INS Ecosystem (INS) Trade (330% or More Earnings Potential)

BINANCE:INSBTC   Insolar / Bitcoin
Today I will be sharing a trade for the altcoin INS Ecosystem (INS), which broke out recently and its preparing to start a new bull run based on some fundamentals and signals that I am getting from the charts.

Let's take a quick look at the fundamentals first:

- The team behind INS has established a partnership with PostNL — Netherlands Largest Fulfillment Operator. As well as two new more partnerships with coming this week, this can have a positive effect on the price.
- INS Token Airdrop on 2-June-2018.
- Active developers team.
- Many announcements happening all the time.

Now, let's look at the part that I am more interested on... the charts.

INS Ecosystem (INS) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


On the daily chart: 

- It is a young chart, but on top of the fundamentals coming, we have quite a few signals telling us that there is a profit to be made here. Let's take a look.
- There was a strong breakout on 24-April, breaking above a resistance level that hasn't been broken since 7 weeks ago. After Bitcoins drop and the Altcoins market quick correction, INS seems to be ready for more.
- The SMA20 (green) crossed up the SMA50 (line).
- The RSI is in the bullish zone, as well as the DMI, OBV and STOCH .
- There is positive divergence on the MACD daily candle time frame and plenty of room left for growth.
- We are looking at 300%+ earnings potential, but this a young altcoin and it hasn't gone through a full cycle, the potential can be a lot bigger if enough momentum is gain once the action starts. - There is also good trading volume for this coin.
- Let's  look at the trade instructions now...


Buy-in: 0.000175 - 0.000220

INS Ecosystem Targets:


(1) 0.000239
(2) 0.000256
(3) 0.000285
(4) 0.000335


(1) 0.000464
(2) 0.000556
(3) 0.000673 (All time high)
(4) 0.001011

Stop loss: 0.000126


Yes. Enjoy the good positive days, the days we earn a lot...

We love those.

But those days that the market is going down or calmed, those are great as well.

We simply enjoy every single day.

We stay calmed and relaxed, we will always earn at the end.

評論: We are moving already. 10% Up since publishing (that's a short trade right there), but we obviously aim for more... or else we wouldn't be trading cryptos.

Here is the chart:
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Insane volume on binance for INS... Is it worth it to update?
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alanmasters robertbls16
@robertbls16, Looks like a strong breakout after reaching bottom, it can definitely move if momentum is maintained.
robertbls16 alanmasters
@alanmasters, Thanks mate.
this one has been tough. I guess there's no choice now but to HODL...
alanmasters johnhenryt
@johnhenryt, This is definitely a slow one.
Seems like INS is crashing as well, please update! Thank you!
alanmasters robertbls16
@robertbls16, No update needed. We simply buy and hold and later sell on target. That's all it takes.

Thanks for your comment.
Followed you for the first time and I'm go a try to wait until the 2nd or 3rd target
Thanks a lot
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@tonyrwd, Great. Good luck and fortune to us all.
I am a fundamentals value investor and new to TA.
I am very bullish on this project but am concerned about the effect of BTC on this trade.
INS has grown significantly since BTC has been increasing and drops with a BTC drop.
I expect further drops from BTC. Do you believe this will not have a significant effect on INS?

I am looking at gains in USD and not BTC.
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