and the Altcoins keep on going up as well.

Let's enjoy the ride, and secure profits, for as long as we can...

評論: Today's candle is looking really good so far:
評論: We just hit another target, Bitcoin keeps on going up!
評論: Bitcoin keeps on going BULL. We hit $9767.4 today on BitFinex...

Great Job Bitcoin!

Our next resistance is at the SMA200 (brown) line.

Here is the daily chart:

What's your opinion:

1- Will Bitcoin continue to go up? And if yes, how high will it go?
2- Will Bitcoin go down? If yes, how far down?

Please share your opinion in the comment section.
評論: Here comes the drop... You can use the blue lines as different support levels:
評論: Thanks a lot for all the support thus far.

Thanks for reading this trade idea and for the likes, follow, comments and share.

I will be posting a new trade idea about Bitcoin for the next update.

Thanks again...

And remember... YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!!

評論: I am focusing on the Altcoins now, I will share another Bitcoin update when there is something happening, for now Bitcoin is doing exactly what it needs to do for the alts to boom. So let's enjoy the alts, as they have huge growth, earnings and profits potential...

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A fine unequivocal call. Good stuff! Namaste
Warning to Bulls! The Mt Gox idiot might be at it again:
I think we need to collectively voice our outrage to the exchanges and demand that they do not let this clown dump massive amounts of BTC using their platform.
@kardia, I believe its being done OTC
kardia JavierEstebanPabe
@JavierEstebanPabe, I hope you are right about that. There should be more transparency regarding this.
@kardia, Totally agree with you. Im tired of being manipulated
@kardia, If you want transparency, stick with the banks. Even then, they are robbers without a mask.
Nobody, or nothing can stop the crypto tides.
kardia fieldpivot
@fieldpivot, Wrong attitude. And bad advice.
kardia fieldpivot
@fieldpivot, Actually, I think it would be better not to put any money into Bitcoin (because this market is utterly corrupt), but only alts that have a solid team and plan for success, and then hold for a couple of years. The returns will probably be far better. It seems putting money into Bitcoin is just a losing game because you either get bull trapped or bear trapped.
Hi Alan,

I've been following you for a while now and I have 2 questions:

1. For how long hav you been trading/investing?
2. Do you have any plans to position trade USD x BTC and profit from the retrace?

Thanks and cheers from Brazil!
alanmasters BrunoDanteSampaio

Hey hi there.

1) I've been in cryptos since 2013.
2) Not really.

Thanks for your comment and continued support.

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