SteemDollars (SBD) About To Breakout (~1200% Profits Potential)

BITTREX:SBDBTC   SteemDollars / Bitcoin
SteemDollars (SBD) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


- We are in the consolidation phase, SteemDollars (SBD) can soon breakout.
- Newly formed uptrend.
- MACD Crossing over and showing plenty of room for growth on the weekly chart.
- Let's give this coin a second chance...


Buy-in: 0.00033 - 0.00041



(1) 0.000542
(2) 0.000752
(3) 0.000902
(4) 0.001092


(1) 0.001394
(2) 0.002134
(3) 0.003324
(4) 0.004174
(5) 0.005254

Stop loss: 0.000203

Trade strategy: Buy, hold and later sell on target.

Message: Peace of Mind

I bring peace, for your mind.

I bring peace, for you.

Peace I bring for you and your mind.

Let me share with you a piece of mine.

評論: Feel free to follow the trade instructions to trade.

- Buy within range.
- Hold.
- Sell on target.
- Close trade if we hit stop loss.

Very simple. :)

評論: This one has some challenges to face before it can move up again.

Pure waiting. Nothing more can be done here...

交易進行: Feel free to hold and reload and this coin. We might be seeing some action soon:
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Master, please update this :) thank you!
alanmasters JeongYakyong
@JeongYakyong, I will take a look again at the charts.
Any updates? Or for ARK...or BCPT...or OK...or SNT? Maybe I've been too patient...or just that I was without internet access for a month when the slaughter happened. Should I just sell all and put on TRON and DGB? LOL...this is exciting!
@robthepa, The Altcoins market will be moving into the positive soon. Selling now would be selling at the bottom, or very close to it. So you might as well just hold.
You must be so happy now.
Hey. Can you explain me how is that possible. On 20th of November steem dollars total suply was 3mln $ and 0.97 $. Now it is 32mln$ and 2,35$ per crypto. If it raises 10 x why is it only 2x per crypto price? I see it all the time. Is it becaue they released more circulating supply?
meskalinas meskalinas
@meskalinas, I forgot to mention that that when it was 55mln it was 14$ per crypto and when it got down to 32 mln, it was only 2,35$ per crypto. How is that possible?????
alanmasters meskalinas
@meskalinas, Different factors affect the price, not only the supply or trading volume.
with EW. I see a downtrend first (2)...
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