I/OCoin (IOC) Second Try (350%+ Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:IOCBTC   I/OCoin / Bitcoin
As promised for all of the I/OCoin ( IOC ) long term holders, here is an updated trade for this coin.

Remember that if you bought a price higher than the price we have now, you can buy more now and reduce your average buy-in price. This will increase your earnings potential as soon as this coin starts to go up.

Let's get started right away...

I/OCoin ( IOC ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


After reaching its all time high in late September 2017, IOC retraced for 3 months reaching a new low, it hit bottom, we are talking about the lowest price this coin has hit since June 2016. From this bottom it bounced strong and went on another run that lasted until late January 2018. Now, after visiting this low point again, IOC bounced and is ready to take off again... The action is yet to start... IOC is trying to breakout as I write this trade analysis... Let's take a look at the charts:

Let's start with the daily chart and see what we can spot based on my favorite indicators and chart reading tools.

- There is strong positive divergence on the MACD . Plus the RSI going bullish and trending up, as well as the STOCH and DMI.
- We are breaking out just now, we need to close above 17400 on the daily for a good signal. Closing above 18500 satoshis would give a much stronger one.
- Trading above the SMA20 and SMA50 lines. SMA20 about to cross SMA50.
- On the weekly chart, the MACD is doing a crossover, which can be very significant signal on this time frame.
- IOC has been trending positive for the past 3 weeks... It can take off anytime now.
- Let's continue with the trade instructions...

Buy-in: 0.000149 - 0.000185



(1) 0.000233
(2) 0.000309
(3) 0.000378
(4) 0.000432
(5) 0.000519


(6) 0.000631
(7) 0.000777
(8) 0.000959
(9) 0.001189

Stop-loss: 0.000110

Message of Compassion (15-Jan-2018)

Feeling for others is feeling for yourself.

Sharing in others feelings will help you grow and help them as well.

Feeling is an emotion that you can control.

Forget about controlling it, the goal is to feel it and let it go.

Feel free to enjoy the emotions that all the time come your way.

Feel completely without worries, feel the joy, feel the pain.

In the end is just a feeling, energy flowing with something to say.

Once you experience the feeling, you will know more about your true nature, you will know more about your yourself.

評論: We are on the move on the daily chart.

We have a very strong bullish candle yesterday and the SMA20 and SMA50 are crossing each other right now... another bullish signal.

The weekly chart is ready as well.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.
評論: IOC has been holding strong against Bitcoin's drop.

This is a good signal.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.

評論: This one is in pure consolidation mode.

Here is an upcoming event that might affect this coins price in a positive way:

- I/O Coin (IOC) - Heineken FinTech (29 May) - On May 29th 2018 Richard Groen will pitch the project at Heineken FinTech conference to Finance directors in Amsterdam.
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Hi Alan,

Do you think this is good point to buy ICO?

Thank you so much,
Kendy_Nowax Kendy_Nowax
And do you know any news about ICO ow?
Kendy_Nowax Kendy_Nowax
I mean IOC?
what about STORM alan?
+1 回覆
@crav3n, I will take a look.
crav3n alanmasters
@alanmasters, tnx
@crav3n, I see it as bullish, but it is already moving strong. I like to catch them lower.
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